5 Animal Mating Calls (GAME)
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5 Animal Mating Calls (GAME)

( music playing )Animals are just like us. They scream when they’re
ready to love. It’s time to play… Rhett/ Link:
♪ When I get that feeling ♪
♪ I want animal healing ♪– ♪ Oh, baby ♪
– Now we have an animal bank down here to choose from. What their mating calls are. and we’re gonna make our
answers by putting them on the mating
melodies board
behind us. These buttons here
activate mating sounds. Everyone should have
a mating melodies board And we’re gonna
work together to see if we can get
a five for five. Uh, these are the animals
we’re choosing from. Camel, elk, lemur, goat,
koala, bonobo, penguin, and horsie? All right,
hit the first one,
Rhett. – Horse.
– Let’s hear it. Uh, okay.( animal grunting
and clicking )
– Okay, don’t get so
worked up, buddy.
– What? – Whoa.
– That sound is like, like sounds from
a construction site. – Okay, yeah.
– That sounds like a dump truck – You could do it anywhere.
– backing up a chain-link
fence or something. You just gotta watch out. You gotta watch out
if security’s there. Now, just to clarify, these are not the sounds
associated with mating, these are
sounds associated with
enticement. – Oh.
– I think. – Pre-mating.
– Am I right here? This is not the sounds
of animals actually mating. This is a mating call. Nope, we’re saving that
for another episode. – Oh, gosh. Okay, good.
– What in the world does
that animal sound like when it’s actually
doing it? Good gracious. Yeah, that’s a big animal. – That’s, yeah– we’re
talking camel or elk.
– Link: Camel, elk. – It could be a bonobo.
– Rhett: I don’t think– a bonobo is–
a bonobo is basically
a chimpanzee. So, I didn’t hear
any chimp sounds in there.- Uh, let’s– we can switch
these any time we want. No, no, ’cause
what I was thinking
was elk or camel, but I think elk is, they have a lot of
reverberation ability
with that body size. – All right…
– Let’s try two.( gurgling sound )Somebody’s toilet’s broken. What in the world?
That could be a horse,
man. – It sounds like…
– That could be a horse ’cause– ( imitates horse whinny ) It had a little bit
of that in there. Like a septic system
backing up. I say camel or horse. – ( sighs )
– We– once we get– I feel like I would
have heard this sound being as, my love for horses. That kind of love,
is it? ( laughter ) – No, I just–
– You gotta be watch out – when you talk about
horse love in this context.
– ( laughs ) I just mean, I’ve been
around– never mind. – ( laughter )
– Okay, um– So, you’re thinking
camel? It does sound like
a big animal, but it might of just
been like a dynamic mic
really close to a koala. Yeah, we don’t know. We weren’t there
when this was happening. What’s the proximity
of the mic to
the mating call. Yeah, uh, I–
I think we should go
with our instincts. I was– my instincts
was horse, but you’ve been around
a lot of horse love, so, if uh, you wanna
go with camel that’s fine. ( imitates camel growl ) ‘Cause they have this
like glottal thing
happening. – Yeah, the glottal.
– Look at all of that. – The camel glottal growl.
– That’s camel. All right. …number three.
Let’s check it out.( high-pitched screeching )– Aw.
– I sometimes make that sound. ( laughter ) – Begging.
– That’s the weird thing. Begging for it. – Uh.
– ( high-pitched ) Please,
anybody! – No.
– Um… This is a penguin, man,
right? It does have a bird.
I don’t know. It could be a koala,
koala’s are deceptive. If you squeeze a koala
in the right place. it’s probably gonna
make that sound. Yeah, and koalas,
they don’t look like they’re capable of
much intimidation.( high pitched screeching )These buttons actually
do work. These buttons are tied
directly into mating.com. – Yeah.
– ( laughter ) Yeah, actually don’t
go there. We have not researched
that website. – Uh…
– Let’s– let’s– But goats could kick,
goats– lemurs are capable– Lemurs! – Lemurs, man.
– ( high pitched screech ) Don’t you– can’t you
think of a lemur doing that. Yeah. Lemur.
Definitely correct.( honking and screeching )Sounds like a mule. – That is a– that is–
That is a jackass.
– What? – That’s a mule, man.
– That’s not– that’s not
a choice, but there’s a goat choice. Well, I don’t– I think
a horse is closer to a mule – than a goat.
– ( laughs ) Yeah. That’s why I’m saying
horse. – I think penguin, man.
– ( honking and screeching ) You think a horse can make
a trumpet sound like that? It sounded so close
to a mule. And you know me…
with horses. – Okay, I– I think–
– Well, what do you think it is? I think it could be penguin
but you do have a good, uh, argument for a jackass. I mean, as a jackass. – I mean, in reference to a
– You got a laugh out of Stevie. I don’t appreciate that.
Wasn’t that funny? And sound number five.( howling and screeching )( laughter ) – That’s a chimpanzee.
– That’s two animals. ‘Cause that sounded
like something– – I think we can–
– That second one was
a cat. We can make that sound. ( imitates screech ) What’s the second part?( howling and screeching )( screeching )( both imitate screeching ) The second one got crazy. That feels like it’s
coming from a human–( high pitched screeching )( gurgling sound )Oh! They’re coming
for us. – ( laughs )
– I feel like this is
a chimpanzee because I feel like it
has the– a similar, uh, mouth shape as the human. That wasn’t coming out
of one of these, you think? The second part sounded
so much like a cat, though. And a cat and koala
are closer, you know… – ( laughter )
– A cat and a koala
are what? – Closer.
– Because they both start
with a “kah” sound? – Yeah.
– That’s not how– – In the alphabet.
– That’s not how biology
works, Link. So you don’t want to
switch any. Like, we’re still certain
of any of these. Well, I mean, look at him,
look at him. He’s like, “Yeah,
I made that sound.”
Look, come on. All right, so we’re gonna
be confident, we’re not making
any switches even though we could. These are our final answers. Stevie, let us have it.
What is number one? Stevie:
Okay, sound number one…
( animal grunting )Is what?
An elk? In the end,
it might be a bonobo. We’re right.
It’s an elk. Stevie:It’s the mating sound
of a koala.
What? No it’s not!
No, it’s not! Look at that thing
can’t make that noise. They got the mic
that close to – the mating sound of a koala?
– Yeah, the mic distance really
threw us. All right,
what’s the second one? Stevie:Sound number two…( gurgling sound )That’s a– that’s an elk. Now, that’s an elk. Stevie:Is the mating call
of a camel.
Both: Yeah! Stevie:
And sound number three…
( high pitched screeching )– Sad.
– We were right, right? – Yeah!
– Yes! Stevie:Sound number four.( honking sound )( imitates honking ) You didn’t believe me,
but this is horse. Stevie:It’s a penguin.I told you it
was a penguin. The trumpet sound, man. It’s like a–
( imitate trumpet horn )
Yeah, man, see… You should listen to me. – Stevie:And…
– I listen to you here, and I hope you were right. Stevie:
And finally number five.
( grunting and screeching )It’s a goat. ( imitates screeching )
Wah… Stevie:Is the call of an elk.What? That’s an elk daddy? – What?
– Elk daddy bringing the heat. Keeping everybody guessing. Man, he’s trying to look
smaller than he actually is. – Well, we missed two.
– Okay. But we learned a lot. And I think that matters. Try those out
in your own bedroom. – ( laughs )
– See what happens. Thanks for commenting,
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