5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test
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5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up, everybody welcome back to my forest where safety is number one priority and today. I’m going to show you five camping gadgets lets check this out there for the first gadget. I got here let me show you Mosquito box net this what it looks like it’s brand new I just discovered this product so let’s see what this one is about This is actually the first time me opening this so I have no idea. I never used this before We’ll see how easy it is to put it up Wait what? What does the box say ? I only thought it comes with the sticks to hold it up. I’m all tangled up already I really thought it would be a lot easier to set it up like you know those homemade tents But I think I gotta use the rope to tie it up so let’s Tie this side somewhere over here Working out pretty good. So far. it’s a lot easier than I actually expected. I thought that’s gonna be really difficult So it looks like a tent almost I love how this goes through the far so I can Definitely find stick somewhere to Tie this up if i had to do it if I was camping here I probably Would do a better job. I just actually using this for the first time so I have no idea what I’m doing right now So it’s important to practice With all the gadgets that you buy Well there you go. There’s my mosquito net it’s all set up You probably want to do it somewhere was not brushes in this space, but boom look at that now I’m safe from mosquitoes And that was actually really easy to set up, and now I can make a little bed over here or set up a hammock It’s Perfect! As you can see its pretty wide and you can make it a lot taller than this I love that you got mosquito net. One thing for sure, sometimes when you unfold these things it’s really really hard to put them back in Pocket that it came in. Ideal really for bit really well, but let’s see if we can fit in anyways without folding it. are spending this a lot of time folding it, I just kind of Wrapped it up really easily Wow, that’s amazing thats actually easy Very easily back in there the next gadget. [I] need to go find water source because that’s what it used for It’s been raining a lot last couple days So I think there’s going to be a little pond or kind of puddles should be filled up with water Well, they usually there is a little puddle with water A pond whatever but it looks like it’s completely dried out So we [gotta] go find some other source of water Again, basically one right here: ‘ultra folding bucket’, 10 litres, 2.6 gallons What we’re going to do is press right here and open it up and Look, there’s even a little plastic thing that you supposed to take it off and throw it away And that’s a mini cloth bucket, wow how cool is that? In case you need to go the river to the pond and bring some water to the campsite Perfect you can use that and you don’t have to bring those big big heavy bulky buckets I like that a lot you see it’s not Spilling and it’s cloth so you can just come up to your campground, put it inside some kind of pan where you are cooking in And it’s very light weight just dry it out, fold it and its ready to go love that a lot. This gadget here is the kitchen sink, lets see what this is about. It’s a similar to the bucket, but it’s a different shape Wow look at that it actually has this metal part on it, so you unfold this and it stays like this Check this out Wow, they’re actually really easy to use Check this out, it’s pretty much work same as a bucket, but it has this Bulge on the bottom so this way [I] can wash vegetables in there, wash my hands in there, mini camping kitchen sink Love that a lot look at that And when you’re done you can just pour it out all the way And it folds back up really really small again. This is such a genius design Same way, I’m going to open this up Sun is really going down now. boom Wow check this out there is [a] pocket, and [it’s] too I think one plastic state actually this is what it looks like on the inside I wonder how you turn it on and turn it off oh. its a twist off So you twist it on and off and now we got to the most [recent] We filled it up with the water what I’m gonna do probably too much water Going still it off a little bit But what I’m supposed to do is put this [two] [states] together and twist it like one or two times and then back out put the Sparkles together and then they [split] [into] your vote to hang it over the [tea] and not gonna call another take a shower outside just To put it to the test look at that wow Sexually plenty and once you’re not you just so you feel it and you can go to go to take shower again And once you’re done you can just close it [home] just dump without when you have too much water Bucket all up and ready to go again. That’s so cool like that a lot. So we got here simple shower we’re simple packaging as you can see and as you can see this is like a showerhead bottle cup and comes with two stores One store is one color than the other one that just goes right in the middle like this So the oxygen will come into here So we won’t have the bubble then I got here too little bottle and I’m just going to put the story in [its] good off Let’s see Well, this is awesome, and now imagine to take a shower [ok] let’s put this to the test. [I] think is the best way to hold it by the cup And you see that’s actually a really good floor Oh, yeah, that’s [also] good And direction of the shower is actually not too bad. You know if [I] set myself up? And you know I can definitely push it off with this [layer] showered easily This is cool You know what comes up for me feel good well guys that’s pretty much it Let me know which gadget was your favorite and comment below a little like that shower a lot [Emma] Kitchen sink is they were awesome those are [two] my favorite. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time


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