5 Vanlife & Camping Outdoor Essentials
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5 Vanlife & Camping Outdoor Essentials

Hey guys, welcome back to our Channel
it’s been a little bit over a month since our last upload. We got huge things
coming, we’ve been super busy this last month grinding and trying to look at the
future. Today we thought that we would talk about five outdoor essentials to make
van life, and even camping, easier. These are things basically we’ve learned over
the past two years of living in a van full time. Number one: our portable
barbecue. For a long time we used to carry around a huge barbecue and when you’re
lacking space a portable barbecue that folds up into a flat pack is an
essential. If you’re an outdoor or adventurer person sometimes we use it
for heat where we can just start a fire. The fire pit it keeps elevated off
the ground so even if you’re on grass or somewhere where only fuel fires are
allowed we can get away because it’s up off the ground and it’s a more
controlled fire which is awesome. Another sort of thing that we do as well is it’s
got a grill plate so we can we can grill all of our food and not only that the
shape of it as well is super efficient with burning timber so you don’t need to
lug around all of this firewood and you obviously sometimes in a national park
it’s not you’re not allowed to chop down firewood this sort of helps us leave
zero trace So yeah yeah the other thing is the grill has three different heights
so depending on the fire that you have and depending what you’re cooking you
can put high up or you can put it lower So number two is an axe and a shovel
so the axe of course to chop wood you can use it as a hammer if you turn it around
as well it’s very very handy we even have like a leather case so that you
know we don’t damage anything in the band let me explain it so what happens
is with an axe is obviously to sharpen in this it’s not that hard if there
doesn’t have dents in it but if you drop it or someone who doesn’t know how to
use an axe and they’re just chopping around and yeah you can hit it and it
takes ages to get that sort of age dent out so that’s why
you protect it the other thing as well you can use for an axe obviously if
there’s a tree in the middle of the road that needs to be chopped to clear it we
don’t have a huge felling axe it’s just a small forest axe but I absolutely love
it for chopping up bits of wood and splitting them and putting them into our
fire it is amazing yeah so I definitely recommend then the shell has different
uses you can use it for the toilet for example if you want to go to the toilet
and you can you need to dig dig up hole you can use it if you get bogged down
with the van to get those toys they’re stuck that’s happened to us a number of
times yeah and of course you can use it with
the fire pit to get the coals out to put it in the Dutch oven which is our number
three. This is an awesome bit of kit that I would recommend to anyone who’s in the
outdoors it’s actually really handy to cook anything from stews you can put
bread anything you can do in an oven you can cook in it and it’s also incredibly
low maintenance so one thing that’s great about obviously having a barbecue
and a an outdoor cooking is that you don’t have to wash up so much so it’s
super simple with you you just put it in the fire
yeah you just put it on the fire and then you can put the coals on top of it
and that access another so it’s a key oh yeah amazing why you just use it as a as
a pot and you don’t put the lid on it and you don’t put coals on it but what
we do is with the shovel is we shovel calls out of our fire sometimes and put
them on the ground if you want or you can put the Dutch oven on top of our
grill so there’s a number of ways depending on what you’re cooking and the
heat required but it is an awesome bit of kit yeah we can if we come home from
climbing and we’re exhausted the last thing you want to do is cook a huge yeah
so you can cut some veggies put some beans yep that’s it yeah put it into
there and then you just leave it you can go back to enjoying your beer having a
chat with whoever you’re hanging around the campfire with and literally in an
hour or you can leave it for four hours if you want more flavor and we just add
like a can of tomatoes and it is awesome in winter and you just can dip your
bread in it with so warm and lovely so Number four is our battery pack. So this
got us out thick and thin quite a number of times we’ve got a flood battery and
then there was no one around, what do you do? Well this
is just great you can turn it on hook it into the battery and then start the car
start the car yep yeah and you can also use it to charge
your phones if you want to and which I probably wouldn’t recommend because I
think your battery your car battery is more important if you flatten this
battery and you flatten your car battery you are in trouble so I would definitely
look after you having your battery pack and make sure that it is charged and
keep maintaining it make sure it is fully charged yes because that has saved
our behinds a number of times okay so, Number five is the spirit level. So the
spirit level essentially tells you if your van is flat or not so you know if
you can sleep or if you’re gonna have a hard night so what we do usually one of
us is driving and the other one has a spirit level on top of the bench top and
then we drive we move the van around until we find the best spot at least if
it’s flat or if it’s going down a little bit it’s still okay yeah going down with
obviously towards your feet so it’s actually quiet it’s actually better to
sleep that way and when it’s just sort of slanting that way so you kind of make
it work and I guess we’ve gone yet almost two years without having chucks
to chuck the wheels up the other thing about chucks is they are a dead giveaway
in a city if you see a van and it’s on Chuck’s to level the van you know that
someone’s sleeping in there so that’s why we didn’t want to have them and also
the space they take up and the spirit level is tiny yeah
it’s tiny and and I think yeah two years living in a van we never needed the
Chuck’s that works definitely and one disclaimer though our bench top has been
leveled to the vans so you need to be careful about what service you’re
putting it on you need to make sure that that surface is actually leveled to the
wheels of the van otherwise you could have a force reading it and that could
stuff could get you in trouble yep yeah and that’s basically it for the
five essentials yeah look there’s plenty of more if you have any essentials that
you find handy don’t forget to comment down below and everyone else can share
their essentials what they think that they can not survive without but yeah
these are just some sort of different ones that we didn’t
want to step on anyone else’s toes yeah and don’t forget to subscribe to our
Channel we’ll be posting more often now yep
weekly uploads are coming up, thanks heaps for tuning in guys.
see you on the next adventure

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