7 ADHD Friendly Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Awesome
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7 ADHD Friendly Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Awesome

Hello Brains! I’m at Niagara Falls! Aaand I’m back. Research has shown that vacations can increase
happiness, improve relationships, decrease burnout, increase creativity and productivity and even
make it more likely that we’ll get a raise. but for those of us with ADHD, they can also
be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, often negating the positive effects they’re
supposed to provide. This is especially true when half of us don’t
even stop working when we’re on vacation. …It’s really hard to turn it off. If you, like me, struggle with vacation…ing… Here are 7 tips for creating an ADHD-friendly
vacation that’s actually relaxing: According to research, most of the positive
effects of taking a vacation actually come from anticipating it. Which meeeans we can start getting the benefits
of taking a vacation just by planning one. Bonus — planning ahead of time means there’s
less to stress about (or realize you forgot) once you’re actually on vacation and supposed to
be, you know, relaxing. There are lots of ADHD-friendly vacation planning
tips on the interwebs, but a few of my favorite actually came from you:
Use an app like TripIt to automatically manage your itineraries, Create a flexible schedule for each day so
that you know what to expect but still have room to be impulsive; Obsessively research options ahead of time,
and accept that you won’t have time to do all of them; And figure out any “must do’s” in advance. And, of course, listssssss! These are especially important for packing. Speaking of which, you can check out my video
on packing tips here! It’s really hard to enjoy your vacation
when you’re stressed out about how much food costs seriously this poutine was like
10 bucks. Luckily, that was in Canadian which is only
like 7 dollars in the U.S., and visiting Niagara itself is totally free! Between exchange rates, unexpected expenses
and unexpected ATM fees, it’s really hard to manage money while we’re on a trip, even
a short one — so it’s helpful to make a list of possible
expenses (and how we’re going to pay for them) before we travel. This, by the way, is why all-inclusive resorts
and cruises can be a really great for ADHD brains. Almost everything is paid for by the time
we get there, and if we do run out of money we still get to eat. Once you figure out how much the trip is going
to cost, add like 25% to be safe, and then check out this budget tracker that one of
the brains made! It’s designed to make budgeting easy and
to help you save up for big expenses. If it’s too late for that, don’t worry,
it can also help you figure out how to pay off those credit cards when you get back. Celesmeh, thank you. This is amazing. This is something fairly unique to ADHD brains
— relaxation isn’t as easy as finding a beach chair and turning off our cell phones. To relax, we often need to find the right
*balance* of stimulation — enough that our brains don’t get restless
and decide to start a new project or pick a fight with the nearest sibling,
but not so much that we get overwhelmed or can’t chill out. The right level of stimulation is gonna look
different for everybody, so work with your brain. if you need to be surrounded by nature to
relax, do it — if the idea of being stuck in the woods with
no reception horrifies you– maybe bring a Hotspot. If you’ve got high-stimulation activities
planned, make sure to also schedule some down time. If you’re in a group situation and you don’t
have a lot of control over what’s happening, make sure you have a way to increase or decrease
stimulation as needed. For example, if everyone’s headed to the
beach to relax, bring a frisbee — and also sunglasses and earplugs. Or headphones. Or both. Things that have gone wrong on my vacations
(not a complete list): I was stuck on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge
for 3 hours. I made it, but my luggage didn’t, and I spent
most of my trip looking for a new swimsuit. In Cancun. My flight got delayed due to maintenance issues
and I got stuck overnight in Detroit. I wore rainboots and they were definitely
not necessary. On top of unforeseen circumstances, ADHD brains
tend to forget things and lose things, and our symptoms are worse when we’re outside
of our normal routines. So, pretty much just expect something to go
wrong. Consider it part of the adventure. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like
me, try including “something goes wrong” on your vacation checklist. But also, you know, pack the important stuff
like meds in your carryon, bring extra chargers and make sure you have
cash or a credit card on hand for emergencies. Actual emergencies. The whole point of taking a vacation is so
we can step away from the stressors of everyday life and come back recharged. which is really hard to do if we don’t actually
step away from them. Of course, not doing the thing can be just
as stressful as doing it if we can’t get it off our minds, and coming back to a giant pile of tasks can
send us hurdling right back toward burnout. So it can help to schedule absolutely nothing
the day before your trip so that you have time to wrap up anything that absolutely has
to get done. Then, if stuff pops up you hadn’t thought
about, you can put it in the “parking lot” a page in your notebook, or somewhere else
where you can throw things you think of while you’re on vacation and worry about them
later. If you really don’t have a choice and you
have to work on your trip because I don’t know, you’re also making a YouTube video or keeping your Instagram updated, set some boundaries around when and where
so it doesn’t bleed into every activity. Both with the people back home —
are you going to be reachable or not? Doooo they need to feed your cat. As well as anyone who’s on the trip with
you. If you and your travel companion(s) are expecting
different things, at least one of you is going to be disappointed. Even if you agree on activities, you might
have different ideas of things like how long is reasonable to drive in one day. You can reduce conflict and therefore unnecessary
stress by negotiating this stuff in advance. Finally, Jumping right back into work when we get home
significantly decreases a vacation’s positive effects — as well as the odds that we’ll actually
empty out that suitcase. So when you get back home,
take a day or two to ease back into your routines, do laundry, and get settled, even if that
means taking a shorter vacation — Turns out, the length of the vacation doesn’t
matter nearly as important as how relaxed we are when we head back into work. That’s 7 tips for an ADHD-friendly vacation,
I hope you found them useful — What are some vacation tips that work for
you? Let us know in the comments down below
or add to the pinned post on Twitter so we can expand this amazing ADHD tool box! Because none of us should have to travel alone. Unless we want to. Thank you to my Brain Board and all my Patreon
Brains for making visiting waterfalls and eating poutine part of the most amazing job
ever — Like, subscribe, click all the things and
I will see you next episode — stuff you can get delivered to make your life easier. Bye brains!


  • How to ADHD

    Hey Brains! Check the description for the link to the budget tracker, and yeahhh we totally misspelled Niagara Falls oops. Hope the tips are helpful tho! Add your vacation tips here!!!

  • Gareth Street

    Sorry I bailed from the Tribe and being a patron. Im way to unstable to be a valuable member the community. Maybe when I start my meds finally, if my life isnt trashed or brain doesn't burn out first I will return.

  • I'm Urt

    This video is perfectly timed for me, because me and my friend just started to organize a trip to a celtic festival.
    I'll try to follow this advices, thank you very much!

  • BumblingLiss

    I just started backpacking for a year, and glanced over at my… Somehow multiplying luggage, and realised how much I needed this video. This will help me every time I move to a new destination (around every two days)

  • Brandy Roady

    I have been planning a small vacation for my son's birthday. Something that I have done is researched hotel costs and gas costs. I think I figured out it would be like $1105 for the trip so, I rounded that to $1500 to equate for anything extra that might happen. THEN I took that amount and divided it by how many weeks until our trip, so I can set aside a small amount every week. I also make to-do lists for packing and things that need to be done BEFORE I leave. Such as making sure the thermostat is set or calling our electric company to let them know we will be out of town and to call our emergency contact. Thanks for another great video!

  • Megan Polaski

    I’m literally packing for vacation today and leaving tomorrow, this video came at the perfect time! It’s too late for some of this stuff, but I definitely still feel a lot better knowing it so that I can work it into my plans as best I can

  • Phillip w

    I've been told to use incognito so cookies don't say you're looking and the prices rise when shopping for flight/hotels

  • raph009

    3:15 OMG!!! YESS!! I always look for the next thing and next thing and… next thing to go to or to do and what's next, but never stop (or almost never do) except to grab some coffee (or tea) at some place and my bf doesn't really seem to understand this either. After a month on vacation, I discovered that even my "unlimited supply" of energy could run out. 🙁 Like, those amazing places that I was sooooo looking forward to go were a pain in the butt at this point. -__-

    I also tried itineraries for the first time on the advice of my cousin and, although really helpful at some point, I've also learned that I should use them in absolute necessities (or if the benefits outweigh the down sides). –______– Still, I would not exchange my brain for a neurotypical one lool

    4:05 We experienced this (my bf, for the first time) on our 1-month vacation. We rented 2 Airbnbs and ended up having minor issues with both of them: one had no parking available (we found a spot a bit further than expected, but it was crucial for us) and the other one forgot to leave the keys in the mailbox, so we had to find a hotel room close to midnight. That was pretty much my philosophy (I already experienced it as a kid, so no big deal lol), but my bf was a wreck and absolutely wanted to stick to his plans. (He's not quite flexible…)

    I'll try your advices for my next trip… in a month!! 🙂

  • Thessalin

    Awww, pupper pouter. =(
    I lose my charger at least every two trips. I even have a check list which has "MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ON A CHARGER BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!" because I loose them and end up at the hotel at 2 AM with a phone at 2% and no charger.
    And yes, lists are so amazing!

  • Derrick Claar

    Perfect timing for this video! Thank you so much for posting it along with the tools and widgets to make things work. You rock!

  • Sara Felix

    Hahaha! LOL! This covers exactly every reason why I avoid vacations… I guess there's no excuse now. 😅

  • berlineczka

    1) If you're going to a destination with dozens of attractions, make an A-list of places to visit, a B and maybe a C. This way you'll see everything that's important but also have some wiggle room in case some museum is closed or took you less or more time than anticipated.

    2) Pick a travel guide and let it "decide" what to see, where to eat and where to party. Lonely Planet are great, and so are Merian's (there may be others I do not know but are good, too!).

    3) Once you have your list and your guide, check which sites have free entry on which days. Often these are different days and if you plan wisely, you can save a lot of money that you can then spent on pleasures, or on 'not overspending' (once I managed to visit 3 museums and the royal castle in Madrid for free just by planning by free entry days, and could spend the saved money – some 60€ – on restaurants and other pleasures). You can then make a flexible "puzzle" with the other paid activities on the other days or hours.

    4) Consider buying a city pass for 2, 4 or 6 days (or whatever you destination offers, depending on the length of your stay and the number of attractions included that you want to visit). It will shorten the time you spend waiting in lines, save you money on the entry tickets, make some planning decisions for you (as you will want to put all the sites included in the city pass to be visited during the validity of the pass). In some cities it even works as a public transport ticket! (which again saves you money and the trouble in figuring out which ticket you should buy – or worse, the money on a penalty if you are caught without a valid ticket).

    5) If you are travelling with several people and/or using various currencies, use the Splitwise app. All can enter their spendings they made in any currency, and the app keeps track of how much who owes whom. Less potential for fights over money.

    6) Consider having a wishlist of stuff you'd like or need (e.g. in your phone or journal) and dedicate separate budget for that (which you won't spend on general vacation budget). If you need e.g. a new summer dress or shoes, and you have time to visit shops, do so on your vacation. Buy things you love on your destination, if this is something you were planning to buy anyway. This way you have a personal souvenir from your vacation that is actually useful – and likely a thing that you wouldn't buy at home, as there may be stores you don't have at home.

    7) Oh, also: in the EU while you need to have some ID with you all the time, it doesn't need to be the passport or even the original document. Bring a copy of you passport and have it in your purse, while your passport is kept save in the hotel's safety deposit. Or use your driving licence instead.

  • Mel B

    I cannot believe you're in your 30s! You look sooo young! You're just so cute and I love how you relate to people in your videos. We ❤ you Jessica!

  • Nathan Colburn

    My problems are the weekends. Is anyone else like this?
    It seems like I'm always starting the week off on the wrong foot and I think it's the weekends to blame because those are the days I don't do routines because routines are hard work for me and I NEED A BREAK GOSH DARN IT!!!
    Anyway, I doubt anyone reads this to the end but what to you do to make your weekends work for you rather than against you.

  • AA Productions

    I don't know man, when I go somewhere I just go wherever they tell me to. I don't know about lists, and bills, and paperwork, and planning, and all the things that make stuff happens. That was never my department as a kid, and apparently I'm still a kid. I just go with it, whatever and wherever, and enjoy the moment.

    I also like to travel as light as I can. (If I can get something there, or if they have something that will work just fine, then I don't need to bring it.)
    I also have no expectations in life. My happiness is not dependent on achieving something or getting something/somewhere. I'm happy because I choose to be, that's it. I was even happy when I was sad! Hard to explain that one. I do with what I have. I don't expect any specific outcome, I don't feel like life owes me anything. Life doesn't care about me, it's just life, it has no conscious.

  • Mad Scientist

    Get to the airport early!! Like… SUPER early cause you will forget something like… passports! Having a lot of time before your flight is good

  • enname mori

    On holiday with my favourite brain on road trip – after 26 hours of driving (and seeing things) car died at 1 am in SLC, got it dropped off at place, rapidly hired car, continued driving to event, slept, saw concert, greyhounded back and entertained entire bus between us. Slept for few days and chilled out laughing at it all. Madcap, but fun. Key points? Budget for emergencies, stick to allocated driving times, make the most of things going wrong. It will all be okay.

  • klhpensil21

    We're going to Canada this summer, and I've been so anxious about how it will go! Thanks for these. I've used several of these in the past… Like lists! I make very detailed lists before travelling, and it helps so much. I end up only forgetting two or three things. 😉

  • Luxurio Music

    I just went to Spain for a week and due to a rollercoaster of bad memory and bad timing (forgot to pick up friday, too busy saturday, closed sunday and closed for bank holiday monday (woo…)), was unable to get my stimulant medication which ran out a day before I traveled. Cue me essentially sleeping for a week while my friends go exploring the town. 😛 Thankfully it's somewhere I go rather often so I didn't feel like I missed out too much.

  • Lucie Van Hove

    What I find tot be helpful is to have a Sense of routine on holiday. For me this is the way my luggage is packed, I know always exactly where everything is in my backpack.
    Also, Remember that things going wrong are the best stories when you come back!

  • Simon T

    Scheduling "something goes wrong" in the itinerary has actually just blown my mind 🤯 this is going to transform how I plan holidays!!

  • cairos naobum

    Microdosing LSD is treating ADHD. Check out Dr. Fadiman's Protocol for Microdosing. Psychedelic science is the Revolution in the Mental Health Science. Psychedelics are The Storm !

  • scratchedcornea

    Clean your home BEFORE you leave!! Nothing like coming home from vacation to the sink full of dishes you forgot about and adding your vacation clothes to the pile of dirty work clothes you left behind.

  • Jessica Ho

    I am a brain, and my husband is a heart. He used to OCD plan vacations until I asked him to just let me plan a trip with no itinerary. I mean, seriously, we'd get back and I'd need a day or two of rest before getting back to work just to recover. Once he relented, and I planned our trip- with ZERO expectations of doing anything (except laying on the beach!) he's never gone back. Now, he looks forward to just relaxing and spending time with me and our kids. 🙂 Just got told to plan our next trip in July earlier today. <3 Relax- that's the whole point! 🙂

  • Jake Cini

    This is great, I have been travelling for last 7 years, and now have visited all Disneys/Universal studios except Paris. When I started I planned everything months in advance, and like you said, the planning is part of the adventure. researching things to do, costs, booking. I found it better to book all activities and prepay as much as you can. I use travify as my itinerary and I share that with family so they know my plans. I use klook to pre buy discounted tickets to theme parks, airport shuttle, wifi, meals, cruises, tours, etc.
    I found pre-paying as much as you can saves the stress of worrying if you go over budget.

    Take a prepaid travel card and deposit your spending money. Get on that accepts multiple currencies and then you can convert daily so you get the best deal. I use qantas cash or velocity wallet. Also as the card is not attached to your bank account, if it gets stolen they dont have access to further funds.

    Have a translator on your phone. I have been to China a few times and Japan. Translator has come in handy.

    As ADHders we love stuff out of the box, so look up things like festivals, red carpet movie events, holiday traditions, even volunteer.
    I volunteered to DJ at Palm springs pride a few years back and built a trip to the us around that. This was an amazing experience.
    I had another hollywood visit during halloween and found they played an anniversary event of Nightmare before xmas at the el capitane theatre. Again something to experience that you cant always do.

    As ADHDers I think we always look for something unique in life, so think of other cool ways to enhance your trip. Another thing I do is get a tattoo wherever I travel,. They are like my postcards. Plus I always get at least 1 printed photo for my photo wall.

    Oh and be prepared to get frustrated. Different cultures have different habits. Chine is the worst for me because I can't stand it when people invade my personal space of push in lines. I have learnt to just use my hand signals to say wait your turn….or I just let loose!!!
    Have fun everyone! Travelling is by far the best life experience!

  • Shelly Star

    The last vacation I took, I wrote a list but I also had to pack for my daughter. Thus, I ended up not packing important medication. This year, I plan on making the list but making sure I check off each and every thing, including each and every medication. Fortunately, my daughter is older and doesn't want to come with us. Thank you for this video – very helpful.

  • The Sass Cat

    My tip have someone that will MAKE you double check that you have everything before leaving your very special and irreplaceable comfort item behind………

  • Jeff Lynam

    Hi Jessica, I don’t know if I have ADHD or not for sure, but I looked up the symptoms and they’re all what what I’m going through as described and I have listened to a couple of your things, it sounds like it makes sense for me. I am almost 30 years old, I have had probably 50 jobs at least, just a guess. I either keep getting fired or I quit thinking that something else would be better. I feel like I have messed my life up completely when it comes to trying to get a good career. People have always thought I was weird and not the social norm if that makes sense. But I know that I can’t deal with this with a clear head anymore. I need help and jumping from job to job has hurt me trying to get insurance to be able to see a doctor. I don’t know what to do. I’m not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me, I’m just crying out for help. I have had people tell me to just get out of my own head and deal with it, but apparently they don’t understand what’s going on. I am socially awkward, when I get around somebody and my real self comes out, they think differently of me than they would others. I don’t know what to do. But I’m going to continue watching your videos and subscribing to your channel so that I can see if there’s a way that I can be happy in life and be successful.

  • GeckoVr

    Please make a video on adhd and texting: idk if it’s just me but texting is like the most stressful thing cause of how much time you have to contemplate what to say and the effects of what you say when you over think or don’t think at all

  • amelia

    hey (: idk if u will see this but i basically have suffered from most adhd symptoms since i can even remember and now more than ever but my parents aren’t at all the type to take their kids to the doctors and they’ll just tell me to deal with it but i don’t wanna get old and finally realise all this time i could’ve had help with it if i’d done something about it so what do you recommend i do? (:

  • Thea Sukuvara

    I love your videos, because my little sister who has ADHD, and I found your chanle because I wanted to learn what I chod do to help, but something I actually like is that my sister wants my attenson, but i dont hawe the energy that i need to plese her, and then she gets angry, and then i dont know hwat to do but then she hates herself, and comes to me hwit tears and want to just sit at my lap, hwat can i do betther?

  • Linda Tidwell

    I go crazy packing. I want to pack everything. Overthinking everything I could possibly need. Any help for me and packing?

  • SuperDrummerJay

    Nice choice of vacation spot! Wish I had known you were going to be in this area. Honestly, one great part of a vacation is getting to see places and things. Its more of an "agenda driven" vacation. Its easier, for me anyway, to go see and experience things, than just "spend time at the beach". A good idea for people who are going somewhere to see specific things (aka Niagara Falls), is to connect with friends and locals near the area beforehand. They can give you ideas about places to see, tourist traps to avoid, best times to go to avoid crowds, and side trips to see things you hadn't thought of. (You totally should have come down to Letchworth State Park!) If I plan a trip to an area I've never been to, I try to connect with some people through a common interest (fellow ADHD'ers, car clubs, geocaching clubs). They can be a great resource, both for planning, and once you get there. Also, if anything happens, its nice to have someone to reach out to that knows their way around the area. If you are driving somewhere, having a GPS (that isn't on your phone) can help navigate, even without a cell signal.

  • Alejandro Valdes-Carletti

    Omg I can’t believe you were in Niagara Falls!! I live by there and work as a server at Ruby Tuesday on Clifton Hill, I wish I could’ve ran into you so I can tell you how much you’ve changed my life 😭

  • pander014 0

    I think I might have adhd but I’ve never been diagnosed and my parents have never mentioned it. I have a lot of the symptoms especially the innatentive ones but I feel like if I brought it up they would just say I’m forgetful and I don’t like paying attention. Should I ask them about it??

  • robert Silvestro


    Have you heard this song yet? Pretty perfect for me. If I messed it up it's imagine dragons love is a Polaroid. My cousin sent it to me after I sent him one If your videos. I loved him even more for understanding me. Hope you enjoy!

  • saphira122 mimi

    Can you have adhd but still get good grades??
    I tend to space out in class, or in conversations, or in driving lessons (thats a real issue). I get good grades without studying a lot because i like learning, but its really hard for me to start studying, and when i do, i take forever to do it. I have always felt like i am too slow doing everything and i just dont get why other people arent like that…but i get good grades, soooo…
    I am afraid of not having ADD and the problem being just my personality……

  • Shawn Herbold

    If I stay anywhere for 4 or more days, I unpack into the dresser and/or closet if there is one. Otherwise, my suitcase looks like a bomb went off and I have a harder time keeping track of my belongings.

  • Correctrix

    Hahahahhaha, I haven’t had a holiday since maybe 2008. If I had the money to stop for a moment, I’d surely be less stressed!

  • Talia Rose

    If you travel internationally, make sure your medication is legal! Nothing worse than getting to your destination and having customs take your meds and possibly detain you 😳

  • kennytieshisshoes

    Have any recommendations on taking your meds on the go, while traveling? About to go on a trip and while I am find with my morning meds, its the afternoon I could use help with.

  • Jocelyn Malone

    If I stop doing all work while on vacay , it will take me a month to get back to doing my work. I’m self-employed so that’s a problem if it takes me that long to adjust.

  • Jade Auburn

    This is great! I don't have adhd but my husband does and having at least one day after vacation to calm down is so important! Also making a list of what we want to do/see and making an easily adjustable schedule around those activities has helped a lot.

  • Jon Shipman

    Split driving travel into multiple days. We split a 10 hour drive into two days and the stress was significantly less than squeezing all that into one day.

  • Raymond Storm

    I just saw you on Monk!!! You never told us you were on an episode of Monk!! You make a great cashier!!!!!!

  • Michal Moneta

    Just got my diagnosis today (I’m 25 years old) and your channel really helped throughout the entire process!! It’s amazing how emotional it is to know that I’m not “just lazy” and am not alone. THANK YOU!

  • Dr. Sid

    Me.Jess, do you like take an 1 hour to read over your comments?


  • Ciara Whiting

    Can you please do a video on how ADHD changes with age so from childhood to adulthood because I get so many people saying the symptoms change at different stages of life but everyone says different things, and I’m 17 and still hyperactive most of the time so it would be great for someone to confirm how that all works!

  • Mark Michell

    I have that flavor of ADHD that combines with dyslexia so in my eyes what you're doing on YouTube is so impressive. There are very few people with ADHD that are as courageous as you are. Because of people like you I'm going to stay in the game, continue the struggle, Keep On Keepin On. The contribution you are making to other BRAINS is incalculable. Thank you so much!

  • Tony Hunt

    LOL I was in Niagara Falls last month for two weeks. 😉 Awesome place. There are a TON of other good spots there if you decide to go again 😉

  • bassel monzer

    Heyyy!! Jessica thank you so much for spreading awareness on ADHD would you kindly make a video on defiance and denial? Do ADHD tend to deny facts and mask themselves and also do exactly the opposite out of defiance? Bring up such a video…

  • HeyJude2018

    ****LOOK!!** I was diagnosed with ADD a few weeks ago. Today I was prescribed Ritalin. I used to abuse Adderall so my wife is guilting me about taking the Ritalin. Any advice?

  • Amin Kashefee

    Hi. I diagnosed with adhd recently and I'm in iran. Here, there are lots of advertisements for neurofeedback which say that it's really effective and can treat your adhd completely and for ever. I didn't find video about this in your channel. Would please help me with that? Is it really as good as they say?(It became some kind of businesses here, sessions are very expensive☹️)

  • Landon Pauley

    Thanks Jessica! I'm in the process of planning my honeymoon in addition to helping plan our wedding.
    This video helped me consider a few things in terms of expectations. 🙃

  • Liv M

    Hey, I need some advice or help idk what to call it 😂😂. So lots of my teachers have told my counciler about them thinking I have adhd because of the way I behave. I want to tell my mum I think I have it but I have to idea how to tell her since I’ve been experiencing things people with Adhd get and it’s very difficult yet I would hate to self diagnose 😬 any ideas ??xx

  • Lee Woodrough

    Jessica, you are the best. Thanks for all the useful tips! Now I’m looking forward to my Vegas trip in July! Even though it’s a work trip to a conference. BTW, were you a cashier in an episode of Monk?

  • Mario Roz

    My best advice is do not rush! Rushing to arrive places is what takes away most of the enjoyment for me, bringing me just more stress. I admit that planning ahead does help (but honestly I am super likely to forget even if I write it down). So if I have to decide between saving money and saving me from stress, I choose the later. If I have to book a flight I tend to choose a later flight so I don't have to rush to the airport (or wake up too early) and If I go overseas, Ideally I'd like to take a day or two of lower activity to recover from jetlags. Also I like to remind myself that for every problem there is always a solution, there is always another flight in case you miss it and a change of plans is never out of question, what really matters is having a great time.

  • shantanu dronamraju

    I have ADHD And i have been on methylfenidate 40 mg for a few days but since 2 days the medicine has stopped working.what has happened ?i am not able to learn new things.

  • Lea Seidman

    We’re going to Comic-Con, and this couldn’t be timelier, especially planning for things to go wrong! There’s ALWAYS something: parking, wardrobe, merchandise, interpersonal conflict.
    We talked about this video and managing stimulation levels. This year, we’re going by train instead of loading a car and driving. Goodbye stress of driving in traffic on Sunday night when we’re all exhausted!

  • Nerdy Raccoon

    My parents and I know I have all of the adhd symptoms, but I’ve never been diagnosed. So I told my mom I want to get tested for adhd and wanted to try medication, but she said a could take an online test and use essential oils to help me focus and sleep… I’m not sure what to do now… any ideas?

  • CDunked _

    hey! do you take emails or something? i have ADHD and I kinda want to talk to someone who has it as well. if you don't, thank you for making these videos.

  • Katie Morton

    I don't have ADHD, but my husband and both kids do. This channel has been amazing for living with my Brains.
    Thank you for that!

  • Tani Person

    I've found that cleaning my house and getting my chores done before I leave is the best strategy for staying relaxed when I return home. My bed is inviting, my laundry basket is empty and ready to receive the contents of my luggage 💛

  • Spidey The Trans Boy

    What! How am I just seeing this?! I could have needed this a week ago! I literally just flew back home yesterday 😭😂

  • UnimportantHero

    Recovery days are great.

    I am fortunate enough to have a career that accrues vacation time, and one thing I always have to do for the come-down is schedule a vacation day for the first work day after I get home.

    Even if I am coming home Friday night or on a Saturday, I am taking that Monday off and it helps loads.

  • Tari

    Sometimes I wonder if it's good for me to be indulging in ADHD inspired youtube channels and reddit pages because, all though its a community of people just like you, it also feels like a community of people that are proud of what they have-which for me is a really life detrimenting condition. I don't want to feel like how i'm acting is acceptable, but at the same time I appreciate knowing that i'm not alone. Its weird, but just the comment sections of these videos are all "you know you have adhd if you're reading the comments 10 seconds into the video" etc, which is true! I am doing that, but it kind of makes it seem like its okay, and I feel like can cause people to further indulge themselves in behaviors like this. Also I should really study for my chem final.

  • Christina M

    I love the look of your most recent videos! Having the cut aways of you in different settings is not only cool but it really helps give that How-To visual so many of us need. 👍🏼😁 I'm glad to see you doing well on enough days to still help all of us Brains. We LOVE YOU!! Keep up the good work 🧡

  • iKhanKing

    8) Be liberal with your flexibility. If my vacation is chock full of "vacation to-dos" of things I "Must get done on vacation", it just feels like more work. Whenever I'm on vacation I let myself be slow and meandering, and focus on a small handful of must-dos.

  • THO games

    I plan to go to Japan with my mother. We sort of don't want to make a plan, because we fear that will get in the way of us having fun.

  • Christine Gormley

    I love the idea of including "something goes wrong" on your vacation list! 🙂 It will, so why not add a little humor and have a realistic expectation about it? 🙂 Love your videos!!!

  • Rebecca S.

    I wasn't sure whether or not I should request the day after my vacation off. This video has cemented that I definitely should! Thanks!!!!!

  • ClearSummerSkies

    This video helped me so much in coping with shame I've felt on trips and vacations before. I always felt like the wet blanket on trips because I didn't want to cram something fun into every nano second. I've stayed for hours alone in a hotel room on multiple trips, miserable because family and friends were out having fun while I was, I now know, was having a meltdown from too much stimulation. But I couldn't put anything into words and frequently was badgered about my "odd" or "princess" like behavior. What made me feel worse is I wasn't normally like that! I knew I got overwhelmed easily, but travelling brought out something in me I rarely saw and couldn't explain. Now I know it was my ADHD. Thanks, Jessica!

  • Danny L

    I planned to take a vacation in July and in September, neither one has happened yet. I just don't know how to say no to people that need me to do the job that I do.

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