50 Fun Things to do in Las Vegas – Vegas Vacation Travel Guide
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50 Fun Things to do in Las Vegas – Vegas Vacation Travel Guide

there’s so many things to do in Las
Vegas it just depends on your budget so here are 50 fun things to do in Las
Vegas ranging from most expensive to least expensive with our top 5 favorite
things at the end. Here we go! number 50 HeliYoga Limitless it only costs $3,499 per person and you do get an
unforgettable yoga experience on top of the Valley of Fire number 49 SpeedVegas you can drive on
a Formula one inspired 1.5 mile racetrack and it starts at $39 to drive
from a fleet of really fancy cars or if you have an extra $12,000 you and up to
11 friends can drive around for a whole hour during the Happy Hour of Power
number 48 Dig This Las Vegas this is such a
unique experience and it just brings out the inner kid when I see their video number 47 SkyJump Stratosphere this
looks terrifying number 46 Trapeze Las Vegas the perfect
place to come after being inspired by watching a Cirque du Soleil show
number 45 Mermaid Attractions located inside Silverton casino there are three
different mermaid attractions you can go to the mermaid school looks so cool number 44 Grand Canyon tour there are
different tours you can take to the Grand Canyon you can do a bus tour you
do a helicopter tour we’re actually going to do a bus tour around Christmas
so stay tuned for our video I’ll post a link in the upper corner once it’s ready
we’ve never been to the Grand Canyon so we’re really excited! number 43 TopGolf
Las Vegas you should come here if you love golf for a premium golf experience
number 42 gondola ride in the Venetian you can take a ride on a gondola in the
Venetian either indoor or outdoor as you get
serenaded by your gondolier number 41 SlotZilla there are a lot of
zip lines in Vegas and SlotZilla’s just one of them located in Fremont Street
you can either do the Zipline way to go halfway down Fremont Street or you can
go higher on the Zoomline where you can ride super hero Superman style all the
way down to Fremont Street number 40 Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is located inside The
Mirage and you can pay to get access and pay extra for fun dolphin experiences memories of a lifetime are waiting for
you at our private oasis go from tourist to dolphin trainer in the only
experience of its kind on the Vegas Strip Experience the trainer for a day
program at Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat number 39
watch a Vegas show there’s so many Vegas shows to watch and you can find a lot of
discounts online and in your casino make sure to check myVegas to see if they
have a discount for shows number 38 LINQ High Roller take a trip on the world’s
largest ferris wheel number 37 VR Adventures you can pick
from four different adventures and you get goggles that Facebook invested two
billion dollars in developing it’s kind of funny to watch people who are doing these VR things number 36 FlowRider you can try your
hand at surfing but try not to wipeout number 35 Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck the
Eiffel Tower attraction in Paris Las Vegas is half the size of the real one
and you can pay to go up 46 stories to get an amazing view of the strip number 34 Big Apple Coaster you can add
to the experience at the New York New York roller coaster by adding on the
virtual reality experience or I love that you can get married on the coaster
like so many of the other experiences in Vegas number 33 Fun Dungeon it’s not the
newest arcade but it’s a family-friendly arcade where you can play cheap games
and try to win prizes number 32 gamble and get free drinks so when you’re sitting at a slot machine and the waitress comes around you can order
anything even alcoholic drinks and they’re free so all you have to do is
tip the waitress and for us we sat at the penny slots and you can get a lot
of free drinks this way and it’s fun number 31 house of Gaga all the little
monsters are gonna love coming here number 30 Bally’s Grand Bazaar shops there are lots of restaurants and shops in this outdoor area number 29 Coca-Cola store
and M&Ms World you can hit up both of these stores for a little fun shopping number 28 Hershey’s Chocolate World
which is located inside New York New York number 27 visit the Hello Kitty cafe the Hello Kitty cafe is located in The Park
between Park MGM and New York New York and you should definitely come here if
you’re a Hello Kitty fan Number 26 Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty if
you never get a chance to go to New York then this would be a good chance to get
a photo op with two major attractions in New York number 25 LINQ Promenade which is an outdoor area where you can see the High
Roller wheel, restaurants, and some outdoor performances number 24
visit Aria Aria is the location of one of our favorite buffets but it’s also
really pretty to walk inside number 23 Elena Bulatova Fine Art admission is free and you can see some really cool modern mixed media art number 22 Bellagio Chocolate Fountain this is the largest chocolate fountain in the world
and more than 2,100 pounds of melted chocolate go through the pipes 24 hours
a day number 21 Fiori di Como located inside
Bellagio Fiori di Como has around 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass and the
artist Dale Chihuly was inspired by a lake in Italy number 20 Atlantis
aquarium which is located inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace you can
take a nice break from shopping as the fishies and stingrays swim by you number 19 Mermaid Swims you don’t have to pay for
the mermaid attractions you can actually just go watch the mermaids swim around
and the schedule is on the Silverton casino website number 18 Flamingo
Wildlife Habitat located inside the Flamingo casino this tiny zoo is spread
out over 15 acres and you can watch them feed the pelicans twice a day number 17 the Eiffel Tower Light Show the Eiffel Tower Light Show happens
every hour on the hour between sunset and sunrise number 16 The Volcano at the
Mirage this free show happens every hour from 6 to 11 at the Mirage number 15 the Moving Statues Show also located inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace you
can watch two different ones and they happen every hour on the hour number fourteen Circus Circus Acts
you can watch world-class circus acts for free check the calendar to see who’s
performing when number thirteen Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens the displays change every season and the one that we saw was inspired by the
designer’s travels to India number 12
Via Bellagio when you’re inside Bellagio you have to stop by this high-end
shopping area where you’ll see some super fancy things like a ping-pong
paddle from Tiffany’s number 11 Fremont Street Experience watch our other video
on how you can take a free shuttle to Fremont Street you can watch a lot of
different street performers there are free concerts it’s a bit older and not as
clean as the Las Vegas strip there are quite a few homeless on Fremont Street and I wouldn’t say that all of the street performers are family-friendly number 10 souvenir shop at ABC store ABC store is a Hawaiian chain we first ran
into this store when we went to Hawaii and they have a location on Fremont
Street and they sell really cool souvenirs number 9 Hang out by the pool
when you go to Vegas you play hard and you rest hard and a lot of the casino pools
are so nice number 8 Fountain of the Gods this is located inside the Forum
Shops at Caesars and it’s something that you have to see when you go to Vegas number seven Fountains of Bellagio you
can’t go to Vegas without watching this water show number six Viva Vision Light Show the
show on Fremont Street is pretty spectacular and here are our five favorite things to do
in Las Vegas number five eat at a yummy Las Vegas
restaurant there’s so many creative decadent over the top restaurants in Las
Vegas so feel free to check out our other video number four eat a free Las
Vegas buffet Buffets in Vegas can be pretty pricey so check out our other
video on how to get a free buffet by playing games on your phone and then we
also made another video ranking the six buffets that we went to and which ones
were worth it and which ones weren’t number three The Forum Shops at Caesars Caesar’s by itself is just amazing to walk around and inside the
casino area but The Forum Shops are especially pretty they paint the
ceilings and you just feel like you go into a different world and you lose
sense of time there’s so many high-end shops here and you can see and buy a lot
of really cool stuff here number two Visit the Venetian we
thought The Venetian was the prettiest casino and if you go to Vegas you just
have to go inside it’s totally got that wow factor that you expect when you go
to Vegas it’s a bit north compared to Bellagio and Caesars but it’s totally
worth the walk the art inside is just going to take your breath away you can
go shopping in the Grand Canal Shoppes or watch people taking gondola rides in the man-made Grand Canal or you can stand outside and watch the
sunset it’s all just so beautiful and our number one favorite thing that
we did when we went to Vegas was actually getting our photo taken with 1
million dollars in cash so you can go to Binion’s which is located on Fremont
Street they have it set up in this order but you don’t have to do it this way. In
the front of the casino there’s somebody waiting by a slot machine and
they’ll say hey do you want one free spin to try to win something we’re like
ok so then you press the slot machine you see if you win and then when you
don’t they’ll give you a little flyer that has twenty dollars in free slot
play and then you head over to that machine and then they’ll let you play
these special machines it’s different from the normal casino slots and it’s a
bit difficult because you have to hit three different buttons to try to get
them all match up and you have to have a certain score but the whole point is
not really to win it is really for fun and when you don’t win the machine will give
you a free voucher that says you can go take a photo with $1,000,000 but you
don’t have to do it this way you can just go straight to the $1,000,000 booth
and say you want to get a picture they’ll tell you that it takes about 20
minutes for them to print out the photo which is basically their way to get you
to stay in the casino and play some games for us we just ended up walking
around Fremont Street we went to ABC store and did our souvenir shopping and
then we came back and look at this amazing photo it’s a million dollars in
cash I mean how often do you get a photo opportunity with that much cash and then
they’ll give you a copy for each person in your party which is really nice
because even if you have four people in your party they’ll print out four high
quality photos for you so hope you enjoyed this video and found some fun
things to do in Vegas! please don’t forget to like and subscribe! see you guys next time!

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