80/20 Inc: Xtreme DIY – Picnic Table
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80/20 Inc: Xtreme DIY – Picnic Table

Hello and welcome to Xtreme DIY, brought to
you by 80/20. Today is the second in our four part solution series. Today’s application
is a custom picnic table. This picnic table features customized bins that will make it
a perfect addition to any outdoor patio set. It’s durable, long lasting, weather resistant,
and like all 80/20 products, it’s fully customizable to suit your specific needs. Before we begin,
we want to take a moment to point out that this video provides a general overview of
this building process. For a more step-by-step guide, for free tools, and design files, please
visit 8020.net. Now with any project, the first thing you
want to do is set out all of your parts and pieces and verify that you have everything.
We went ahead and preloaded out flat plates to help speed along our build, and the last
thing we’ll want to do, is to check that we’ve got all the right tools. That’s right, the
tools we’ll be using for this project are a 3/16, and a 1/4 hex wrench, along with a
1/4 “L” wrench. So when it comes to building the table, we’re
going to break it down into four steps. First we’ll build our three base supports, then
we’ll add in our uprights, followed by our joining supports together with our cross bars,
and finally finishing it all off with some weather resistant decking. This project is going to consist of three
leg sections, two for the outside, and one for the inside. Looking at the outside leg
sections, you’ll notice we’ve preloaded two flat plates, these will be mounted facing
the outside of the build. Moving onto the bench support, we’ve used one of our shorter
profiles and one of our mid length profiles, joining those together with two flat plates.
Once we get everything inset and lined up, we just slide that into place, and tighten
that down with our wrench. We’ll then take this bench support and mount it to these flat
plates at the end. Now for the center support it will be a little
bit different. We are going to preload a flat plate on each side, center them up, and tighten
them down. Now form there we’ll do the same thing Phil did and take our bench supports
and put them on each end. From there we’ll be ready for our table uprights. Now we’re ready to add on our vertical supports
to our leg sections. To do this, we’ll simply take our vertical support, line it up with
our tnut on our flat plate, and slide everything into position. Once we have that in place,
we’ll then be adding an inside corner gusset to the inside portion of this support. Now for the top bar, we are going to put two
flat plates on the outside of the bar. We’ll simply drop them right onto the vertical supports
and tighten them down from there. Now the only difference between the center leg and
the outside legs, is the center leg will only have one vertical support running on it and
it wont have a gusset on it. From there we’ll be ready for our cross supports. Now that we have our vertical supports done
on our legs, we are ready to build these ladder sections. These will be used to hold our bins,
and to join the picnic table together. To build these, we are simply going to take two
of our mid sized bars, and two of our shorter bars, and join them together with anchor fasteners. Now once he is done with all of that, we are
going to bring our picnic table together. To do this, you’ll just secure one end of
your cross section to the middle upright, using anchor fasteners. For the other side
we’ll secure it with a gusset and couple anchor fasteners to each of the outside legs. From
there we’ll almost done finishing up our picnic table. So we’ve got our picnic table outside
and put together, but we want to do a few more things, before we put it to use. The
first thing we are going to do is put some roll in tnuts and bolts in the inside portion
of our table. This is going to server as a holder for our buckets, so we can put drinks
or decorative flowers in it. From there, we’ll take our decking, drill some holes into it,
and preload it with bolts and tnuts. We’ll go ahead and slide it into the open Tslot,
and tighten it down with our wrenches. Now a great thing about this picnic table, is
that you can use any material for your tabletop and benches. So we’ve got our decking on and
everything tightened down. So that about wraps it up for our picnic table. That’s right, now for design files, a step-by-step
project plan, or to purchase your own 80/20 picnic table, please visit 8020.net. Now we hope you enjoyed this segment of 80/20’s
xtreme DIY and we look forward to seeing you again next time, but until then, thanks for
watching, and as always, make it a great day.


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