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[lauren] you just put the whole one in your mouth? [lauren] that’s a lot of dough at once
[john] it’s really dry. [lauren] don’t say it’s dry! [john] well if you ate a spoonful of peanut butter that would also have made a really tough dough [lauren] well you’re not supposed to put it all in your mouth at once, i don’t think. [lauren] hey everyone, what’s going on it’s lauren. [john] and john. [lauren] from hot for food. and today we’re doing an impromptu little video for you [lauren] because, um, we have to go to a picnic [lauren] more or less. and we have to bring some stuff. [lauren] so we were gonna show you what we’re making [lauren] and it’s pretty quick and easy, so we thought we just turn it into a video. [john] uh, you can do your picnic however you wanna do, [john] this is just kinda what we have lying around the house, [john] on our summer picnic menu, we’ve got [john] an easy sangria recipe, [lauren] we’re also gonna make some very quick wraps, [lauren] we’re also gonna make some lentil apple slaw [lauren] and cookie dough balls for dessert [lauren] soo let’s start with dessert because we gotta put those in the fridge for a second [john] good call. [lauren] so we are gonna start with a cup of peanut butter, [lauren] then add in some almond flour and vegan chocolate chips. [lauren] i’m actually just gonna add a little bit of sea salt [lauren] so cos i’m literally making this up on the spot, [lauren] i don’t know how much almond flour i’m adding in, [lauren] but it’s about double and a half what the peanut butter was. [lauren] so it’s like the consistency of cookie dough, [lauren] then roll it into small bite sized balls, [lauren] and then you can roll it in coconut [lauren] or you can drizzle melted chocolate on them, [lauren] whatever you like. [lauren] and you can keep them in the fridge until you go on your picnic! [john] so now we’re gonna make the fillings for our easy wraps, [john] the first one’s an avocado mash, which is just avocado, [john] lime juice, salt, pepper and cayenne. [john] for the other filling we’re gonna use a hummus [john] you can do it storebought or make it yourself [john] and then we’re gonna add sundried tomatoes, [john] and black olives. [john] these things are super easy to assemble, [john] you’re just gonna apread out your avocado or hummus, [john] on the avocado we’re gonna add fresh basil. [john] so now that you got your filling in place, [john] you can either roll them up, [john] or do quesadilla style. [john] i think the key here is the mobility, [john] you’re like going on a picnic, or going to the beach [john] you don’t wanna have like your hummus container, [john] and your guacamole container and all of these dips [john] and these are mobile, portable, everything’s wrapped up and good to go. [john] so it doesn’t matter if you..
[lauren] so you just grab a piece and eat it. [john] yea. [john] and it’s sharing. so instead of having some dips and hummus, [john] you’ve just got every, take a pre dipped and roll bite [lauren] i like this idea. [lauren] and of course you can do any fillings you want [lauren] as long as it’s easy to like, stick together like a hummus is [lauren] but it could be like an eggplant dip or whatever you want. [john] you could do a dessert one; a peanut butter and jelly one. [lauren] totally. [lauren] okay we’re gonna bring a salad on the picnic [lauren] and i’m gonna make lentil apple slaw which is a really easy recipe [lauren] from hotforfoodblog.com [lauren] here’s how it’s made [lauren] so start with some finely chopped cabbage, [lauren] then we’re gonna add cooked lentils, [lauren] diced carrot. diced cucumber, [lauren] sliced apples, [lauren] cilantro, green onion and pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. [lauren] or both. [lauren] so we’re gonna make a quick dressing in a jar, [lauren] here’s all the ingredients: [lauren] olive oil, [lauren] lemon juice, [lauren] lemon zest, [lauren] apple cider vinegar, [lauren] vegan worcestershire, [lauren] agave nectar, [lauren] dijon mustard, [lauren] and salt and pepper. [lauren] so just shake it up in the jar, [lauren] and then pour it on the salad. [lauren] this salad actually benefits from being dressed a few hours before you’re gonna eat it [john] kay, our picnic is nearly complete, [john] we’re like, 20 minutes in, we’re ready to go. [lauren] i don’t wanna go, i just wanna eat everything here. [lauren] we gotta pack it up now [lauren] that’s a whole lotta thing which we won’t show you. [john] one more thing.
[lauren] one more thing. [lauren] sangria!!! [lauren] you know how to make that, it’s just red wine, [lauren] some juice or whatever, and some brandy [lauren] if you’re extra spicy like us, [john] some fruit.
[lauren] and some fruit. [john] sangria.
[lauren] so we’re just gonna, we’re just gonna make it real fast, [lauren] in these jars so we can take them on our picnic, [lauren] they’re sealed up with a lid, and then we’ll add ice in there, [lauren] and we’re done! [john] then we go [lauren] and then we go. [lauren] so we got two one-litre jars, [lauren] we’re gonna split a bottle of red wine between the two, [lauren] it’s about a cup and a half per jar, [lauren] then we’re gonna add one and a half ounces of brandy, [lauren] we’re gonna add apples, oranges, limes and frozen strawberries. [lauren] and we’re gonna top it up with fresh squeezed orange juice. [lauren] and just add a little bit of ice. [lauren] and there’s our picnic! we’ve got sangria, [lauren] a cool salad, [john] our easy wraps, [john] and for dessert, our cookie dough balls. [john] go easy on the sangria, man. [lauren] mm. [lauren] so we put some ice in there to chill it, it’s cold and ready to go. [lauren] um, you probably wanna pack up your picnic in like a cooler [lauren] picnic bag or cooler [lauren] just to keep everything chilled, that will be best especially for the dessert [lauren] which you won’t be eating till later, [john] can we try something before we pack it up.
[lauren] aand [lauren] well yea, i’m starving [john] me too. [john] i’m gonna try an avocado one. [lauren] so it’s really quick and easy, we got everything done in under an hour, [lauren] um, i mean we’re pros but [lauren] we made some of these up right on the spot so there you go [lauren] um, you can find the recipes linked in the description below, [lauren] aand if you’ve got any ideas you’re taking to your picnic [lauren] your vegan picnics, please let us know and share them with us as well. [lauren] there’s lots of ideas on this channel, [lauren] as well as hotforfoodblog.com um with other things you can bring on a picnic, [lauren] of course. [john] if you guys have your picnic photos, you wanna share with us, we’re @hotforfood on all social media [john] go give us a follow there, subscribe if you like our videos, [john] every wednesday you’re gonna see a new one from us [john] and today we gotta,
[lauren] we gotta go! [lauren] or we’ll be late for the dang picnic. [john] we are actually going somewhere okay. [lauren] you keep saying that, people are gonna think we’re lying. [john] no, we are. [lauren] “we’re actually going somewhere” it sounds like you’re
[john] does it sound suspicious? [john] we have friends. [john] not just the internet friends.
[lauren] yea [john] but you guys are friends too. [lauren] we love you, but we’re gonna see real people in real life right now [john] real humans. [lauren] bye!


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