421adventure – Biketouring in Tajikistan – From 15,000 to 16,500 kms
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421adventure – Biketouring in Tajikistan – From 15,000 to 16,500 kms

Adventure!! How is it the cycle at such high
altitudes? In this video we’ll try to answer all the questions you may ask
yourselves 421adventure at the top of the world!!! After climbing so high it was time to
unwind and relax We were still in the company
of our two Swedish friends… … but we also met other cyclists along the way
for example we cycled two days with Pierre who was on a one-month cycling
trip And in the middle of nowhere, we met Mario and Gemma cycling from
Indonesia back to Spain Mario! hi how are you? Where are you from? Italy and France. Spain! No way! Where exactly? Extremadura And of course countless locals kids
waving like crazy and families inviting us for a warm cup of tea The Pamir highway is almost 1,000
kilometers long so we spend many nights there. We love the fact that you can camp
almost anywhere but sometimes we stayed at people’s houses because they invited
us and and other times we slept at guest houses When you’re wild camping in dirty places
it’s very important to filter your water for this reason we have a gravitational filter
this is dirty water that we just took from that river over there which by the
way comes from a glacier a few kilometres up that “road” and we put this here its gravitational
so it needs to be lower. And this is how we use a filter after one year travelling
by bicycle! This is what happens when you forget
your clothes outside in the Pamir highway! Wow!
Your socks are so hard! We’re almost at the top of the Kulma
Pass and then after some administrative checks we’ll be in China! Oh yeah! Maybe we should do it again this time the other way. I’ll wait here Oh no, we’ll have head winds


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