A Quick Whizz around South Molton Riverside Camping and Caravan Park
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A Quick Whizz around South Molton Riverside Camping and Caravan Park

I’m here! Here! I might as well give you a little walk around
to see what it’s like, while I’m here. Here we go then, through the front gates. So, first up on the left we’ve got reception
and there’s a little shop by here, with everything you need and more. And then beyond that is their all new, all
singing, all dancing club house, and they put on bands and things like that
here and lots of entertainment for the caravan park, so if it gets a bit chilly in the evening
you can nip in there and have a pint. And they serve food, which is pretty good.
I’ve tasted it. (sound of live band playing in building) Let’s go for a little walk. I’m getting a bit of campervan-envy there. That’s a nice looking one! Want. Want. Over there, there’s a little kiddies’ play
area which is enclosed by a little fence. There’s a river here, but there’s a bridge
– it’s accessed by a footbridge over there. So that’ll keep the kids happy. And over here we have award winning toilets,
and they’re VERY posh! I know, because I’ve been in them! Some washing up facilities. That’s what you need when you’re in a tent
isn’t it. There are some more of those in an other part
as well. Here I am in the legendary loos! Obviously I’m not going to make a habit of
filming in toilets but there’s nobody in here. There you go; the height of luxury! There seems to be quite a good disabled facility
here as well. A big stand-in shower room with plenty of
space in it. Back out again. So obviously it’s October at the moment, so
it’s not the tentiest time of year to be showing you around, but it’s nice and quiet so I thought
I’d give you a little tour. Here’s a closer look at that river, near the kiddies’ area. Nobody in there today. But as I say, it IS October, so we’re slightly
out of season now. Shall we go over the bridge? Why not. So we’re in the kids’ area now. There’s a
gate which you can shut and it seems to be fenced all around with a low fence to keep
them in, so they don’t escape! A couple of swings….. A couple more swings….. Something to climb on. Oh I like those bridges! You can jump up and
down on those and they make a very pleasing noise. Monkey bars! Wheyhey! a sandpit! No holiday’s complete without a sandpit. So that was the kids’ area. I’ll just take you for a quick walk around
the bit nearer the front and then we’re done. We’ve got some statics here. Bottled gas supply by the look of it. Whoooh, they look nice. I wouldn’t mind a
stay in one of those. Chemical waste disposal by there. And that’s another toilet block by there,
much closer than the REALLY posh ones, but they’re very nice. Lovely and warm and always in good condition. More statics….. That’s a bit Narnia! Picnic table. Also handy if you’ve only got a tent. Now that’s it. We’re pretty much back at the
entrance again now. I hope that gave you a good idea of what to
expect. Bye-eee!


  • Bernard KilBride

    Brilliant! Was wondering what to do in South Molton. Didn't realise such a hub of cultural entertainment existed, and with such great loos. BTW that was a timber Palisade fence around the play area as defined by BS1722 part 5. Thanks for the info anyway. 🙂

  • Phillip Riggins

    I've found you through Merry Weather's YT channel

    I have clicked on that "Magic red button" on your YT Channel – the one that begins with the letter "s"…. Thanks. 

    I have added you and supported your YouTube channel just now.  

    Please return the favor and hit me back, I would really appreciate it. 

    I need all the help I can get. Thanks again for your help and support.

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