3ABN: How To Make Vegan Barbecue Food – style Picnic Lunch Video
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3ABN: How To Make Vegan Barbecue Food – style Picnic Lunch Video

00:01 Today, we’re going outside to the backyard.
00:03 We’re gonna fire up that grilled and we’re gonna
00:05 have a good old fashion picnic lunch. 00:07 Why don’t you grab your kids and your
family 00:09 and come along and join us.
00:42 Hello, friends and welcome to another program
00:44 of Let’s Cook Together. I’m your host 00:47 Jill Morikone and we hope you have your
kids 00:49 and your whole family they are ready
to go 00:51 on a picnic with us here in the kitchen,
00:53 but first I want to introduce you to my
00:55 special guest here with me, her name 00:57 is Ozella Head. And she comes to us
all 00:59 the way from Atlanta, Georgia.
01:01 Welcome Ozella we’re so glad to have you here.
01:03 I’m so happy to be here, thank you. 01:06 Now, why don’t you tell our friends
at home 01:07 before we have our picnic lunch?
01:09 A little bit about your ministry 01:11 Made Whole Ministry.
01:12 Okay, we go around Made Whole Ministry, 01:16 we go around teaching people about healthy
01:18 and nutritious cooking classes. And we also
01:20 minister to the spiritual part also because
01:24 when we are ministering we just don’t want
01:26 to lead one part and not to the other. 01:28 Absolutely. So, we want to make sure
that 01:31 the made whole ministry, people are
being 01:34 made home. That’s right. So, also we
take here 01:37 and remember Christ took care of the
physical, 01:41 physical needs first before, that’s
right, 01:43 the spiritual need. So, this is what
we try to 01:45 do because Jesus said, follow me.
01:47 And so, Christ is our example in all things.
01:49 That’s right. So, we want to be an example also
01:52 for the people. Amen, that’s right and I think
01:54 it’s so important to deal with those physical
01:56 needs. Exactly. ‘Cause how our people even
01:57 interest in the Gospel or anything that you have
01:59 to say. Yes, exactly. You know, 02:01 and the last their, their hoped. And
they realize 02:03 you know, I feel better and this person
really 02:05 cares about me and that. Yes, yeah that’s
makes 02:08 the person feel so much better.
02:10 That’s right. Now, you go around and you do
02:12 cooking schools and all kinds of stuff like that,
02:14 right? Yeah. Now, you also do 02:16 catering tell us about that.
02:17 Well, Carol and I, we catered together, 02:19 we catered weddings, we catered in special
02:21 occasion. And you know, we have so much 02:23 fun when we are together because like
02:25 I said again you know, I do the foods 02:28 and she decorates, so you know, we just
work 02:30 as a team. It’s a good team. Yeah, Carol
is 02:32 such a special lady. Yeah, she came
with you 02:34 here and she is a really special.
02:36 And her husband. Yeah, that’s right. 02:37 And we don’t want to leave out my own
02:39 precious hope. That’s right, you travel the
02:41 four of you cook together and do yourselves 02:42 together. Exactly, oh, that’s neat yeah.
02:44 What’s the biggest wedding you catered? 02:47 The biggest wedding, well the biggest
wedding 02:50 was Carlos two daughters. Oh, yeah
02:52 it was so much fun because we have such 02:55 a variety You know, being vegetarian
people 02:58 think well you know, if you are a vegetarian
03:01 what do you eat? Do you think you only eat
03:02 vegetables ah, but. The rabbit in the garden
03:05 or something. Yeah, so when we teach about
03:07 nutritious cooking classes, yeah, people 03:09 like I didn’t know how to the stuff
even exist. 03:12 Right, that’s right. So, you know,
03:13 that’s right, it’s a blessing Jill you know,
03:14 it is really a blessing to know that God loves
03:18 us so much that He gives us everything we need
03:21 and more besides. That’s right, you know,
03:23 that’s right, so today. And we need us to go
03:26 in the backyard to have a picnic. 03:28 Yes, so we best what we want to do show
03:30 to people today, how to do some healthy 03:32 Barbecue and okay. Good, Smoke Grilled
Barbecue 03:35 and, good. Something that we cometh
with and, 03:38 yeah, do you want to transition again.
03:41 Yes, that’s right. We want to show healthy ways
03:44 of barbecue and, that’s right, 03:46 grilled and whatever. That’s right,
yeah. 03:48 So, let’s fire up to grilled and get
go and 03:50 reading our first recipe.
03:53 For the Smoked Grilled Burger, you needed: 03:55 2 pounds of veggie beef crumbles.
03:58 2 pounds veggie protein. 04:00 1 tablespoon beef style seasoning.
04:03 3 tablespoons hickory smoke powder and 04:07 4 tablespoons liquid smoke.
04:09 Okay, that’s sound really interesting. 04:11 That’s easy enough. Yeah, because first
04:14 of all we have everything be forth, okay. Okay,
04:16 we’re gonna heat up our grilled, yes, okay.
04:20 Now, do you do it on the grilled actually like
04:22 in the backyard or you? Well, do you grilled on
04:24 the stove or? on the stove, okay, because 04:25 you know, this is so easy to do. Now,
04:28 but now you can’t do it on the grilled outside,
04:30 okay, okay, but this is so simple, yeah. 04:33 And you know what? Once you grilled
it inside 04:34 then you can take it outside. There
you go, 04:36 that’s the best and set our side and
enjoy the 04:39 picnic lunch. Exactly, that’s right.
04:40 So, I’m gonna put my gloves on, there you go.
04:43 And I don’t want to be too messed when it comes
04:48 to this, because we’re gonna have to make some
04:50 round burgers, okay. Yes, now this is a pound,
04:53 what’s this one here? This one is the crumble,
04:56 the burger crumbled, okay, and this one is the
04:58 beef style like, okay, for burgers, okay?
05:02 Okay, now, you get them in the grocery store
05:04 or health food store? No, you get by all these
05:06 in the regular grocery store, grocery store,
05:07 okay, okay. Okay, now this is smoked, 05:10 a liquid smoked. Now, what’s that?
05:12 Liquid smoked is a flavor and the, okay, 05:16 smoked the burgers well. That’s awesome.
05:19 This is a powder smoke. And you just called
05:22 liquid smoke and powder smoke. 05:23 This is a, better says the yeast,
05:25 it’s a smoked yeast, okay. And all we doing
05:29 Jill we just add a more flavor to the burgers,
05:31 okay. That’s right, that’s sounds good, 05:33 I will offer that. And we just gonna
add 05:35 a little, okay, of the beef style seasoning,
05:39 okay, okay. Now, this point we’re ready 05:43 to mix everything. Okay, we’re gonna
05:46 mixed it all up. Yeah, now, now the hickory
05:48 the, the smoked flavor is that from 05:51 grocery store or? Grocery store, okay,
05:53 yes grocery store. And now the beef like
05:57 seasoning you have to get at a healthy store,
05:58 okay, because. At one point in time I think pour
06:02 the day parie, but go to your grocery store
06:05 and take you know, take the. Go to your 06:07 grocery store and ask them, that’s right,
06:08 take the labels and chill them ask them can eat,
06:10 it’s save for do it. Right and they get those
06:12 it particular products same because again
06:14 you want to try to bring recipe, 06:17 I mean seasonings closing your home,
06:20 okay. That’s right, that’s right. So, you have
06:21 to drive for because you know what? 06:23 We live in a world now everything is
fast, 06:27 fast, paid. So, why don’t way across
town 06:30 and somewhere you don’t want to do that.
06:32 Right, so what you want to do is try to get
06:34 product closely your stove. That’s right, 06:36 okay, that’s right. So, viewers if you
have 06:39 a problem, just ask for the store manager
06:41 and see and they get those items for you,
06:44 okay. Yeah, that’s right. Alright, you can able
06:46 to ask. That’s right, yeah. Now, Jill 06:48 I think the grilled is heated up enough.
06:50 Okay, okay now just put, put particular 06:53 point in time; we’re going to form a
burger. 06:56 Okay, alright we’re gonna mixed it all
up. 07:01 And if you like large size burgers,
07:05 small whatever type of burger you like 07:08 and you see its sticks holds very well.
07:10 It holds very well together, yeah. 07:12 Oh, yeah, and you know, like a real,
07:13 that’s right. It’s perfect, yeah, 07:16 it looks perfect. Okay, yeah, and we
just grilled 07:20 those burgers. Okay, and you know, what?
07:24 Is there oil, isn’t it. Yeah, yes okay, 07:26 it’s just not quiet warm yet. Yeah,
yeah 07:29 but I want, I want to viewers to get
07:31 their ideas, okay. Yeah, that’s right. 07:33 So, we formed that patties and you make
07:37 you know, the soft patties as you would like,
07:39 okay, okay. And once you finish shaping 07:43 the burgers and grilling them, if you
have 07:46 in and left over, yeah, you can always
07:48 freeze them. Oh, you can primary freeze them,
07:50 freeze them, is that be okay? Yes, 07:51 good that’s a time saving too. Exactly,
07:53 and, and if you, if you want, you can make
07:56 all the burgers have at a time. 07:57 That’s good, okay, I like that. Shape
them, 07:59 put them in the bags and freeze them.
08:01 Without grilled them? Yeah, oh that’s a good
08:04 idea. Without grilled them, okay, but with me
08:07 it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t last. 08:11 I like to grill all my burgers at one
time, 08:14 yes, and then I will separate them.
Okay, 08:15 put them in zip lock bags, you just
label them 08:17 and you know, and pull them out.
08:19 Yeah, it just you know, heat them up a little bit
08:21 and you get a, that’s right, real good burger.
08:23 That’s right, oh yeah, so, perfect. 08:26 But I want to viewers to you know,
08:28 to really see what is like to have a smoked
08:30 burger inside. Okay, oh yeah. And then go
08:32 outside with the family. Now, once they are dark,
08:35 and once I need just flipped them over. 08:37 Yes, we just, you know, let them grilled
08:39 on one side and you turn them over, 08:40 yeah, and then you eat them. Yes,
08:44 but not by themselves, no, that’s right. 08:47 Now, remember this is a quick out.
08:49 That’s right, a picnic, that’s right. 08:51 Okay, so we’re cooking out, but actually
08:56 we’re cooking in. That’s pretty good, 08:59 I like that. So, I was just thinking
09:02 it we’re grilling inside. Exactly, yeah, 09:04 that’s real cute. Okay, so once we grilled
09:07 the burger, yeah, once we finish to grilling
09:08 the burger then Jill, Jill, okay. Once we finish
09:13 Jill a grilling a burger, okay we’re gonna turn
09:16 them over both side brown okay, 09:19 after that we will take those off, okay,
09:22 and we put them on a plate, okay. 09:23 And you serve them with your, your buns,
09:25 yes, or whatever with your lettuce and tomato
09:28 and, oh yes. And don’t forget to cheese. 09:30 That’s right, but the homemade cheese,
okay. 09:33 There you go, alright, your mayo and,
yes, 09:35 yeah, pickles, yeah and we do have pickles
09:38 without vinegar. Yeah, that’s right. 09:40 Okay, yeah, so we serve them. You know,
09:42 just like you do the fast food type burgers.
09:46 Oh, yeah. But only healthy and nutritious. 09:49 That’s right, okay. And you can feel
good 09:51 about eating it. Yes, and that’s what
I like. 09:52 Exactly, yeah. So, this it, this particular
point 09:55 in time or I hear them sizzling, okay,
09:57 but I want to just get viewers of Jill idea,
09:59 how we you know, put them together now. 10:01 That’s right, that’s right, but this
is not all 10:03 we add, we’re gonna add some more items
10:06 to this to show you. We’re gonna make 10:08 potato salad? Yes, Whoo, let’s go to
our 10:10 recipe for Potato Salad, okay.
10:12 For the potato salad you will need: 10:14 4 cups cooked red potatoes. 1 cup vegan
mayo. 10:19 � cup pickles (vinegar-free variety)
10:23 3 tablespoons chicken style seasoning. 10:26 � teaspoon celery seed.
10:29 1 tablespoon diced red onion. 10:32 1 celery stalk, diced. 2 chopped green
onions. 10:38 3 tablespoons diced pimientos.
10:41 1 tablespoon lemon juice. 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
10:46 and 1 pound of firm tofu. 10:51 Well, I love Potato Salad and I think
10:53 it’s perfect for our picnic. Okay, yeah. 10:55 That’s what we really like to do to
have 10:57 Potato Salad, a homemade Potato Salad.
11:00 Absolutely, oh yeah. Okay, okay, show us
11:03 what we do here? Okay, now Jill my 11:05 mother-in-law taught me one thing. Okay.
11:07 She tell me and she said, Ozella. 11:09 I hope more than one thing.
11:10 About Potato Salad, okay. Aren’t she giving you,
11:13 aren’t right? Okay, but about Potato Salad,
11:16 okay. She said, when I will making Potato Salad
11:18 it was good, but she said, she don’t like
11:20 her potatoes, I love them. yeah. 11:21 so she tell me, she said now when you
make 11:23 Potato Salad always mashed the potatoes.
11:26 Now, that’s a new trick. Yeah, but you know,
11:28 what ever since she told me that, 11:30 I have always mashed the potatoes,
11:32 and it turns out so creamy, if you get a
11:35 creamy consistent. Yeah, and you know, 11:37 what everybody likes it, everybody.
11:40 That is awesome. So, we’re gonna show 11:41 our viewers today how to do a home town,
11:44 home style Potato Salad. Oh yes, 11:46 okay, that’s sounds good. Okay, with
the mashed 11:48 potatoes. Yeah, that’s a good trick
she taught 11:51 you. Yeah, very nice, so these are just
potatoes 11:55 cut and peeled and cooked. Right and
you let 11:58 the potatoes cooked until tune.
12:00 Good, okay, are they cool or warm. 12:02 No, they are warm. They are warm.
12:03 And you know what? That is, this is what
12:04 you want to do; you always wanna do 12:06 it while they are warm. Not when they
get 12:08 cold because they are hots and mashed
12:09 and, absolutely. Okay, the first thing 12:12 we’re gonna add is our mayo, alright,
12:18 and so you can do home style, home you know,
12:21 your homemade or you can buy some without 12:23 the vinegar. Okay, yeah good, good.
Okay, 12:27 alright, we’re gonna add our pickles,
12:32 okay, without the vinegar. Now, you brought
12:35 that at the health food store or, 12:37 let’s think, I think the only place
I have seen 12:40 the pickles is that a, a health food
store, 12:43 okay without that or if you can your
own. 12:45 Yeah, you can do there. Absolutely,
12:48 but you know, what Jill I made some a kind
12:51 some what do you call them, that once you eat,
12:56 the dill, yeah, yeah, a candles one time.
12:59 Yeah, they were pretty good. Yeah. 13:01 I think I will stick with that, stick
with us 13:03 told about. There you go, and you just
add 13:06 with the celery in the onion, right?
13:08 And then we’re having a chicken style seasoning,
13:11 yes. This is a celery seed, oh that would give
13:16 it a good flavor, yeah. Okay, 13:18 now we’re gonna mashed this. Good,
13:20 okay we did all mix up. And we also put our
13:25 pimientos in here also, yes; okay and I like the
13:28 color, alright, yeah. And you know, what you,
13:30 if you don’t put pimientos in here, 13:32 you could also add small red bell pepper.
13:36 Yes, okay, have you ever try those? 13:38 Once, okay, but they were good, alright,
13:40 yeah. Okay, yeah, now that’s good. 13:44 Okay, we’re gonna add our lemon juice.
13:46 Okay, and that’s freshly squeezed, freshly 13:50 squeezed, oh yeah that makes it to difference.
13:52 Right, now let me ask you Jill, yeah, 13:54 okay. When you ate potato salad,
13:58 did you have eggs in you know, 14:00 when you used to it? When I used to
it, 14:01 now yet but hopefully. Okay, alright,
14:03 there you go. Yeah, yeah, and you go because
14:05 you know, what tofu makes the potato salad
14:09 taste just like it. Yeah, yeah, and so this is
14:12 what again we want to teach to viewers 14:14 that with tofu is reversible in every
14:19 recipe. That’s right; you can just put it in?
14:21 Yes and look and I want, I like to always put
14:24 half up in and I mashed it up. Yes, real good,
14:28 yes, and then we’re gonna do once we mashed
14:31 it up on the in the side of potatoes. 14:36 We’re gonna add the last part of it,
14:39 but we want some have to show and it look,
14:42 make it looks like eats. Get a little bit of chunk,
14:43 not chunk, yeah, but just the little bit.
14:45 Little crumbs of it, so if a person doesn’t know
14:49 what they are eating. Right, they can think
14:51 it’s ate. Yeah, exactly, exactly. Yeah, 14:54 that’s real good. So, but this is what
we wanted 14:57 to the people to see there. That’s right,
14:59 healthy potato salad. Oh, yeah, and it looks
15:02 good do you know that? Okay, oh I want to
15:04 try some. But it’s not finish yet. Okay, 15:08 I have to wait, alright, okay because
we have 15:11 another recipe that we want to show
the 15:14 viewers also. Yeah, okay, that’s right.
15:16 Alright, but in the mean time we’re gonna put
15:19 this aside. And then we will show you at home
15:21 it’s looks like, when it’s all done and, right
15:23 we were all done here. Okay, yeah, 15:24 now before we go to our Baked Beans,
15:27 why don’t you tell our friends you have a
15:29 cook book? Just tell us about your cook book
15:30 and then we go to our Baked Beans. 15:32 Okay, my cook book, my seven cook book,
15:34 yeah, is Ozella’s homemade vegetarian recipe,
15:38 nutritious and delicious. So, you know, 15:41 if you would like to have one of these
books then, 15:44 yes they can also contact 3ABN, that’s
right, 15:48 and 3ABN would put to in touch with
me. 15:51 That’s right, now you have what kind
of recipes 15:53 in your cook book? Okay, I have this
potato 15:55 salad corn. Oh fun there you go.
15:57 I have the smoked burgers, we have 16:00 cheese cake. Jill we have something
called 16:05 Whip Dip Dream Cake. You will love this
cake. 16:10 Whip Dip Dream Cake, yes, that sounds
16:13 really good, with out dairy at home. 16:15 Yeah, and also I have a Coconut Pineapple
Cake. 16:20 My husband loved the coconut best of
all. 16:22 Yeah, oh yeah, but I love the Black
Forest 16:27 Carob Cake, and you know, man I’m getting
16:31 hungry, hoo! In the Melbourne we beg 16:33 this cake yeah, and you cut it in the
melon 16:36 you put the whipped cream nondairy,
16:38 put the whipped cream in the middle, 16:39 yeah and strawberries. And you want
the 16:41 strawberries dripped in with the orange
juice. 16:45 So, I’m sorry to lick my lips. These
are recipes 16:50 in my book. Yeah, okay we can get this
book. 16:52 Alright, yeah, okay. Well, we better
make the 16:54 Baked Beans before get any hungry you
are okay? 16:56 Okay, let’s read that recipe.
16:59 For Carol’s Baked Beans you need: 17:02 2 tablespoons oil. 1 chopped onion.
17:06 1 chopped green or red pepper. 17:09 1-15 ounce can of tomato sauce.
17:12 2 cans northern or pinto beans. 17:15 1 teaspoon sea salt. 1 teaspoon onion
powder. 17:20 1/4 teaspoon cumin.
17:23 1 tablespoon hickory smoked yeast. 17:26 1 tablespoon liquid smoke. 1/4 cup molasses.
17:32 3/4 cup honey and 2 teaspoons of hot sauce,
17:36 which is optional. Now, Ozella why do you call
17:40 these Carol’s Baked Beans? 17:42 Because Carol put this recipe together
and 17:44 she always make Baked Beans for the,
17:46 the cook outs that we have, yeah, and they
17:49 are supper. I said, you got to do this with
17:51 3ABN. She said, no I let you do them, so.
17:56 But we gave a credit and that we put her
17:57 name of there, right? Exactly, that’s right.
17:59 Their Carol’s Beans. Yes, because I wanted
18:01 people to know that this is Carol’s special
18:03 recipe. Yes, oh that’s fun, okay, alright, 18:06 now we put them here. Okay, now we already
18:09 have our oil in the pan okay and it’s heated
18:11 up pretty good. Good, okay now we’re gonna
18:14 salted our onions. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, 18:18 you thinking up like. Okay, yeah, now
Jill 18:23 when we’re gonna salted red peppers,
yeah. 18:28 Okay, I like them with the color, alright,
18:30 somewhat better than green, yes. Then we’re
18:32 gonna add our salt to pour a little bit,
18:34 good juices out them, good, the veggies, okay.
18:41 I think as long as you got onions cooking. 18:43 Yeah, people come over to your house,
I think, 18:45 oh it almost ready to eat and you don’t
have 18:46 to be, it’s just the smell on that.
18:48 Exactly, exactly, yeah. Now, while this is
18:50 sizzling, oh let see, turn it up the bit,
18:53 turn little up bit, okay. Okay, we’re gonna
18:58 add salts okay? Okay, now normally at home
19:04 would you sizzle at longer before you add
19:05 this all. Yeah, okay, yeah I would sizzle it with
19:08 little longer, okay, okay. But we just gonna
19:11 go ahead and add and so, okay, give our
19:14 viewers our general ideas. Yes, normally you
19:17 would salted maybe five to ten minutes. 19:19 Yeah, maybe ten, ten okay. Ten minutes,
19:22 that gives you an idea. Okay, alright, now this
19:26 was tomato sauce. Yeah, that was, this was
19:28 the tomato sauce. Good, good, okay, yeah very
19:31 nice. Okay, now we’re gonna add the beans,
19:34 now, if you will pour the beans shut, okay.
19:37 Do you cook these beans ahead a time? 19:38 You can, yes you can cook these beans
ahead 19:41 a time. Now, today we’re just using
a can 19:44 bean. Okay, that’s nice and easy. Yeah,
but 19:46 normally you got themselves, you know,
19:48 self them there. Yeah, cook them, yeah and
19:51 you got them. And also this recipe you can
19:53 make ahead a time and freeze it all so Jill
19:55 so, fun, yeah. And this is what I’m saying
19:58 with your burgers, yeah, you know, 20:00 the beans, now you care for your potato
salad. 20:02 You know, I that’s never worked.
20:04 No, but your Baked Beans and your burgers, 20:07 yeah, you can always freeze them, okay.
20:10 So, it makes work and the only thing you have
20:13 to make is the potato salad just dumping them,
20:15 that’s right, and put a few ingredients or
20:18 seasonings together. Yeah, you got it. 20:19 It is easy, okay. And if you have a
cook out 20:21 with all your friends you know, you
just 20:23 hate, you bring this, I bring this.
Exactly, 20:25 then it’s less work. Right, but you
know, 20:27 they can always work in my house. Why
doesn’t 20:30 they work like that your house? First
of all, 20:32 especially like on Sunday, I mean Sabbath
dinners. 20:35 Yeah, my family, church family, everybody
20:39 always end up in my house. 20:41 And everybody think I cook all the time,
20:43 but I don’t cook all the time, yeah, but they
20:45 think, okay we’re gonna to your house for
20:47 Sabbath dinner. And so, one person may come,
20:50 then you see another car, another car, 20:52 and so, we just got a whole bunch of
it, 20:54 but guess what? The Lord always provide,
20:56 stretches the food? Yes, and Jill I’m the
20:59 type of person I don’t everyone 2101� to
21:01 be home. Yeah, because you know, 21:02 what we can always pour food out of
the 21:04 freezer, that’s right, and you know,
21:06 and make sure people have not to eat. 21:08 That’s right, it’s important, that’s
right. 21:09 Okay, now this is, you have to gift
to 21:11 hospitality. Yes, I just kind of say,
yeah, 21:13 that’s right, it’s a gift, yeah. Now,
it 21:15 beginning to bubble, okay. I can see
that, 21:17 so we’re gonna add all the rest of our
21:19 seasoning, this is our cumin, it gives a
21:21 little smoky flavor. Oh, yeah, this is our
21:25 garlic, good, okay. Now, that was the onion
21:28 powder there. Oh, okay. And this is our
21:30 smoked. Yes, okay, good, it’s a smoke 21:34 seasoning, yeah. Alright, we can smell
it, 21:38 really smell that smoke, yeah. Okay,
next 21:41 would you past me that honey? Yeah,
okay, 21:45 now that’s like oil, no that’s not,
yeah, 21:47 no that’s the smoke seasoning. That,
this is 21:48 the honey; I’m thinking that’s not a
honey. 21:54 Yeah, it’s not thick enough. Not for
the oil, 21:57 for the honey, no, no, yeah, okay.
22:00 Want to get all that sweetener out of there.
22:04 Oh, yeah, it goes once you start eating 22:07 you know like, yeah whether it will
be half of 22:09 the recipe. That’s right, you have a
little bit 22:11 of sweet, a little bit, yeah, yeah.
Now, you 22:14 want the smoked? No, you put, yeah we
can, 22:16 it doesn’t matter now because we’re
at the 22:18 peak we, we’re almost finish mixing
everything 22:21 in. Okay and we’re almost full at the
top. 22:23 Yeah, and this is a small scaly, but
again 22:27 we want you know, to give the viewers
a 22:28 general idea, what is like, here is
your 22:30 molasses. Yeah, we know that this is
molasses. 22:33 Yeah, now you use blackstrap or grandmas.
22:36 No, what type, it’s not blackstrap, 22:39 blackstrap you want to use when you,
22:41 your blood is low. Okay, okay when you are
22:43 naming, but this is in that. No, this is the,
22:46 the molasses. I forget that, now I don’t know
22:49 not a name grant to it, right, just molasses,
22:51 okay, Okay, and the last, you want, 22:53 now this hot sauce, yeah this is optional,
but, 22:57 okay we like to look at to it. There
you go, 23:00 just a low that. Yeah, a little kick.
Yeah, 23:03 ooh that’s fine. But let me tell you
something 23:07 once to get it to this degree here,
23:09 you want a lettuce similar just for a couple
23:12 of minutes you get all the ingredients and
23:14 incorporated in here very well, yes, and then
23:18 you are gonna poured it in a casserole dish.
23:20 And you want to bake it, okay. 23:21 I didn’t know that, okay. Yeah, no this
is 23:23 not. This is Baked Beans. Yeah, we gonna
23:25 bake it. Okay, yeah, okay. So, this is not just
23:29 on the stove and, right, into the plate, no,
23:32 right. So, we’re gonna pour in a casserole dish
23:36 and we’re gonna bake it. How long it’s bake
23:37 for? About 20 to 35 minutes, 35 at 350 or,
23:43 350, 350 okay. Yeah, as it get all skin on top.
23:46 Oh, yes, yeah okay, yeah, very nice. 23:50 Then you know they are ready. Yeah,
okay, 23:52 that’s right, that’s right. And you
know, 23:54 what? We’re gonna serve this with the
23:56 potato salad. Oh, yeah, with the barbecue, 23:58 with the small burger. Oh. Yeah, that’s
right, 24:01 oh that sounds really good. Yeah,
24:03 that’s right. Now, also we want to make I
24:08 mean serve a little salad with this hot sauce.
24:11 Okay, yeah, okay like a fresh veggie salad.
24:13 Yeah, yeah, but you can always just get
24:14 all your vegetables together and make a
24:17 salad, right? Exactly, yeah, exactly, 24:18 that’s right. And also we don’t want
to 24:21 leave out the main thing, desert. Oh,
yeah. 24:27 Now, I’m always ready for desert.
24:30 Really and truly when it comes to desert I’m
24:33 really not a desert person. Okay, but I
24:35 love making deserts. Yeah, that’s right. 24:36 So, when I make deserts, I always make
them 24:40 and my husband will say, Ozella why
don’t 24:46 you eat deserts? Because you are making
24:48 them rather to provide. Yeah, right, okay.
24:50 Okay, well in just a moment friends we will
24:52 be back with our all lot of time here. 24:53 And we will be back and we want to show
24:55 you all the final products the things that
24:56 we made here today. So, stay with 24:58 us we’ll be right back, okay.
25:01 We hope you’ve enjoyed cooking with 25:03 Ozella. Now let’s take a moment to review
the 25:05 barbecue style picnic recipes. For the
25:09 Smoked Grilled Burger you will need: 25:11 2 pounds of veggie beef crumbles
25:14 2 pounds of veggie protein 25:16 1 tablespoon beef style seasoning
25:19 3 tablespoons of hickory smoke powder and
25:22 4 tablespoons liquid smoke. 25:25 For the Potato Salad you will need:
25:28 4 cups cooked red potatoes 25:30 1 cup of vegan mayo � cup pickles
25:35 3 tablespoons chicken style seasoning 25:38 � teaspoon celery seed
25:40 1 tablespoon red onion diced 25:43 1 celery stalk, diced 3 chopped green
onions 25:49 3 tablespoons diced pimientos
25:52 1 tablespoon lemon juice 25:55 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1 pound of firm
tofu. 26:00 For Carol’s Baked Beans you will need:
26:04 2 tablespoons oil 1 chopped onion 26:08 1 chopped green or red pepper
26:11 1-15 ounce can of tomato sauce 26:15 2 cans northern or pinto beans
26:18 1 teaspoon of sea salt 1 teaspoon onion powder
26:23 1/4 teaspoon cumin 26:25 1 tablespoon hickory smoked yeast
26:28 1 tablespoon liquid smoke 26:31 1/4 cup molasses 3/4 cup honey and
26:36 2 teaspoons of hot sauce, optional. 26:39 If you would like more information and
how 26:41 to contact Ozella or if you would like
to 26:44 receive today’s recipes, please write
to 3ABN 26:49 at PO Box 220 West Frankfort,
26:52 IL 62896 or call 1-800-752-3226. 27:02 Welcome back friends, we’re here with
our 27:03 delicious picnic lunch, aren’t we?
27:05 Alright, yes yeah. Well, we can’t, we can’t
27:08 wait to get started eating this wonderful food.
27:12 Let’s look at what we made. Okay, we 27:13 started with our burger, yes. A Smoked
27:16 Grilled Burger, with the tremens it looks good.
27:20 Good enough to eat. Oh, yeah, then we went
27:23 to potato salad. Okay, yeah. And then, 27:27 that looks awesome. Our potato salad
with all 27:30 the pretty colors. Oh, yeah that’s right.
27:32 And then we’re gonna top it all of with our
27:34 Baked Beans, Carol’s Baked Beans. That’s right,
27:39 well thank you for coming Ozella and sharing
27:41 your talents with our friends at home. 27:43 Pleasure is all make. That’s right;
we had a 27:46 really good time. Yes, we did. Well,
we 27:48 hope friends that you enjoy these recipes
that 27:49 you take your family out in the backyard
27:51 then you have a picnic with your family, 27:53 invite your neighbors over witness to
them. 27:55 Enjoy these recipes, and until we see
you 27:58 next time may God bless you and keep

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