A Tour of our Gear Room
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A Tour of our Gear Room

I’m Leah I’m a lead instructor for Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound. Behind me, this is a locker that we use to check
out gear during any of our expeditions. Five days, it has everything that you
need, backpacks with the tarps that we sleep under or water
bottles. Anything that you would need outside of student specific gear. There are seven lockers here and then
we have three more mobile lockers over there and that is for every crew that
goes out so each crew can be up to 12 students and then up to three three
instructors so that’s 15 people total. That’s the total these lockers can hold and then depending on how many of students we have, —some schools send out seven lockers
where people sometimes we have three or four schools coming out and they each get broken down into smaller groups. Students DO NOT need to buy their own
gear! We can you say that as long as you bring underwear. we can outfit you
head to toe. We have rain gear, we have warm clothes, we have backpacks we have any technical gear that you’ll need will definitely supply. Then socks, extra fleeces to keep you warm. We get a lot of donations from
Under Armour, from Helly Hansen, and have a bunch of brand new Osprey
backpacks. We get tons of donations but we also have to go buy a
lot of these things so any donations financially that people are able to make
we’re able to go out and buy this specific needed items for our students
as well.

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