A homeless shelter shakes up a neighbourhood.
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A homeless shelter shakes up a neighbourhood.

Hello ! Thanks for calling the Jefferson homeless shelter, please leave a detailed message and
we will return your call. Yes. Hi, I see that you’re putting up a shelter in my neighborhood, I’m quite distressed about this. Yes, hello i just got a notice about the new shelter going into my neighborhood and I think it’s an awful idea. I have a business and i won’t appreciate having a homeless shelter put up in my neighborhood, it’s going to affect my business, it’s going to affect my livelihood. How did you possibly get the permission to ruin the neighborhood
by putting a homeless shelter in it ? There must be some other place where homeless shelter can be opened up. Let’s move them somewhere down south or up north. I don’t know what this is going to do to
the real estate value. I’m a very tolerant person but, this just really is going over the edge. Come on, you know that these are all
drug addicts and drunks, you’re ruining a perfect neighborhood,
it is absolutely absurd.


  • Anthony [email protected]

    If your from Leaside You People Should Feel Shame in this video. Some of them phone calls are just unreal. Most of you leasiders are all stuck up and think you are to good i wish they did make a homeless shelter in Leaside. One day that can be you or one of your family members. Happy thanksgiving to you ungrateful Leasiders #SHAME #Leaside #Toronto people #homeless

  • Josephine Thornton

    What's astounding is the lack of comprehension. What is worse for "their neighbourhood"- a homeless shelter or homeless people sleeping on the benches, using the alleys as bathrooms (because hello, they don't own a bathroom), etc? Some people would rather live in entitled ignorance than actually help. They ought to try it for one day. One day, being invisible and treated as subhuman simply because they lost their home.


    to all ya haters…work hard and you can live in an area like this. You gotta strive for success so don't go hating on people who worked hard and got to where they are today when half you guys probably are sitting on your couch think about and wanting to be successful. I support this because yes it would bring the whole communities economy down fast…

  • NutellaANDBacon

    I can't believe people would say that! Those people have a roof over their heads and a job to go to, yet they won't give homeless people a chance to rebuild their lives!

  • wormlord

    Man, Sounds like one lady called three times, and that one guy said "Come on, you know that these are all drug addicts and drunks," how arrogant is that? I also wonder if they got any positive response to the shelter…

  • williamthebrit

    "This homeless shelter could ruin my business!"
    Then what?
    "I could fall into debt!"
    Then what?
    "The bank could foreclose on my house!"
    Then what?
    "I could end up homeless!"
    No shit.

  • T

    Great act to stir up peoples emotions for the homeless people. Will any of us emotionally stirred up people do anything though? Emotional bait bullshit.

  • Sheldon Soong

    This video is ridiculous. It propagates a false idea of shame and elitism. Yes, Leaside is an affluent neighbourhood, but that has little to no relevance on the response received by their little 'demonstration'.
    Leaside is largely a residential area, with a number of schools in very close proximity to the proposed location; Leaside High is literally a minute walk away. Ask yourself if you would feel entirely comfortable having your children walk past a shelter every day to and from school. How many neighbourhoods would entirely welcome a homeless shelter opening up next door. Repeat the experiment in any middle-low income residential area and you'll still undoubtedly get a few phone calls.

    Also, the location isn't at all ideal for a shelter. It assuredly has a high rent/lease payment, is rather inaccessible from the rest of Toronto for those without a vehicle/bus fare, and is literally smack in the middle of a busy street. I obviously don't have perspective on this, but I highly doubt the homeless themselves cherish the idea of walking, next to the guy who just got out of his Maserati with his 2 kids, as they desperately seek out shelter and food.

    The whole goal of this video was to create an illusion that the wealthy are sticking their noses up at the needy; worrying about real estate values and image rather than the well being of others, when actually, the location itself was chosen to be the most disruptive and moronic.

    If they want to send 'these' types of messages, perhaps they should propose opening a homeless shelter in the middle of a shopping mall, like the Eaton center in Toronto. Much more accessible, with two subway entrances within. See how many "greedy" consumers spending their money on materialistic items (oooooh!), or "self-centered" shop owners worried about their profit margins (ahhhhhh!), call with concerns. Absurd.

    Spread awareness, not blame (especially not the false kind)

  • Brandon Christopher

    Spend ONE MONTH, In Homelessness, Having them spend time in a city they dont know anyone!
    Wearing the same clothes everyday, Be given dirty looks by people,
    Sleeping on pavement in the cold/heat and maybe dyeing! Going to the washroom outside,
    Your friends an family stop talking to you, And dont bother to help becaues they have there own issues
    Going to a soup kitchen to get a meal everyday, That is if they HAVE ENOUGH FOOD!
    Carrying around with you everything you own, All the crime/possiablities that may or may not happend!
    And this isnt even half of it,

    None of these people would be able to survive being homeless
    Money is the new god/religion of the 21st century!
    If you dont have enough of it your judged and without your nothing.

  • coryw31

    And yet if any of them was displaced they would shit kittens to get help to get them back on their feet! Gotta love hupocricy

  • HibHab69

    I kind of feel for the property owners there though. I mean imagine you just learned the value of your space dropped by tens of thousands of dollars. You can call it NIMBYism all you want, but if you were in their shoes and this was sprung on you, I'm sure you'd be at least worried about this.

  • Beth black

    More campaigns like this are needed. People need to be exposed for their awfulness and it also exposes the true reason affordable housing isn't built – real estate value. This needs to be done again, do it right next to the yoga studio and Starbucks and you will hear the calls come in like you would not even believe.

  • Ponzy Mead

    Those disgusting N.I.M.B.Y. prats. These are the same types who vote in politicians that cancel and claw back necessary resources that vulnerable people require in order to live. Not just homeless people, but the disabled, the disenfranchised, the underprivileged… Those without money to influence or speak in their own defense… "The invisible people". Shame on each and every one of the people who called in to complain and bemoan the homeless shelter. These are the same types of people who, if they ever DO give to a food bank, it is expired food or dented cans… Crap they themselves would never ever eat.

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