5 reasons camping is good for your health
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5 reasons camping is good for your health

Rediscover camping, here are 5 great reasons why camping isn’t just fun but also really good for you. 1. Go off grid: turn off the phone and breathe if you can’t have fun without your phone in your hand, then something has gone wrong 2. Clear your head: When you’re being constantly bombarded by phone calls, messages and emails it can be difficult to find the headspace you need to let your ideas grow. 3. Great exercise: All the treadmill running in the world, and all the weights machines can’t fully prepare you for taking on Mother Nature. Hiking and climbing are some
of the best forms of exercise there are 4. Reduce stress: With the temporary removal
of job stress and family troubles the reduction in your stress levels can feel like
you’ve just escaped a giant vice it’s a great big reset button. 5. You’ll be glad you did: Camping is good for you it’s the easiest, most rewarding way to get healthy
and make yourself feel great. Even if you just spend the night in your
back garden – do it for yourself. Campingthings.com – helping you get
more out of getting out more.

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