31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips
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31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips


  • Mark Scanlon

    When we say 20 quid , We are not referring to the British pound, Its the Irish Punt! OUR old currency! 🇮🇪

  • Jim Halfpenny

    Ireland is a rip off country don't visit it . Jameson whiskey is distilled in Ireland. .It cost forty five euro a litre in Spain it cost twenty five euro a litre and Spain is not a duty free country

  • edward smith

    Don't bother going there, the place is now full of Romanian beggars and Mosques are everywhere. Ireland has been destroyed by mass immigration.

  • James McNamara

    I feel like this video is just listing the rural parts of Ireland (Tourist Traps) In doolin, cliffs of moher, giants causway etc. If you want to vist "Ireland" Just get your flight to shannon, vist Limerick, Galway and the wild atlantic way, head towards cork , then go on the M7 Highway to dublin And end your trip there for a few days. I feel like Ireland is like any other country in europe and I feel like people over anticiapte what it would be like E.G Seeing a farmer wearing a paddy hat and then giving you a cup of tea -on house. People (Uneducated foregeiners) Just dont understand that Ireland has modern cities like Dublin, Cork And Limerick so please dont come to my city and say that I live in rural Ireland !!!! Also Ireland has highways (motorways and dual carriage ways so dont be worried about the country roads ! Also If you think that Ireland has a load of new modern buildings placed randomly in the city, there was a reccesion in 2008 And Ireland went to being a faster growing economy than CHINA !!! to what you see today. so dont give us a bad time, or DO NOT CALL US ENGLISH OR ANY WAY TALK ABOUT BREXIT OR THE ORDEAL WITH NORTHEARN IRELAND OR ILL GIVE YOU A KICK UP THE HOLE !!!!!!!! But enjoy your visit and we know if tourists mess up but we help them out ! 🙂 and dont forget that the luas (the metro/ dash the other train line isnt free !! 😀

  • Jeremy Walker

    Aye, these lads generally know their stuff.
    From the border, can confirm zero reason for concern.
    Consider looking up Ireland's Ancient East, to reflect the Wild Atlantic Way from the west.

  • Mandy Cherie

    Im from Ireland and there’s so many empty country roads so hitching a ride is definitely NOT a good idea. Not everybody is a friendly local. Like everywhere you can stumble across the wrong kind of person.

  • Gary Walsh

    Really great video. I'm irish btw. Only thing that I would amend is saying St Paddys day. We either say St Patricks day or Paddys day -no irish person says St Paddys day.

  • Bubbles

    as someone from ireland please please please do NOT hitchhike in this country…. many hitchhikers get raped here.

  • Aidan Ward

    Love your videos boys, but regarding potatoes Irish people do survive on potatoes. My wife is shocked how much we eat them, its common to have potatoes with two meals a day. I would say 80% of our dinners have potatoes.

  • Claire Loy

    If you're staying in a hotel, take the pastries and fruit from the buffet and put them in lunch box for later .

  • Darren Ó Máille

    The term Quid isn't exclusive to the UK. When we say Quid we mean €uro. When I go to say Australia or Canada or the USA I will sometimes refer to the local money as "Quid" when talking to another Irish person.

  • Conor Fahy

    I see someone else already commented on the Quid not being a nod to the British pound. Indeed it referred to Irish Punts (Pounds). Also the plural of Euro is Euro and not Euros. To be fair I think only about 4 politicians and economists in Brussels actually know this 🙂

  • X LaserBeam X

    It's Only 97 years since Ireland got its independence not over 100 plus its pronounced (r-land) not (i-r-eland)

  • Sean Grace

    The Irish language is not called Gaelic at all. It's called Gaeilge, pronounced gwale-ga
    Le do thoil/Please = leh-duh-hull

    Go raibh maith agat/Thank you = guh-rev-moh-a-gut

    Sláinte/Cheers = slawn-cha

    You're welcome lol

  • Jack ONeill

    Ur hyping up Gaelic or Irish too much saying its one of our languages, its like latin, its a dead language we are forced to learn.

  • Jennifer Rosenberg

    Noooo! Don’t send all the tourists to Slieve League. Some things should be left somewhat pristine. This video makes me miss it so much!

  • David Keane

    Bring rain jacket and warm clothes for being outside all year round and t-shirts and shorts for the lovely 25 to 28c heat inside buildings. Bring a picture of the Sun to remind you of what it looks like, as we haven't seen it since 2015. But really bring technology and ideas so our little island can keep up with the world!

    Spend 2 to 3 days in Dublin as we are a small city, you will walk it in a few hours. Bus to Belfast 2 hours. Bus to Galway 2 hours. Bus to Cork 2 hours on motorways.

  • Damien

    Worked in a hotel for years and all over the world we're associated with drinking alcohol but tourists are always shocked when they find out we have some of the most restrictive alcohol laws in Europe.

    Super video. You guys obviously really like the place 👍👍

  • stephen O'Donnell

    Got a few things wrong though. St. Patrick's Day is bigger in Ireland. Dublin have a St. Patrick's Festival that lasts 3-4 days

  • Sławomir Guzikowski

    Ireland is the only right direction if you want to see what is hypocritical duplication and promoting the product with promises without coverage

  • Sarah Sunderland

    Accomidation wise, if your not fussy there a hostel practically on O'Connell bridge, slap bang in the centre of Dublin city, €11-15 per night

  • Eoghain Cooper

    Seriously… most cars in Ireland run on unleaded petrol… I mean diesel is common but far from the majority.

  • TheTFM777

    Some very good tips for first timers traveling to Ireland. I would just like to mention that very affordable accommodations can be found by travelers who access the network of family operated Bed and Breakfasts. My experience has been they are generally very clean with cordial hosts and have great breakfasts. Hosts are happy to offer some local travel tips when asked.

  • stacey bowden

    craic actually means laughter, coming from 'craic agus ceol' which means the laughter and the singing. so when someone asks you 'whats the craic' it means 'whats the laugh' / 'whats up?'

  • Mark Romine

    One big expense that you guys failed to talk about is auto insurance when renting/hiring a car in Ireland. This is a significant expense and most all American credit cards will not automatically cover your insurance like they do in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

  • Raleighburner15 Hynes

    Top of the morning to ya what a great greeting and I am Irish I live in blackpool cork city and I think I have been Irish for the last 7000 year's

  • Akter hossain

    my bother how are you. you can give me Ireland visa I coming your county. please bother I give you money. 00966537987307

  • Edward Hyslop

    Hey guys…I do say "Top of da murnin to ya", and I do say it quite a lot according to ma wee wife. So….top of da murnin ta ya.
    Come and see us here in the north next time ya come. We'll show you a real Irish welcome n Irish food. Our home is open to respectful visitors. Yes that's how friendly we are.
    RAIN: ALMOST EVERY DAY, SERIOUSLY. That's why we are the Emerald Isle. Always green, and it is 100% true.
    Love to see you when you come. Golf? Covered in Golf Courses.
    The lads have quoted expensive prices for eating out. We'll tell you where to eat well for half the price at spotlessly clean places.
    We have a car or two available.
    Am I enticing you?

  • Edward Hyslop

    I forgot to add….IM IRISH BUT,
    I'm sorry to blow that AMERICAN theory clean out of the water. I had never heard of such a thing until I visited the USA.
    We will give you a full UNBIASED history of "THE TROUBLES" here in Northern Ireland.
    We are an island of PEACE NOW!!!
    A wonderful welcome awaits you here.
    Guys….this video is awesome, as are ALL YOUR VIDEOS.
    Come see us next next time you're here. Our home and cars await you.

  • Liam Healy

    One day we will teach visitors from the US of A that there are two syllables in Irel-and Ay-Er-Land is unknown to us.

    Try not to roll your Rs on craic. It’s pronounced the same as crack. We love Scotland but we’re not Scotland haha.

    Best to say “what’s the craic?” it’s like saying how are ya, how’s it going and what’s going on in one sentence.

    Thank you phonetically is Guh Rev Mah Agut.

    And Sláinte would be Slawn-cha

    Great vid, though 🙂

  • Hen nessy

    Just a note. Jameson whiskey, although you pronounced the word correctly – is more locally pronounced Jamerson for some reason. Maybe this is a North Irish thing.
    The cliffs? Cliffs of MOW-HER
    Feic? Day like deck, feck.
    Please visit the North. Its worth a visit!

  • Anna Dimitrova

    Really cool and informative video, but there are a few facts that are slightly wrong and may be subjective to the creators own experience, which is fair, but not always true.

    1. Over the summer, we're lucky to reach 27 degrees celsius. We might reach 28 – 29 once a summer or even once a year. But most of the time, as a local, summer weather ranges between 18 – 25 degrees.

    2. Barely anyone says 20 quid. It doesn't refer to the old UK pound, but the old Irish currency Punt. This lingo will mainly be used in local, old school Irish pubs. So, if you go to Dublin or any of the main cities and say "20 quid", you're not going to sound like a local and maybe get a little confused look from the cashier .

    3. A lot of the cars in Ireland are, now, more hybrid electric or petrol. It s rare to find a Diesel car unless its an old model. So, if you're renting a car, don't just assume its a Diesel, always check with your car provider/ rental service.

    Other than that, everything else was pretty spot on. Really cool video!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone who's wild camped in Ireland let me know how it is? I know it's illegal but I've seen online that it's generally accepted – is this the case?

  • Leo Cockalorum

    I mean , you can pitch a tent anywhere you want , the police will rarely accost you if your fairly out of the way , just watch out for travelers .

  • Leo Cockalorum

    Just a tip about the Language, it’s gailge for Ireland , also the raibh in go raibh a Maith agat is pronounced rev , often is gailge a (b) and an (h) make a v sound , but not always , if your not fully committed to learning the language , I would stay away from it all together as the grammar and pronunciation is very difficult to learn . And you’ll probably just end up pissing off some culty old man .

  • Leo Cockalorum

    If your looking for an excellent holiday I’d suggest Kilkee in Clare just outside of kilrush on the coast , beautiful little town , it has a beach , pier , diving boards , burn’s cove , and naturally formed swimming pools call the pollach holes . It also has George’s head which is a mountain that makes the cove and looms over the town and dunlicky road witch leads onto an excellent cliff walk near the diamond rocks cafe .

    I honestly can describe it , you have to see it yourself , all the videos of it online aren’t really an accurate representation.

  • Greg Carroll

    Great video, very helpful. Taking my first trip there next month. I just started watching "Jack Taylor" on Netflix staring Game of Thrones Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) and takes place in Galway. Picking up lots of culture clues and phrases. Just hoping there's not as much smoking in the pubs in real life as there is in the show.

  • Why Not

    Alcohol is so expensive because we are closely associated with alcohol. How do you get alcoholism down? Tax the drinks 🤷‍♀️

  • Mary Barry

    You guys are doing an awesome job selling "my" country! This is the first time watching your video and I look forward to watching all the others! Thank you for highlighting the wonderful things about Ireland! 🤗☘️

    By the way thank you so much for mentioning great things about my part of the country, Cork !

  • myksyk

    Well done guys. Nice video. Few pointers … Galway is pronounced Gawl-way, Sláinte is slawn-cha, Moran's is More-ens, McMahon is Mc-ma-hun.

  • Tulip

    Loved your video…the best most complete and informative i have ever seen so far…..good job u guys…
    Just one question….how many days do u recommend?

  • Greg Carroll

    This is an AWESOME video and is a lot of help. We are taking our first trip next month. One question related to budget. You mentioned 100 Euros a day and 150 if you want to live large. Does that include hotels/B&Bs? Our trip has that included in the price and I'm trying to figure just eating/drinking/spending money. Thanks!

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