A Day in Angola: World Humanitarian Day 2019
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A Day in Angola: World Humanitarian Day 2019

Hi My name is Victoria Grant and I’m a Location Manager for The HALO Trust in Angola What this means is I’m responsible for all of our minefields and all of our staff across two of the provinces that we work in and I’m going to show you my day It’s about five in the morning
We are packing up the vehicles to head out to the minefield It’s still very dark It’s actually really cold as well We’re just having breakfast “Colleagues! I’m making a video! “Say Good Morning” “Good Morning!” “Thank you!” So as part of my job I visit all of the minefields within the provinces This is me visiting a minefield called Cabio This minefield is, as you can see, very close to a railway line and incredibly close to a village so it’s really important that we’re here Just on a break so it’s good opportunity to not only take my visor off but also to show you the lines of white sticks leading out behind me and each one of those white sticks is a mine that we have found and destroyed and in this case almost 200 in this minefield What you can see in the middle
of the picture there is a large metal mine If that was to explode it could kill anyone within about 25 metres The mine that we just found is a few hundred metres in that direction and our minefield supervisor is just setting up for the demolition “Boss?” “Go” “Demolition” This is a really important minefield it is incredibly close to a school a hospital and people’s homes Also the type of mines that are here The fact that they are what we call fragmentation mines which means they are made up of large pieces of metal that explode and send tiny vicious, lethal pieces of metal flying through the air So that’s the village in the background it looks further away than it is That’s probably about 60 metres
but we’re not even close to the edge of the minefield and this is why we’re here This is a good opportunity to introduce our driver, Fina “Say Good Afternoon” “Good Afternoon!” ‘Thank You!” I wanted to show you my home when I’m out in the field so this is it This is my shower A rather large bucket and this is my bedroom and office space that I’m really quite fond of and a decent view And that’s us back to the camp we’re going to stay here for the night and head back out to the minefields tomorrow Thanks for tagging along today “Good Afternoon” “Until next time!”


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