4명이 잘 수 있는 초소형 캠핑카- La Kunn – Japan Camping Car Show 2

The model we’re looking at. Is La Kunn. Take a look. Up above. You can see this part. It may be small. You can see the sleeping space. Let’s look at this first. You can see the door is open now. You can open it to walk in. Slide this. Press here. A screen door. They’ve set it up like this. Let’s talk a look inside La Kunn. We’re inside La Kunn now. It’s really quaint. You can see a table in front of me. It comes with two cup holders. On either end. If you push this button here. You can detach it and stow it away. This is so cute rigth next to the table. You have a small sink. The sink is about… About as deep as my hand to here. A very nice thing about this model. It has plenty of storage space. All around the camper. The area above is all storage. I’ll open one to show you. And below the storage. There are LED lights all around A central light. And more lights on the sides. Take a look here. This is different. You can see a solar panel charge controller. Take a look. This camper has solar panels above. In this area here. You have bench seating. If you take these cushions. You can convert it into a bed. Japanese campers are a little different. With the campers we see in Korea. You lower a table. To set up the bed. Here you unfold these. Like this. And you instal the cushions. Makes it really easy to set up. Let’s put it away. Right behind me. And to the sides. There are windows. They are all sliding windows. And they come with screens as well. Right next to my head. You can see a panel here. Let me get up real quick. The head room is a little tight when I stand. Look at this. Open this up. There is a sleeping area up here. It would be a little short for me. So not for me to sleep. But if you have small children. It’s a good space for kids to sleep. This light… there is no power to it now. But it will keep this area lit… They just switched it on for me. You can switch off. Or switch it on to brighten up the space. Let’s close it up. And if you look over here. Between the cab and here. You have a sliding curtain. When sleeping. You can block out the light. And have a comfortable sleep. Come along the curtain track. And you have some cute shelves. You can stow away you small knick knacks. And more storage space below. And just inside the doorway. You have all the power switches. You can turn on an off your light from here. This one right here. Press this switch to turn off all the light. Very easy to access.

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