A Major Paint Situation – Car Tent Camping
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A Major Paint Situation – Car Tent Camping

you so we’re gonna eat a little bit of food
and then we’re gonna head on to another camp spot for tonight and I think we’re
gonna have some of our friends meet us there we’ll see if they make it or not
last night as we were sleeping you know temperature was great we both
slept really well and I think cozy is like the best word to describe our tent so one thing we did on this trip since
we knew we were gonna be out and about for a couple days we actually bought a
block of dry ice and so we put that into the cooler and it’s actually keeping our
food really cold we thought that if we just had ice it would probably just melt
in like a day and we had some like ice packs from the freezer and those melted
pretty quick but the dry ice it’s been almost 24 hours and it’s still really
solid I had some hummus that was right next to it and the hummus is frozen
solid so you actually have to like wrap the dry ice in some like a towel or
something and that way it’ll it’ll keep things cold without freezing them so last night for dinner I had picked up
some burrito bowls from Costco and we pulled out our stove and some pots and
cooked it up and ate it it was really really good so we’re almost there we got to get to
the bottom of this hill but the landscape is going to change drastically
so I wanted to just show you how different it is you see how different it
is it’s called the Painted Hills pretty cool Painted Hills pretty cool
that was fun there’s this like paint all over the
hill so you didn’t know the history of that property was there was this guy who
filled up a bucket of paint and then he went to walk to work and there was a
hole in the bucket and so on his way to work all the paint spilled out over the
mountain and then he got to work and he realized that’s how it happened so if
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hats off to you we’re going to find it counts fly at the river that’ll be in
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  • Curtis Martin

    So funny dry ice story here too. On my recent trip with dad lake kayak fishing, we also decided to get dry ice instead of regular ice. It worked really well actually! It did freeze anything immediately next to it but it kept everything nice an cool without the soggy water. With CO2 being a byproduct of dry ice melting, we discovered after a couple days into our trip that the apples and even bananas were a little… well… carbonated lol. A little bit tangy and fizzy on the tongue lol.

  • ijursic

    Bin there, here's a photo by me to prove it…….. https://flic.kr/p/4vCdnh. Taken on August 27, 1990….. The day Stevie Ray Vaughan died.
    I was on a road trip in my blue 1985 Toyota 4×4 truck from Vancouver BC through the Okanagen to the top of Idaho and Western Montana's Continental Divide and west through Idaho and Oregon and back north along the coast to Canada.

  • Amy Perini

    Just a thought maybe in your discretion you could tell people where the painted hills are if they want to travel and see it. I know where they are outside of bend/ Redmond Oregon..

  • Kevin Hannan

    Very interesting landscape. When I saw Taylor driving I thought you were going to blame her for damaging the car. Do you know what sort of rock it is.

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