A Day on our Worldbicycletour in Nepal – Arriving in Kathmandu
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A Day on our Worldbicycletour in Nepal – Arriving in Kathmandu

Good morning Morning We are in Nepal We arrived three days ago In Nepal We are on the way to Kathmandu We woke up early Because it’s about 50km to Kathmandu And around 1000 meter in height? Yeah, around 1000m And we would like to arrive in Kathmandu today So, it’s 5:45 A.M. now It’s still dark We have our studio lights here And Yeah, because of that… We have… And we are also tired I’m quite okay I don’t remember what i wanted to say So… 50km! 1000m in height, Kathmandu It will be a wild day i think We are still in the middle of nature now There are some nice landscapes And later The wild capitol city You are with us on a Day on our Worldbicycletour Exactly! Today is another Day on our Worldbicycletour We pack our stuff, have breakfast And try to start early It’s getting brighter now Have fun! I’m starting To prepare breakfast Olga is packing the stuff inside I packed, let’s see if Michel prepared breakfast How is it? Almost, water is boiling We have tea Exactly, this… Is puffed Rice and we make a porridge with it Just add water And then we have this A nepalese or indian sweet That is… flour with sugar Good stuff, we mix it That’ll provide us with power How is it? Yeah, quite good! How much we spent yesterday? Veggies, puffed rice 350 350 is… 3€ Nice, we spent 3€ yesterday And the same the day before Michel is writing the diary I drink tea and enjoy the view Someone must do it It’s going uphill The first 5 km It’s 10% steepness That means, 5km… And about 550m in height But then we have a downhill And then a bit Up and down and up And in the end downhill again So at the beginning we now have The most exhausting stage Of today Which is good i think We start with fresh power now We almost made 2km Started 40min ago We also recorded a bit It’s exhausting, it’s really uphill But it’s nice though To cycle through the nature It’s so different than India The last 3 months we were in India At the beginning, in the north in the mountains We also had nature But there were so many people And everywhere houses and villages Everywhere people And now here we have finally nature again Quietness When there is no car it’s so quiet The quietness We hadn’t it in India We made 2km Nice views Super nice But we have something to do! Indeed A Warsteiner ad Beer advertisement in the whole country! Crazy Michel found a green bottle For his honk 2l Mountain Dew bottle The women saw it and asked herself why did he do that Picking up such a dirty bottle And gave us a clean one We have this Airzound honks With this Pressure bottle And you can switch this bottle with every PET bottle you like This 2l Mountain Dew bottle In this cool green I want to replace it Looks nice! We grab some trash from nature And you have more volume for the honk You can honk longer Our first stage The first pass, there we’ll go up It’s about 2,5km 2km Almost made it 1km or so We made the first stage We arrived on the top 5,7km Nice In the background there is a Stupa It’s a buddhist monument Which represents the buddha himself You can walk around to collect good karma We’ll do that Another cyclist That was nice, meeting another cyclist And twice nice, it’s going downhill! There is our street And into this valley we will continue Looks nice! Continue to go uphill We have to Climb this damm We made it over the damm We decided to make a small break We have the leftovers from yesterday Sweetpotato With chickpeas And some puffed rice, then we move on Enjoy Enjoy Good? Yeah, wit the puffed stuff Road is getting worse We’ll see A little downhill That’s a good road… Over there might be some asphalt Maybe it get’s better Yes! We wear socks with sandals But just since yesterday Because it got colder in the mountains We didn’t do it in India, promised! A little bit asphalt But after the curve it’s gone again Doesn’t make it easier But i think we’ll make it We have 19km 30km to go But it will be downhill too Now still uphill But later downhill Yes Diffcult But we make it How high are our chances to reach Kathmandu? I think we’ll make it, i just said it This is our lunch A Dal Bhat Dal Bhat means Lentils with Rice Additional there is Green veggies Potato and summer squash curry Tomato chili sauce Potato With carrots And 2 fresh carrots. Enjoy! And you can get as much as you like I got a third plate Just Rice and curry With pumpkin, so good Spicy and sweet Good I have all these flags From the countries we visited This is like a bomboo stick, but it broke I resambled it To this new bamboo stik First Nepal and Germany That goes on my bike In the next days The others too And then we have News from our postcards The Nepal postcard is ready The first nepal postcard is ready I allready do the second Greetings from Nepal, the both of us Here is… Buddanaht? No it’s the monkey temple In Kathmandu Oh Yes, it’s the monkey temple Here are the apes Dal Baht, wich we just had Sheep Climbing the Everest Sheep is on the everest, good! And the green mountains of Nepal Which we also saw a lot today We showed you also in the last video You can support us If you buy a postcard Links are in the description Before it was India We already sent some cards Thanks a lot to all of you! Who ordered the postcards Now in Nepal we have the Nepal cards 32km It’s a bit uphill now, then downhill Then a bit uphill And then to kathmandu It’s 600m in height downhill Here we are Here is Kathmandu Now to the east and then north Into the city We have to go, its cold Going uphill is warmer It’s a bit chilly indeed 15 or 16°C Yes, 16°C A bit more water Yes, the second, third… I don’t know, another mountain climbed! Now downhill After that just one uphill Now down, then up And then almost all the time Downhill Not so far anymore Maybe we arrive before sunset Otherwise the traffic will be crazy We don’t like to cycle in the dark Now it’s 2P.M. 2.30P.M. We’ll make it I think We made it through the mountains Now it’s nice downhill Mabe a bit up and down But we made it We should roll the last 20 or 25km quite good We found a shortcut Not a very good Road But it’s downhill at least You hear my brakes Straight? Hello ducks! Another snack Bread with kind of fruit jam Apple with nuts Very good You see the damages of the earthquake Everywhere new fassades A mix from old and new Here are older ones But over there also new ones Yeah, wait we have to check the map 2015 was the big earthquake in Nepal Many buildings were destroyed, also in Kathmandu Old temples and of course Also the houses of the people Really sad Here it’s nicely rebuild, such a nice village Looks beautifull Good We can go here Ducks are here too, Hello! As we expected, it’s not downhill all the time Here and there are some small climbs Like here We will definitely make it We will! But maybe It will get a bit darker But it’s like that Then we go In the evening through Kathmandu 4P.M. What we missed in our plan Are the bad roads It takes a lot of time You can’t go up and down so fast As you might think We will definitely make it But it’s getting darker I think over there It’s a bit dusty There must be kathmandu We almost made it, this is the Kathmandu valley And over there In the dust are the suburbs We made it We are in Kathmandu Awesome, now it’s 5km through the city Then we are at the hostel To the right To the right over the bridge Then to the left Over there and then to the left Shelter Behind the bus Working quite good Nothing can happen We made it! Here is the hostel Nice I check for a room And then Shower And then eeating Bring up our stuff, shower Of course yeah, the tuff No one at the reception Let’s see upstairs Here is a terrace First step, bring up our stuff Our stuff is here Here is our room Quite easy, just a room with a bed And a cat Where are you from? Firstly check the stuff We have a shared bathroom With showers And hot water That’s step two now But step 1.5 Bring the cat Now we have a cat in the video It will be succesfull A cat video That was good, Olga also already showered That means We go to step 3 Go in the city Or, we are in the city! In Thamel It’s The touristic district And here we can Look for some good food, what do you think? I’m already looking what options we have This is what we can look like After a hard day of cycling Showered In a fancy cafe We found a nice vegan restaurant We ordered something good After the tough stage today We earned it! We made it! It was exhausting sometimes There were some tough steep uphills Bad roads I didn’t expect that we will Arrive during the day I know we will make it Somehow we would But i didn’t expect that it will be during the day In the end it was good downhill And a good road again Then we made it Through the small alleys of Kathmandu We could record it, quite good material i think The day was Nice, great landscapes and encounters God food Food continues now Yes, lunch Dal baht was really good Now we ordered two burger You shouldn’t tell That was our way to Kathmandu We stay here for a week and get visa For Bangladesh and Thailand Myanmar is an Online Visa But we will probably also make it Check the city, we are now two nights In a hostel and after that a warmshowers host Hopefully it will work with the visa I think That’s it If you enjoyed Give a Thumbs up In the decription are all the links To the postcards and stuff Share it, write a comment Tell your friends and families about us See you in the next video Next “Day on our worldbicycletour” will happen in bangladesh Unfortunately we didn’t get the Bangladesh Visa Have fun, see you next time! Dessert musn’t miss after a long day of cycling


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