9 Ways To Cruise For Free !! How Your Cruising Vacation Could Cost Nothing..
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9 Ways To Cruise For Free !! How Your Cruising Vacation Could Cost Nothing..

You’re about to learn how you can go
cruising for free.I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another of my Tips For Travellers. I’m about to share with you nine ways that you could cruise for free. While most of them are very practical and easy to do, some of them are perhaps a little bit more outlandish. However, you’re likely to find a number of ways that you
could go cruising for free. The first, and most obvious way,
is to become a Cruise Line crew member, salaried crew. Of course this is not
for everybody because you’re going to have to commit to going between three months,
six months or in some cases even nine months contracts where you’re working
seven days a week and very long hours. However, if that appeals for you as a way
to cruise for free and if you want to get paid for cruising. A couple things to bear
in mind if you want to see a lot of the ports, do not look for jobs which are
going to keep you onboard when you’re in port. The secret is to look for jobs
which are in departments and functions that are closed when you’re in port. So
for example, the shops and the casino as they have to close when in port. Another
great department to be in is in the Entertainment Department. If you’re
one of the singers and dancers in one of the production shows, whilst they do
rehearse some days in port days, you’ll often find when you are in port you will
see the dancers and the singers around and about exploring the ports. So, that’s
another great role to consider if you have those talents. The second thing to
consider, if you’ve got any special skills or talents, is to look at one of
those roles which are not actually paid to go on cruises but get free cruises. Some of these are the guest speakers onboard, gentleman dance hosts which some cruise ships have, or perhaps running some sort of craft workshops, run bridge classes or
even some of the digital workshops. A lot of those roles, whilst they’re not paid,
you do get free cruising and you’re normally allowed in some of those roles
to bring up a partner along as well. The other thing to do, if you’re a
professional singer, dancer, comedian, juggler or have some novelty act is to
become a guest entertainer. Guest entertainers are employed constantly by
every single cruise line. Every single week they’ll have a number of guest
entertainers on board. Another great way to cruise for free is to look at being
loyal to a cruise line. Pretty much every single Cruise Line has a loyalty program,
and if you want to cruise for free if you choose one
cruise line as amass points and nights on board they can qualify for either
discounts or completely free cruises. It’s very important that you choose the
right cruise line if that’s the route you want to go. For example, I’ve found
that most of the Carnival Corporation Cruise Lines loyalty programs do
not include free cruises, so lines like Cunard, Princess and Costa.
However, if you take a look at the Royal Caribbean group of cruise lines (Royal
Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara, Silversea) their loyalty programs, at the time
of recording, as you build points lead to free cruises. Also Norwegian
Cruise Line, again at the time of recording, also you can build up to free
cruises. The great thing about sticking to one cruise line and building up
loyalty points with that cruise line is, whilst I may not lead to free cruises,
it will give you lots of benefits that’ll save you a lot of money anyway.
You’ll get things like free laundry, free Wi-Fi, speciality dining, priority
embarkation and disembarkation at any grade you’re in. It’ll give you all sorts
of benefits and perks that certainly will reduce the cost of cruising. So,
whilst it doesn’t always give you a free cruise, it will significantly reduce
the cost of cruising. My next tip and one of the easiest of all is competitions.
There are a huge amount of competitions running at any one point of time, and
pretty much every single major cruising country which offers free cruises if you go
to a search engine and put in “free cruise competitions” it will throw up many many
competitions. There’s a surprisingly large amount of competitions offering
cruises as a prize. The other thing to do is to look out for two-for-one cruises.
This means that’s only one of you cruising, if you’re
cruising as a couple or with a friend, will get a free cruise. Whilst these are
not very common, there are a couple of cruise lines that use them quite a lot.
Again you can just go online and search for two-for-one cruises and we’ll throw
up whatever’s being offered at that time. Whilst it’s not very common, they are
offered at various points of the year. Normally out of peak season, but it’s
definitely a great way for a couple to at least get one of you to cruise for
free. Related to that, my next tip is around
children. If you’re a family and you have kids, there are a number of cruise lines
that let your kids cruise for free. The
two most obvious examples are MSC Cruises and the other one is Hapag Lloyd. MSC Cruises is much a more mass market value line and Hapag Lloyd are an ultra luxury and expensive line. Both of these have schemes where if
your kids are cruising in the same cabin as you, they cruise for free. They
have different age limits, some of them your kids have to be under 11 years old and some
a little bit older. Certainly if you’re travelling as a family, take a look at
cruise lines that will let your kids cruise for free. My next tip is also
relatively easy one to do, and that’s organize a group. Pretty much every
Cruise Line, whether it’s an ocean cruise line or a river cruise line, will offer
free berths and free cabins if you can get together a group of people.
If you want to travel with a group of friends or perhaps some members
of a club or a society or even if it’s just on an extended family cruise. The
way this normally works is if you book 16 people (i.e. eight cabins) you will
get a cabin for free. It does differ a little bit by cruise line but pretty
much for every eight cabins you’ll get one cabin free. All you have to do is
get together eight couples, friends or people from your club or society and you will
get a free cruise. You can either do that through the travel agent or what I
recommend also as you talk directly to the cruise company. Even if you have a
relatively small club or Society what I recommend you do is take a look
for themed cruises and you’re probably going to find one that your club or society
members will be really interested in doing. And if you have a
big extended family, it’s a great way of getting a free cabin for yourself and
your partner. Bear in mind that the rest of the people in the party will not be
paying anything more. All you perhaps have to do is do a little bit of
organization or perhaps onboard organize a few activities. It’s not a lot of work
for a free cruise. My next tip on getting a free cruise is to take a look
for cruise line companies that have credit cards. This applies much more
in the United States at the moment than other countries, but many of the cruise line
companies have a credit card and for every dollar that you spend your collect
points which you can then use to redeem either for onboard credit,
activities, discounts on cruises and of course ultimately for a free
cruise. So, if you put all your spend on everything you buy onto that credit card, it is
surprisingly how quickly points mount up and that could lead to a
free cruise. At the time of recording I could find credit cards for Carnival
Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises,
Holland America and Royal Caribbean. And literally by every time you
spend something put it through on that credit card points build up and you
will soon find yourself on your way to free nights, discounts and hopefully a
free cruise in its entirety. Another great way of getting a free cruise is when you’re on board take a look at bingo, and find out what the prize is.
A lot of cruise lines have a free cruise as their ultimate prize in bingo.
On many cruise lines the big prize on the last day is a cruise lasting
normally around about seven nights for two people. Of course that’s a game of
chance and you may not approve of game of chance, but it’s certainly definitely
a way that you could find yourself on a free cruise because somebody has to win
that cruise. Cruising for free is very possible. Whilst there are
some more extreme ways of doing it where you become a crew member or you become
a guest entertainer or run workshops on board or give talks, but
there are very practical things you can take. Whether it’s being loyal to a cruise
line, having a cruise line credit card or being very clever about looking for
competitions or two-for-one deals or cruise lines if you have kids that let
kids cruise for free. I hope you found that helpful and has given you some ideas on
how you can get a cheaper or free cruise. I’d love it if you watch them any more
of my Tips For Travellers videos because I will give you more inspiration and
advice and tips on how to maximize and make the most use of your very precious
travel time and money with a land and of course very importantly at sea.


  • Bruce M

    So Gary, what issues come up when you think about organizing yourself a group cruise for all of your viewers? With 52,000 subscribers, you should be able to fill up a small or medium cruise ship. Let me know when and where we're all going. Thanks.

  • thejokerspeaks

    I would use the Capital One Venture Credit Card, which gives 2% back on all purchases, redeemable on any travel purchase. You'll earn a free cruise twice as fast as the cruise line credit cards.

  • Kentry

    In my country Finland viking line has this thing when you spend over 80 euros on the onboard shops you get like -70% off your next cruise.

  • Timothy Dingman

    One of the things that we do is check the very big discounts if you book the next cruise while on board. We alternate; One year a 10 day European cruise, the next year, two months in a designation city. We have done Budapest and Barcelona. In 2020, it will be Florence. Alternate years we do river or ocean cruises. 2019 will be an river cruise (Viking) which will include St. Petersberg and the Hermitage

  • Michele Olson

    Back in the 90's I worked for Princess Cruise Lines at their Kenai Princess Lodge in Cooper Landing, Alaska. The tiny town is located between Seward, AK and Anchorage, AK. (I'm from Alaska) I only worked the summer there from May until September as a Housekeeper. Because I fulfilled my contract I was awarded a one week (inside cabin) cruise out of any US port on their cruise line. I just had to pay for my own airfare and all up grades would be out of pocket. Unfortunately I was a poor college student and couldn't get enough money together to fly to Seattle or L.A. to take the cruise, and I only had one year to use it. Still, they were a fantastic company to work for and even sent me a Christmas card with a small Swiss Army knife thanking me for working for them.

  • David Rynkowski

    You missed playing at the casino. A number of people told me they get letters for free cruises if you play at the casino. I ask that you do a video explaining how the comps on a cruise differ from land casinos and how to use them to get a free or reduced cruise.

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