50V50 and NEW MAPS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
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50V50 and NEW MAPS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

Bravo six Dylan Derek, what’s up guys? This is Captain Price and welcome back to modern warfare. I think for today I’m just gonna be playing some random stuff on modern warfare and talking about the game and also about the fact that I’m currently growing The captain price beer and yes, I still do have the classic beanie, but right now I’m wearing a music beanie. Check it out But anyway, I wanted to make this video to talk about the current state of modern warfare I have played copious amounts of modern warfare over the weekends. I’m currently like officer rank 57 I reached max rank I mean, there’s something dude in here is level 71, which is crazy But yeah guys I’ve played a lot of modern warfare and I wanted to talk about the current state of the game because no matter where you go On the internet. There’s the same complaints as the same topics being talked about. Let me know if this sounds familiar There’s too many campers. There’s too many claymores. Yeah, the maps are terrible. Does that ring a bell at all? They seems to be some of the most common most typical complaints with the game. I mean look, we got a claymore right there Try to c4 that gets on the back for the most part it really does seem like the communities on the same page everyone kind of feels the same way about these different topics clan wars pretty Much just need to nerf. I’m not exactly sure you can do about camping You have to try to dance edifies camping Which is gonna be pretty difficult in this game since you can mount your weapon on certain objects And you can lean I mean people are gonna tends to play pretty passively in camp I do think we’re juicing the damage of claymores could help this because you know It is a campers favorite tool people love to camp to throw down claymores to watch their back You know, that’s just what they do. If you nerve claymores, maybe people would camp a little bit less We just after what you see but what you also have to do is try to incentivize people to rush and run around I think A select change that would be good to make it is not penalize people for putting like sights on their guns pretty much any site That you put on a gun reduces your ats-v, and I think it’s just kind of an unnecessary trade-off You know by putting glimmers and camping aside. A lot of people are also talking about the map design Everyone seems to be praising it as the best map design ever made in the Call of Duty game what I’m serious with my face Out looking serious enough. They’re not looking serious enough. How do I get a double their? Camping that hard I guess Oh Come on clink, wha Pete, you know, you want to give it to me. Where are you guys? I couldn’t find it for without joking aside A lot of people have some choice words about the maps as far as much for the career maps I don’t think they’re all bad. The only map I play that seems to produce a very consistently terrible experience as pickle tickle I don’t know exactly. What’s a call I think it’s called Piccadilly But I like calling it pickle tickle that map is basically just a giant circle with tons of buildings to camp in I can see Why everyone hates it it is a really nice looking map and it provides that sense of chaos in the campaign I’m not gonna spoil anything there, but it is a really cool map Does it play well a multiplayer about really please stop my vision? I don’t like playing it that much I’m so close with advanced with the Advanced movie. Oh my god. This will be so good in hardcore. Is he? He’s up there white, okay Wait, I got you ranked a level two. What happened Oh, what did I do? Can’t say anything about the maps guys I’m just kidding. I think it’s because of the officer rank thing There are some issues with the UI Infinity Ward gave us double XP and double weapon XP on Sunday for five hours It was really random I’m glad that they did it cuz it helped me rank up a lot and get a lot of attachments but there’s definitely something really Weird like glitched out things with the UI Shenzhen goes for the weapon levels. I have this are tiny shotgun I like level 19 But sometimes that will just say level 1 and we’ll still have all of my attachments but it says it’s at level 1 I don’t know if it did recently released a new patch overnight. Maybe they fixed it. I’m not exactly sure We haven’t gotten any patch notes yet. So we don’t know what is fixed. And what’s not Yeah, I’m gonna go into a private match so we can take a look at all of the maps at the private capture event We played Anya Palace we did 32 versus 32 and I’m pretty sure this map is made for 64 player modes But there was an issue with spawn trapping So I think they pulled that and now when you go to play this map, you played 10 versus 10 Which is way too slow for how big this map is our club peak you play that in 10 – v10 it’s still kind of Slow it might be a little too big for 10 vs. 10 the cave map can be okay. It’s mostly played in 66 It’s still kind of big though for 66, soo Freddy’s bridge is made for 10 versus 10 and I think even 20 versus 20 Maybe I’m not exactly sure if I have that right, but it’s okay, you know It’s it’s definitely a sniper map browser rates kind of the same way, except that’s even bigger I would love to play 6p6 on Gulag showers It would be absolute chaos and a lot of fun But I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen under might be one of my favorite maps in modern warfare It plays the most like a lot of like a classic call duty maps It has a pretty good flow to it But you know, there are some spots that can be kind of campy But that’s just kind of the direction they take in with a lot of the modern warfare maps They made them a lot more open. Same thing. Pretty much goes for Hackney yard It’s one of my favorite maps to play in 66. We’re not gonna talk about pickle tickle. Oh my god Let’s just give it this map should have never happened for multiplayer where Mazda is okay? it’s a little big for 66 and there’s definitely a lot of power positions that can be really hard to disrupt people from sometimes they can play well and sometimes it’s just a camp fest and it’s Terribly boring then you have Petrograd. This one is very campy as well and then stack is gunfight There’s a lot of gun fight maps by the way, and unfortunately for some reason we can’t see the ground war maps We can’t see quarry and we can’t see district in private matters I would love to be able to explore and play those maps in private match But at the time I’m recording this video we can’t do anything about it now I did see something pretty cool on Twitter about 50 vs. 50 coming to a brand new mat If I’m not mistaken, I think the map is gonna be called train station and it’s gonna have support for 50 versus 50 Which is huge so that should be pretty cool What I personally think is the biggest issue with modern warfare right now is just the lack of map variety I can’t speak on gun fight too much because it’s not something that I really play when it comes to multiplayer Especially 6p6 there needs to be more map variety and I think this is why so many people are asking for new multiplayer maps already whole duty modern warfare pretty much just came out and people are already asking for more maps and I’m pretty sure it’s because most of The maps are like medium sized and they’re large size and they play out relatively slow I don’t think it’s quite to the pace that a lot of people want I personally have no idea when we could be expecting new maps for modern warfare But I think a lot of people just want some smaller and medium to small sized maps I’m pretty sure a claim or number two is gonna be happening not exactly recording for it But I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen as far as it goes for future multiplayer maps I think it would be a really great idea to have some smaller maps and thankfully they’re all gonna be released for free So I don’t have to worry about buying them. Everyone’s just gonna get some new free maps, which will be great It might be a little soon to be asking for brand new maps But to knows there’s always the possibility that Infinity Ward’s gonna drop a lot of free new content Fuck you just sing a corner, dude Fuck dude Oh supposed to be for the corner camper. I love Dom gunrunner, but this is so campy. Only Christ So why don’t we not have a look how close that is But I do just want to say that by and large. I really am enjoying modern warfare a lot right now Oh Nope. Oh, no. I’m a dwarf II. I thought that was gonna be so slow But God there can’t be so hard even though I’ve had my fair share of terrible lobbies where people are camping all over the place I’m dying to like 50 claymores in one match I still had some really good games. And as far as goes for quad feet with every gun, it’s almost done I’m really trying not to spoil anything, but I will say one thing there’s only two guns left to hit quad feeds with and it’s not these to keep all they got Well, that’s our real sin wait, isn’t that anyone I can’t tell Another wheel sin how they keep beating wheel spins. I’m talking wheels. Welcome. We are leaving I am pretty aware of the fact that a lot of people have strong opinions about modern warfare and how they think the game should actually go there’s obviously a lot of opinions about Camping and claymores and things like that the map sizes and even though I also fucking hate the camper so much in modern warfare I mean it is still really early and we have to see how the games gonna progress who knows we could end up getting a Lot of like new small maps maps that aren’t as campy don’t have as many like levels Maybe we’ll get more three lane maps that are a bit more basic in form We’re just got to wait and see the game’s multiplayer hasn’t even been out for a week yet So let’s just chill a little bit play for what it is and try to enjoy it as much as we can And I’m great I don’t think so what it’s ranked 55 already ranked 55 don’t spoil my feed for that shit Oh Now white Oh Or no, I just like this shotgun I want to hit more stuff with it Klingon up, why is that guy learning how to climb a ladder? What’s Of course, they just spawn right there three of them I’m choking these Clips so badly, this is terrible as far as it goes for major decisions for the multiplayer I really do just want Infinity Ward’s to kind of take their time with it and not do anything too rash And I know that’s not necessarily what a lot of people want. They want Infinity Ward make changes and then want them now I don’t want this to come across as me being like the person who’s camping with claymores and you know has nothing bad to say About the games. That’s not my playstyle at all You’re never gonna see me just fucking leaning against a random surface mounting my gun camping and watching a certain Lane That is not me at all I’m sure if there were patient and we give it time and we give infinity where our feedback in a pretty constructive way that we’ll Get some good changes. Oh My god dude, if you got a million dollars every time you died from a claymore we’d all be billionaires For go I’m gonna be one Oh no legal time You took all the kill he got a quad that could’ve been might have been so easy I have such bad luck when I’m recording but then when I’m just casually playing I hit crazy stuff Yes trashing his clients Agony’s Kim. Look Look at these guys can’t pick. What is this? I hate watching people camp. I will team kill my teammates all day There we go Come on I’m still surprised that hardcore doesn’t have a ricochet yet. I still just feel like hardcore plays better out Oh, I still feel like oh Hello Fucking commie first the play of the game was him taking this quad feet away from me. It was Sol ready Well, he got it from that range, holy shit I don’t even think he meant to how bad no but as far as it goes for trying to nerf campers and nerve claymores and Get ricochet for hardcore it’s gonna be a while until we see these changes and there is always the chance that infinity war is just gonna do nothing about It and the game is gonna stay the same I think it’s gonna be really important for us to just voice our concerns and give them feedback without telling them Even though there’s things in this game that drive us crazy You still have to type complete sentences and try to make sense. And with that being said, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed call 2d campers paradise if you guys did enjoy this video and you want infinity war It’s a nerf claymores nerf camping and add more Maps. Make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later I’m pretty sure this game is always made me lose my voice


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