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what’d it do my mood change travel to Tuesdays and today we’re talking to you about five facts about BLM yes and that does not stand for black lives matter nope BLM is a public lying where you can go fishing hiking and in our case company yes so let’s talk about the five facts about BLM’s vamanos alright so the first fact about BLM’s they’re free yes and we all know how much I love free so if you’re looking for a camping site and you want something free find a BLM land now fact number two there’s no hook ups in most BLM lands so that means that you have to get prepared dump your tanks fill your water and make sure that your batteries are fully charged that’s right you don’t want to come out of here unprepared forever how long are you gonna stay yep now fact number three is connectivity I like that very wrong connectivity I like that that rhymes anyway it’s kind of hard to have cell service because they’re so located in some deserted areas very remote so you might not have internet or any kind of cell phone service so if that is a priority for you make sure you do your reviews on the BLM lands that you’re planning a visit to see if you will have service for back number four we have location so usually BLM’s are in dancing mode as you can see for BLM has are in remote locations that that means that sometimes can be a little bit difficult to get to that BLM land so roads can be rocky they can be not paced actually most of them aren’t paved road can be rocking like rookie Rookie so I’m guessing she’s saying that it’s very much so unpaved roads yeah so you can have dirt roads gravel roads and just all-out muddy roads that are very difficult to drive through at times and you’re gonna get that shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaking my stuff and so that brings me to fact number five nature so because they are remote locations you’re surrounded by nature yes unfortunately very unfortunate for my case because that means you’re surrounded by bugs insects wildlife while the animals while people just just all-around things I don’t really want to be around at time and when it gets dark oh you know what but yeah when it gets dark you’re able to see a beautiful sunset without any obstructions or anything or in the morning you can see those beautiful sunrise it’s just your RV or your camping tent and nature no no in nighttime you hear growling animals insects just waiting to pounce on you and suck your blood and suck your blood vicious attack what could they suck fat what can’t mosquitoes suck fat instead of blood you hear me mosquitoes anyway some of our learnings that we found is that yes indeed it can be a little bit scary to be in some of these BLM’s by yourself at nighttime so what we recommend recommend is to find a group of friends or just another couple and take this adventure with somebody yeah if you are going somewhere it’s kind of desolate are really remote and it’s gonna be in the woods where you might hear the chant you might want to bring a friend along but if not definitely go to enjoy because we have some BLM’s where we just stayed on beaches now our bonus point this time boaters yes our bonus is worth to find this BLM lands so there is an app that I am absolutely obsessed with and that is Campion over there you can find all kinds of campaigns specifically BLM lands and even other free services for our viewers so I’d really recommend campi diem and free camp sites that that is not an app it’s a website but definitely a good resource to go and find what you’re looking for I am in terms of camping so do they have reviews about this camp yeah and both of them actually people go and leave their reviews so it’s good to follow some people’s advices okay so that’s what I can complain to people they didn’t tell me about wildlife animals and all those things here about you know bad roads to some bad roads people actually do say those things I just don’t tell you avoid is carrying you away from coming to this beautiful nature place to strangle you later yeah that’s going to do it for us we hope these tips and facts help you out yeah definitely give this video like if you like BLM lands and you like camping they’re like being one with nature unlike me definitely give it a like subscribe to travel more and it’s always remember to live the life you want love the life you live in travel [Music] you

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