5 Bizarre Live Webcams
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5 Bizarre Live Webcams

– Cam-ed if you do, cam-ed if you don’t.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Since the invention of the… …webcam, people have been pointing
at things, most often their faces during video chats. But then,
somewhere around the 90s, people start getting an idea to just
point them in a direction… – …at something. And just wait…
– And stream it. …for people to show up and watch.
And you know what? It doesn’t matter how weird or pointless the things
may seem. Lots of people are… – …tuning into these live streams.
– Don’t believe us? Well, we’re gonna… …prove that point today by going to some
strange, interesting, dare I say… – …riveting webcams that you…
– Yeah, you could dare to say that. …yourself can experience, but
experience it with us. Let’s do that. Speaking of riveting, let’s look at
a lightbulb! There it is, Link. – (Rhett) The bulb cam.
– (Link) Okay. (Link) I see the lightbulb. It’s right
there in the middle. (Rhett) Hey, hey. Don’t sell
it short, buddy. – (Link) There’s a firetruck behind it.
– (Rhett) Take it in. No! Don’t focus… …on the firetruck, which I think is
actually an ambulance. – (Rhett) No, maybe it is a firetruck.
– (Link) I’d say it’s a firetruck… – …because it is, I believe.
– (Rhett) That’s the bulb. – (Link) Look at it.
– (Rhett) Look at it. It’s on. – (Link) It’s just a bulb.
– (Rhett) Okay, Link. This isn’t any… …ordinary bulb. This is a bulb at the
Livermore-Pleasanton fire department in California that has been functioning
since 1901. – What?
– I’m not making this up. – This is called the centennial bulb.
– How’s that even possible? Well, the technology back in the year 1901
was so much better than the technology we have today, and they were able to
make lightbulbs that lasted 100 years. Hm. So this is kind of proving a point.
The planned obsolescence of all of… – …our stuffs.
– Maybe. The most exciting thing… I don’t know how. It’s just some crazy,
amazing bulb that doesn’t go out. However, the most exciting thing that’s
ever happened on this live stream? 2013: the bulb went out. The people
watching the stream, three guys died of a heart attack. I started with
two and I went to three. (laughing) If you’re gonna lie, you might
as well go big. Yeah, yeah. Three guys died of a heart
attack. One woman went into labor and she wasn’t even pregnant.
I mean, all kinds of hell broke loose… – I knew a bulb could make you pregnant.
– …because the lightbulb went off. But it was just because the generator
went out and then the generator came back on. We do have some footage
of the light going off. – It’s really exciting.
– Okay. Okay. – (Rhett) That’s what happened.
– (Link) Oh. (Rhett) Man, I wish I was there for that.
I would’ve given birth. (Link) Ooh, there was another
firetruck there. – (Rhett) And then it came back on.
– (Link) That was definitely a firetruck. – That’s the bulb cam!
– Oh, man. Lemme give you… …another one. Veterinarian Melanie Butera
was brought a three-year-old — no, I’m sorry — three-day-old blind
fawn. That’s a baby deer, okay? – Who hasn’t been brought a blind deer?
– Poor, blind deer. She nursed Dillie… …the deer back to health and then put
her in front of a webcam. – Let’s go to Dilliecam!
– (Rhett) Oh, look at that! – (Rhett) There’s a deer!
– (Link) There she is. Look. (Link) She’s just in the living room,
just laying on her bed. (Rhett) Now, there is a bear behind
her on the couch. I don’t know if she needs to be alerted to that.
But there is a bear behind her. (Link) Well, she can’t see it, but she
can smell it. And what are the… I just don’t know what the moral
implications of watching a blind deer are. Should I feel guilty?
Should I feel dirty? (Rhett) This isn’t the kind of thing
that you analyze, Link. This is the kind of thing that you
just do. I’m so entertained right now. I mean, look at that blind deer.
It looks like some sort of kung fu master just sitting there
waiting to do something. (Link) She’s relaxing. She does kind
of look like a Master Splinter type. (Rhett) Yeah, she does. Oh, she looked
up! Look at that! Look at that! (Link) But she can’t see.
She’s smelling something. – (Rhett) She’s smelling something.
– (Link) She smells our presence. Hold on. Hold on. Do they have
Smell-O-Vision in there? And it’s coming through? How does
the Internet work? She’s not watching us, if that’s what
you’re asking. I thought that she smelled us for
a second. We’re not broadcasting to her. It’s a
one-way stream. This makes me want a pet deer.
That’s all I know. (Stammering) Oh, the owner’s there!
The owner’s there! – (Link) Somebody’s… somebody’s…
– (Rhett) Oh, we’re gonna… He just threw her something! What are
the chances that we get to see the… – …owner interact with the Dillie!
– (crew offscreen laughing) (Link) Dillie is eating. Look at all
that — she’s shedding, too. – (Link) Did the owner say something?
– (Rhett) She’s shedding? (Link) Yeah, look at all the
hair on the bed. – (Rhett) Oh.
– (Link) She just ate something and now… – …it’s over.
– (Rhett) Ah, that was incredible! – (Rhett) No, now she’s gonna…
– (Link) She moved her arm. (Rhett) She moved her arm. I could
watch this forever. She’s chewing… – …on the cud now.
– We could watch this forever… – …but I think that’s another channel…
– Ok. I’ll do that later. …and it’s called
“rhettandlinkwatchdilliecam.com.” – I will be back, Dillie. I will be back!
– (laughing) – But not before, Link…
– She can’t hear us either, by the way. – Oh, she can’t?
– She can’t smell us or hear us, Rhett. – I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
– Ugh. But she can actually hear… …in real life, though. She’s not bleaf.
Bleaf! She’s not bleaf. – She’s not blind and deaf. (laughing)
– (laughing) – She’s not a bleaf deer, is she?
– Show me another cam. All right, let’s go to the pitch drop
experiment, Link. This is not quite… – …as exciting as Dillie the deer.
– Don’t sell it short. You know? (Link) Okay, it’s a… Like sands
through the hourglass of time… – …these are… the… pitch?
– Now, you may think that you’re… …watching a still image, but, as you
can see, the clock down there is moving, the second hand of the clock.
And that is not a video trickery. This is pitch, one of the most viscous
substances on Earth. – Okay.
– And they set this up at the University… …of Queensland in Australia in 1927.
And it has been slowly dripping ever since. The last drop, the eighth
drop, that fell was November 28th, 2000. And we are waiting for the ninth drop.
That’s why it says, “What’s the… …ninth watch?” Well, ninth watch is
waiting for this thing to drop its… – …ninth drop.
– Can they estimate when that ninth… …one is gonna drop? Because I wanna be
here for that. I mean, if I was here for the eighth drop, that would’ve been
amazing. I’m sure that it’s like an eclipse. People gather around the webcam,
and they’re like, “It’s about to happen!” – “Here it is!”
– I don’t know how slowly it happens… …when it starts happening. I’m sure
it’s pretty slow. But listen. Did they see it? Did they see the
eighth drop? No, the eighth drop. The eighth drop was
actually… somehow the webcam malfunctioned or something and they
missed it when it went. – Are you kidding me?
– I’m not kidding. – The whole point of the thing?
– Isn’t that what happened, Eddie? It malfunctioned? Yeah. We don’t
even have footage of it. We don’t even have footage of the drops.
You gotta wait for the ninth drop. – And then it’s gonna malfunction again!
– But good news. Good news. In case you miss the ninth drop, they’ve
done the calculations. This will be dripping the next 100 years, at least.
Soe we can see it multiple times… – …in our lifetime. That sounds fun.
– It is amazing. I mean, it puts… …everything in perspective, which is
why we should move on. – Okay.
– Because we don’t wanna put… – …things in too much perspective.
– Yes. A lot of webcams you can watch strangers.
But why just watch strangers when you can interact with them and drive them
insane? There is a webcam called drivemeinsane.com. Paul Mathis and his
wife, Gertie, put this up in 1997… – Yeah, the did.
– …in their home office. (Link) All right, here we go.
As you can see, Rhett, they’ve got… – …this screen here. That’s their office.
– (Rhett) And you can control this? (Link) Yes. You see that text bouncing
around on the screen? You can write stuff on the screen. We can try that
in a minute. – (Rhett) It’s like magic.
– (Link) The cool thing is… Let’s see if Paul and Gertie are here.
You can pan. I’m gonna pan to the right. Oh, there it goes. It takes
a second. Little bit at a time. (high voice) Gertie! Paul!
You in here? It’s got some clutter. They’re busy.
You know? They’ve got work that… – …they’re doing.
– (Rhett) Are they hiding under some… – …of the clutter? Maybe they’re hiding.
– (Link) Well, this is her desk here. – (Rhett) Maybe she’s under the desk.
– (Link) And then, if I tilt down… – (Rhett) Can you speak? Gertie!
– (Link) You can’t… speak. – (Link) Ooh! There’s the cat.
– (Rhett) Oh. (Link) Gertie has turned into a cat!
No, it’s just Gertie’s cat. (Rhett) Oh. That’s less exciting than if
she turned into the cat. But listen. Now the mission is to drive the cat
insane, Link. (Link) Okay. And you know what?
If I hit center, I can go back here. – (Rhett) Write “cats suck” on the thing.
– (Link) Okay, go over to send message. – (Rhett) She’ll get that.
– (Link) Cats… – (Rhett) Will it say it out loud to her?
– (Link) Cats stink. I don’t wanna be too… – (Rhett) Okay, cats stink.
– (Link) There’s a moderator here. (Link) I’m gonna send that.
Boom! Right there. (Rhett) Now, you gotta get her
attention so she’ll look that the screen! What do you do? How do you do it?
What do you do? How do you get her… – ….to look at the screen?
– (Link) Look, I’ve got a disco ball… – …right above it.
– (Rhett) Ugh. Missed opportunity. – (Link) Watch. I’m gonna turn it on.
– (Rhett) Turn it on. – (Link) Disco ball!
– (Rhett) Okay, now write “dogs rule… – …cats drool.” “Dogs rule… cats… drool.” (Link) I can’t — I’m so nervous I can’t
type the right words! (Rhett) You also spelled “rule”
very interestingly. (Link) And look. I can turn on this light.
Whoop! I can turn on this light. Whoop! (Rhett) Why did you spell
“rool’ that way? (Link) I can turn on THIS light.
Boop! That’s how cool kids spell it. – (Link) It rhymes with drool.
– (Rhett) Now let’s go see if the… – …cat’s responding. Let’s go see if…
– (Link) All right. – …she looks insane.
– (Link) I bet she’s been driven insane. – (Rhett) Oh, gosh. She’s gonna be just…
– (Link) It’s gonna take a second. (Rhett) She’s gonna be going bonkers.
Pan down. – (Link) Oh, yeah.
– (Rhett) Uh, okay. I don’t think… – …she saw it.
– (Link) Nothin’. Now, Gertie’ll… – (Rhett) Oh, look, look!
– (Link) She moved. (Rhett) No, see, that looked like a
disgruntled cat. – (Link) Yeah, she…
– (Rhett) That was a little disgruntled. (Link) She’s very insane. She’s very
insane. I mean, the cool thing is, you can pan all around. You can learn
lots of things like one of ’em worked at Big Lots for at least five years.
They got a certificate on the wall. – Well, that’s cool!
– They got a list of movies they wanna… …watch, including Zombieland.
And there’s lot of times that they’re actually there. Eddie saw them earlier,
and he got banned because he wrote… – …something inappropriate.
– (sputters) So, Mythical Beasts, don’t write
anything inappropriate. – Yes. Please don’t.
– You’ll be banned. Make friends… – …with Gertie. Tell ’em we sent you.
– Okay. Link. I’ve got something that is… …even more exciting than the Gertie cam,
and that is the… Sleeping cat cam, I think is
what we’ll call it. …Orchis Methodicas cam. Now,
this excited me when I heard about this, because this is the fastest-growing
plant on Earth, said to grow one inch – …every single hour. So you can…
– I’ve heard about this. …tune in and watch it and see
it in action. – Okay.
– It’s one of the rarest plants on Earth… …and this is one of the only ones
around, so let’s watch it. (Rhett) Just look very, very close
and you can see. (Link) ‘Cause it’ll move depending
on where the sun is… – …but that’s different.
– (Rhett stammering) If you look… …you start to think that maybe you’re
seeing it extend a little bit. – (Link) Did it… oh.
– (Rhett) Oh, there’s a dude coming in. – (Rhett) A chef coming into water.
– (Link) A scientist coming to water it. (Rhett) What are the chances that we
get to see this happen. – (Link) Yeah, tilt it. Oh! (laughing)
– (Rhett) Oh, what? – (Link) What’s he gonna do?
– (Rhett) He looks very concerned. (Rhett) He’s like… Oh, no, no! – (Link) Don’t… that’s not…
– (Rhett) No, chef! No, chef! – (Link) Come on. Don’t do that.
– What? Look at — oh! – That’s not how you fix it, chef.
– Ahh! – (Link) That’s not right.
– (Rhett) Hold on, can we… (Rhett) We need to call someone.
Can we call the university, whatever the university is where that plant
is to make sure that they know that the chef came and knocked it
over and then stuffed it back… – …in there? Very. very crude.
– Yes. Yes. – But they were probably watching, too.
– Oh. Right. – So they’re on top of it.
– Yeah, they got it. – It was streamed live.
– Yeah. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Andrew from New York. And this is my crested gecko,
Citrus. It’s time to spin… – …The Wheel of Mythicality!
– Have you checked out our… …Instagram lately? Man, the
stuff that’s happening’ over there! – (laughing)
– It’s worth watching. Or seeing. – Or looking at.
– Looking at. It’s not live webcam. It’s better. Click through to
Good Mythical More, where we’re gonna visit a few more live webcams,
(cutesy voice) including seeing… – …some kitties!
– (Rhett) “This just in:… – ♪ (news fanfare) ♪
– …sneezes are farts!” – (snorting with laughter)
– Bill, uh… thanks for throwing to me. I think we’re having technical
difficulties with your microphone. – Yes. (laughing)
– And you brain again. (laughing) But, this just in:
sneezes are farts. You’ve thought all along that the sneeze was the sneeze
and the fart was the fart. No distinction between the two.
Sneezes are farts. Farts are sneezes. The world will never be the same.
Hold on. I gotta sneeze. (fart sound effect) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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