5 EASY Travel Hacks | STOP Ignoring These Tricks… Have A Better Vacation

5 EASY Travel Hacks STOP Ignoring These Tricks…
Have A Better Vacation [0:00:00]
Pop quiz, gentlemen. What do American, Australian, and Chinese tourists all have in common? Can
you guess it? They are loved by pickpockets all over the world. Why? Because they’re easy
to spot, they usually carry a lot of valuables, and they are unaware of what’s going on around
them. In today’s video, gents, I’m going to talk
about five common problems that all travelers face and specifically I’m going to focus in
on security so that when you travel you’re less likely to become a victim.
[Music] Problem number one with most travel clothing
is it makes you stand out like a sore thumb. You know what I’m talking about. That expedition
gear, it looks like you’re going to go climb Mount Everest. You’re just flying to London,
you’re just traveling to New York, you’re just visiting Barcelona, come on, you can
dress like the locals you want a more fit in. Don’t wear those heavy big expedition
backpacks. Yes, you can fit a lot into them, but instantly
it screams this person is not from here, this person is a great target. That fanny pack,
I mean come on, yes, you’ve got it in front of you, but everyone knows that you’re just
a tourist. And that’s the biggest problem I see with travel clothing is it sends this
signal to the entire world, hey, I am not from here, so take advantage of me.
Now, all of that leads us into problem number two which is security concerns. So first up,
we talked about blending in. Don’t be wearing that travel clothing that makes you stick
out because you will be targeted. Next up, maintain a sense of awareness. Don’t be out
there getting drunk, using drugs, doing — putting yourself in that situation where you don’t
know what’s going on. Next up, be aware of the risks in your city.
There are certain cities which just have higher petty crimes. So, we’re looking at Paris,
we’re looking at Barcelona, we’re looking at Madrid, Prague, Rome, London.
Next up, know where the petty thieves congregate and what some are the common strategies are.
So, if you’re in Paris and you’re going to the Eiffel Tower, you need to understand there’s
going to be a lot of pickpockets there. Why? Because there’s a lot of targets there because
it’s enough room between people that they can run over and snatch a phone and get out
of the way and people really can’t defend themselves they’re going to be shocked they’re
going to wonder what in the world is going on.
Next up, look at public transportation. This is some place where people crowd in on your
personal space and you’re getting bumped all the time. When you’re going down into the
subway, there’s that common tactic actually someone in front of you not being able to
get in stuck there in the turnstile someone else is bumping in behind you and all of the
sudden just reaching in and grabbing your wallet grabbing your phone. Understand, okay,
if this is going to happen I need to have everything on my inside pockets, I need to
be aware of this if I’m going to sit I’m going to keep my bag right my lap.
Now, let’s talk about where to keep things on your body. So, I like to keep things in
close inside pockets, if it’s an outside pocket, all of a sudden the chance of it being stolen
is going to shoot up. The only exception to this is zippers. So, if you can find clothing
that has zippers maybe on the back pockets maybe on the, you know, pockets here on the
outside of the jacket, that is key. Now, the clothing I’ve got here is from Bluffworks
and if you haven’t heard of this company, I want you two guys to go check them out because
they have some of the most awesome clothing I’ve ever seen when it comes to security.
Just check this out right here. So, I’ve got this one inside out, they have got a hidden
pocket with a zipper on the back of the jacket right here on the flap and I can tell you
I — I would not if I were a thief this is not an area I’m going to be looking for.
You can keep your passport you can keep maybe some cash. And if their jackets weren’t awesome
enough when it came to security, you need to check out their trousers. So their trousers,
they have regular front pockets, but they’ve also got a hidden pocket. It uses a zipper
right here. You go ahead and open that up. And this is a regular sized pocket, so you
have two pockets and there’s actually a third pocket. They’ve actually have a little money
pocket in there as well, so three pockets in this right front one. There’s only two
over on this other side and, again, it’s got that zipper hidden pocket.
Now, on the back area over on the right side, they actually have just a regular pocket no
button or anything. Over on the left side, they’ve got a zippered pocket. So, if you’re
saying, Antonio, I’m not going to change my habits, I’m going to keep my wallet back here.
Well, guess what? At least you can zip it up.
Now, if that’s not enough, guys, and I really like this company if you can’t tell, their
fabrics are frigging amazing. They focus in on style which was a big deal. So many times
I see travel clothing out there and, again, it just looks like travel clothing. I am wearing
their clothing right here, right out the box. This is the slim fit, I mean I maybe need
to adjust the sleeves I could use them shorter, but I can tell that you this is great. I’m
wearing one of their travel shirts, guys. I’m linking to them down in the description.
These are amazing travel shirts. They paid attention to the small details like having
removable, you know, collar stays. This — who pays attention to this? Usually
style companies, not travel companies. So, when I saw it, wow, they actually paid attention
to the fit. They’ve got different types of fit they used actually classic patterns in
fabrics. [0:04:59]
So, they didn’t try to go with something outlandish something crazy that wouldn’t match other
things in their wardrobe. They thought, hey, let’s go with the classics things that you
can put together. They use fabrics that you can wash wherever you want. And the wrinkle-resistant
fabrics that you can throw – I could threw this into the washing machine, gents, and
I simply pulled it out and let it hang dry. It looks great, I mean this is right out of
the washing machine. So, you can wash this clothing you can – it
looks great on you. It — they’ve got a variety of different fits, they use classic fabrics
and fibers and at the end of the day, it’s secured. So, this in my opinion is some of
the most perfect travel clothing I’ve ever come across. Guys, go check them out, I’m
linking to them down in the description, an amazing company. Don’t forget to use code
RMRS for a great discount. A couple other security tactics, make sure
that you know your route. So, you don’t don’t want to walk out the hotel be holding
your phone trying to get the signal and using that as your GPS and figuring that out. Yes,
I know so many of us default to it, but what else screams? This person does not know where
they’re going, they are a target a tourist, someone could just go by and snatch your phone.
Another thing, keep as much in your hotel room as you can. I know it’s not Fort Knox,
but if you’ve got a safe in there, use it. If you don’t have a safe, then use the one
down at the front desk. Problem number three stylish travelers face,
wrinkles. Okay so first off, gentlemen, learn to pack your bag properly. By properly packing
your suit by learning to roll your clothing, all of a sudden you can reduce a lot of the
wrinkles when you pull them out of the bag. Next up, when you’re at the hotel the first
thing that I do is I grab an iron and I go ahead and prepare and iron all the clothing
that needs the iron’s attention. Be very careful of hotel irons though because sometimes
the heating setting isn’t actually correct, they can be spitting, you know, you put in
water all of a sudden it spits out a bit of rust. So, test it on something else that is
not your clothing maybe a pillowcase. And if you’re questionable about it, then actually
put a pillowcase between your clothing and the iron and that’s going to help protect
it. Now, let’s talk about non-iron clothing basically,
wrinkle-resistant clothing. Like I talked about everything here from BluffWorks is wrinkle-resistant.
I threw this in the wash and it came out looking like this. A wrinkle-resistant clothing is
where they take an organic fiber or they take basically a synthetic one and they’re designed
in a way that they’re going to instantly bounce back. At the end of the day, what you want
to do is test it try it out before you take that trip. Try that clothing and say, hey,
you know I wore this all day no wrinkles it felt great, boom, that’s a great travel shirt
for you. Problem number four for the stylish traveler
is that your clothing gets dirty and laundry is overpriced and slow in the hotel. Have
you ever tried it before? It’s like you’re only there for one day, but it take about
a two or three-day service. I mean and they send it out and they’re tripling the price.
So, the best thing that you can do in my opinion is you can find especially if you’re going
to be someplace for a couple weeks, find a local laundromat that’s within walking distance
that has same-day service and you’re going to find it’s often times a fraction of the
price. Now, let’s say you don’t have access to that
maybe you’ve only got one or two days, then for me personally I oftentimes will do some
of my laundry right there for socks for underwear for undershirts. I find that, yes, after one
wear I need to wash this. So, it’s something that I’ll just wash right in the sink using
regular soap and I always make sure that the clothing I’m taking with me can deal with
this, it’s not going to bleed we’re not going to have any issues and then I just hang it
right there in, you know, my hotel room. Understand that most clothing can be worn
multiple times before it truly needs to get washed. And in fact, you only need to wash
clothing that actually gets dirty, that’s why I love undershirts because it makes your
dress shirts last longer. The only area my dress shirts start to show dirt usually it’s
going to be in and around the collar, but no one really sees that and if I’m wearing
a tie or if, you know, it’s in that back area I can wear a shirt sometimes two to three
times before I actually and I’m talking full day wears before I have to wash it.
Now, when it comes to jackets, this is something that you’re not going to need to wash very
often unless it really get something spilt on it or gets really dirty. Oftentimes you
can simply air it out maybe you’re in a place people were smoking and then in that case
simply just take it maybe put it out on the balcony. Make sure it doesn’t fly away button
up that button or just put it in the place next to a vent, so air is just going to go
through it and it’s just going to get rid of that smell.
Now, let’s talk about different fabrics and cleaning. So, wool understand that wool does
a great job of keeping you warm of insulating heat, but when it gets wet it’s going to retain
that moisture, it’s very – it takes a long time to dry. In addition, whenever wool gets
wet it becomes basically softer, it’s more likely to tear to be reshaped, so you’ve got
to be very careful with wool and it needs time to dry out.
Now, cotton is a lot more durable. You can be very rough with cotton. The issue with
cotton though is it can take a full twenty four hours in a hotel room to dry. I know,
I’ve done it before. Now, when it comes to synthetic materials, I really like these because
they’re as tough as cotton, but they’re oftentimes going to dry in half the time.
[0:09:51] Stylish traveler problem number five, space
issues. So, the first thing is I start off with a small bag. I have traveled for a month
in a bag this size. Why go for something like this? Because I can take it on the plane with
me I can maintain it and I find the how much you usually take depends on the size of the
bag that you’re taking. Now, with that I’ll also take this other bag right here and that’s
pretty much all I need. So, what this does is it forces me to look at everything I’m
taking and to make the decision do I really need to take it.
Now, let me show you guys my laptop. I know Ryan Masters and some of my friends make fun
of me, but I have this big laptop right here, an old HP. I’ve actually got a newer one,
but it’s still the same size. Now, I could take that or I could simply take this. This
does the job. It’s an iPad. Yes, I lose some functionality I could also use this Surface
Pro which does a pretty good job as well. But, at the end of the day, you sometimes
have to make a small sacrifice. Now, when it comes to your interchangeable
wardrobe. So, you’ve heard me talk about this before, guys, always make sure when you’re
traveling and you want to travel light that you take clothing that is going to mix and
match with each other. The best thing for me is I lay out everything and I look at,
okay, if I’m going to take these pair of trousers, are they going to match all the shirts I’m
going to take are they going to match all the jackets I’m going to take. And, all of
a sudden you’ve got what? Three pairs of trousers you’ve got maybe four shirts and you’ve got
two jackets. Again, three times four twelve times two, twenty four outfits and I’m not
even including shoes here. So, when it comes to shoes, I like to actually
travel with my biggest shoe on. So, let’s say I’m going to be taking these Chelsea’s
right here, then they’re the largest shoe I’d be taking and notice I’m taking a lot
of loafers. I love traveling with loafers they allow me to get in and out of security
if I’m going to be spending time on a plane or on a train, I can simply take them off
and relax. Small things like this. Let me show you some items that you probably
shouldn’t take. Both of these shirts, I love them, but you know what? I’m not going to
take them when I travel. Why? This one is so loud that everyone’s going to remember
when — I can only wear this one time on the trip and everyone’s going to remember when
I wore it. This one right here, it takes cufflinks and it’s pretty loud. So, both of these are
just too memorable. These shirts right here, both of these are
good travel shirts, but for different reasons. This is going to be my go-to shirt when I’m
actually on the airplane around my kids. Why? It’s going to hide stains. This one is going
to be great if I’ve got a meeting. It’s light enough that I could match it with this jacket
right here and it would actually look somewhat formal.
All right, gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down the comments, what do
you think of this video, how could I have made it better. And, go check out Bluffworks,
I’m linking to him down in the description. There’s that discount code, go use it or lose
it. An amazing company. Guys, I can tell you I am going to take their
jackets with me when I travel to London I travel to Paris and I travel to Paris and
I travel tofew other places. I can tell you it’s just great-looking gear what I love about
it is it looks like wool. It actually this feels amazing, so go check out Bluffworks.
If nothing else, write Stefan and his team a nice e-mail. Just tell them you love what
they’re doing. I love seeing entrepreneurs like that come in see problems and create
an amazing product. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in
the next video. [0:13:08] End of Audio

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