5 Camping and Hike Inventions For You To Go Outdoors ✔
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5 Camping and Hike Inventions For You To Go Outdoors ✔

we’ve created the flying tent its a complete
redesign of what a hammock is you can use it with a mosquito net if it starts raining
zip up the rain cover and you will find yourself relaxing in a waterproof floating tent you
can also set it up on the ground as a bivy tent or in case you really desire to walk
out in the rain you can easily convert the hammock into a fancy rain poncho the biggest
challenge was to merge all this functions into one smart product that allows small packaging
without compromising its functionality we actually had to invent a completely new mechanism
the didn’t exist before it even allowed us to apply for a patent and it allows you
to set up the tent in just around 7 seconds at the same time unlike other tents the flying
tent fits in this tiny little bag and only weighs about 1 kilogram this makes it one
of the smartest and lightest outdoor gears that you can possibly get it consists of high-quality
waterproof materials and it comes with all kinds of useful features that make your outdoor
adventures even more enjoyable I love going outdoors staying connected with
great Mother Nature and staying connected with family and friends I love sharing my
adventures but I’ve realized that it’s really hard to get access to electricity to
stay connected outdoors so one day I came up with the idea what if we could convert
every energy resource into personal power I want to introduce you to Estream its a portable
water power generator it converts any time of running water into stored energy you can
get personal on-demand power with nothing but water energy it takes approximately 4.5
hours to fully charge one Estream which can charge up to 3 smartphones Go pros or tablet
pcs 2 times faster than charging through an outlet you can also use it as a lantern with
4 different modes even under water Estream works well even in weak current or behind
a kayak and regardless of the weather or time of day it fits perfectly into any size backpack
it is ideal for use when you enjoy camping fishing kayaking biking or any other outdoor
activities Engineered for outdoor or emergency use the
Etekcity water filter straw allows you instant access to clean drinkable water from almost
any unfiltered fresh water source including rivers lakes and tap water this is how it
works unfiltered water enters through and passes through an advanced double filtration
system comprised of a hollow fiber UF membrane and onto a bacterial carbon filter trapping
99.9 percent of water born pathogens so you can enjoy fresh safe drinking water the water
filter straw is built for wanderlust travelers featuring lightweight yet durable design so
you can easily store it in your survival kit camping gear or hiking backpack to increase
your water capacity the straw is compatible with standard water bottles and hydration
reservoirs a foldable water pouch for water drinking on the go is also included to drink
directly from the water source remove the outer cap the submerge in the water and sip
through the mouthpiece if you can’t directly reach the water source use the extension tube
to extend your reach if you are trying to drink from a more turbent water containing
contaminants simply attach the included pre-filter to the piece before siping whether you are
camping hiking or amidst a natural disaster the water filter straw provides pure drinking
water whenever and wherever

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