5 months learning Thai: Vacation in Indonesia
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5 months learning Thai: Vacation in Indonesia

Hello Today I am on vacation in Indonesia. In Bali I came Here with 7 friends. And with one baby. My friends have a baby. Okay, Actually there are 9 friends. We are staying in a House. We don’t “live” here… Yeah… we are staying in this house. It’s a beautiful house. A very good house. It has… (I don’t know what I’m saying lol) Pool. It has a swimming pool. Indonesia Is very beautiful. It has delicious food. I like…. like vacationing here a lot. Yesterday We went to the Sea. We went to the beach. To go swimming. My younger sister. And My sister’s boyfriend Went to The beach. Today we will go back… go back to the beach. Go back to the sea. I want to learn how to… how to… I want to learn how to Surf. And I want to go swimming In the sea. We We like being here very much. Okay. See you later.


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