A Fun Vacation At The Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Florida
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A Fun Vacation At The Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Florida

This is the Margaritaville Resort
in Hollywood, Florida. We’re staying here for five days,
prior to our Panama Canal cruise. Hollywood is just south of Ft Lauderdale,
making the Margaritaville resort a convenient location
for anyone cruising out of
either Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Using Lyft or Uber, it’s easy to get to either
of those two cruise ports from here. We’ve been having a fantastic time
here at Margaritaville! I love spending time in and around the pool
during the day. There are actually three swimming pools. One has a waterfall and a waterslide,
has music playing, and is a good spot
for families and anyone looking for a fun atmosphere. The second pool is quieter and more relaxing
and tends to have more adults and not many kids. Both of these two pools are at the ground level. The third pool is actually up high
on the 11th floor
with a pretty great view! Of course, there are bars at all of the pools
and waiters roaming around to bring you drinks. I liked that I could order
a Diet Coke for about three dollars… And they would bring me refills for free
for the entire rest of the time that I set out by the pool. Of course, I had more than a few margaritas
during my five days at Margaritaville, too. And Margaritaville is located right next to the beach. Now I’m from California
where the ocean water is about 50 degrees. This Florida ocean water is so much nicer than that! I loved being able to actually be
in the ocean water without being cold. As a hotel guest, you are entitled to a
lounger on the beach with an umbrella… And if you’d prefer a clam shell to
provide even more shade and privacy,
those are available for an additional charge. Our room in the hotel is pretty great! We actually booked a somewhat mid-priced room
but got a nice surprise when we checked in… A free upgrade to this beautiful suite. We’re on the 18th floor…
the top floor of the hotel. And we’ve got a big patio with an amazing view. We can see both the intercoastal waterway
and the ocean. And way off in the distance is Ft Lauderdale. With a pair of binoculars or a very long lens
on the camera, you can see
the cruise ships at Port Everglades. Our suite has a very comfortable living room area
and a separate bedroom. Both rooms have big picture windows
and sliding doors that open out to the balcony. The bathroom is really great, too. And I totally loved the walk-in shower
with a rainfall showerhead. The Margaritaville restaurant offers excellent food
and we ate most of our meals here
during our five day stay… But you also have many other
restaurant and bar choices nearby. There’s a pedestrian walkway and bike path
that runs all along the beach. At first glance,
you might think it’s called the boardwalk, but… They actually call it the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. I joked that it’s the place you go
to see all the broads walking. It turns out that at night they dance, too! It’s lined with all sorts of shops
and restaurants and bars and… My personal favorite:
several great places to get ice cream and frozen yogurt. On most nights, there’s a band that plays at
the big band shell next to the beach… And there is entertainment at many of the
restaurants and bars on the resort property, too. Getting to Florida from our home in California
was a special experience for us this time around. We got to fly on my favorite airplane:
a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And we were in First Class…
with huge seats that can
even recline flat if you want to sleep. Even for those flying in coach, though, there are really nice seat back entertainment systems
with free movies and TV shows. But for those of us fortunate enough to be
able to be up at the front in First Class
it was even better… With much larger seats, and a lot more room, free food,
and I enjoy having them serve me rum and Cokes
during the whole flight. It’s a whole lot nicer than flying in coach,
that’s for sure. The best part about this particular flight…
And you may find this hard to believe,
but I swear it’s true… This flight from LAX to Fort Lauderdale
cost me eleven dollars. Yep, $11…
And a hundred thousand United frequent flyer miles. It’s a fantastic perk for doing most of
my flying with United… And booking my cruises through their travel agency:
Cruises.United.com Back here to Margaritaville…
My five days here is just flying by! When I booked it,
I wondered if five days was going to be too many…
that I would get bored, but… That simply has not been a problem. I haven’t even gotten around to taking a water taxi
or the local shuttle bus
to explore more of the surrounding area. I’m enjoying myself too much right here. We’re in a severe drought in my part of California…
So, there’s no way I can have a swimming pool
or even a Jacuzzi at my house. So, I love spending time in the water
here at Margaritaville
and relaxing in the sun by the pool. It’s a mixture of adults and families
staying here at Margaritaville… And I got a real kick out of watching the kids play in the
pool and go down the waterslide that they have here. Take a look at my waterslide montage! Once my five days at Margaritaville winds up… I’ll be boarding a brand-new cruise ship,
The Norwegian Bliss,
for a cruise through the Panama Canal. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel
for lots of videos from that trip. I’m Jim Zim.
Thanks for watching! Subscribe, if you want to be sure to catch
all my Norwegian Bliss videos
from the Panama Canal cruise.


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