A young boy is bitten by a deadly snake, forcing his buddies to test their friendship. | Snake Bite

Looks poisonous to me Yeah Nope That’s the Kareena Beaute Otherwise known as the rubber boa from those guys. Oh Gotcha! What are you doing? We were gonna catch that. You guys said we’d find some real snakes Dylan? Let’s go I hope a snake bites of your freaking head Xavier Shit, guys come here! The snake just bit me Are you okay? What happened? It went into those bushes Look like black and red head roundish or more flat. I don’t know I don’t know had written black Are you sure it was black addressed yes Zack and right, okay, this is super important What’s the tail black? red red Right right, are you sure red tails red. Yeah, right right red? Black widow maker little wicker I’ve heard of that if the tails black you’re okay jack The tail is red better off dead Let me see that Them can end some paths to take the victim in less than seven to ten minutes What since impasse attained okay? We need to slow the vent come on? Tyler I need your belt Okay, I’m gonna be putting on a tourniquet. It’s gonna stop the venom from flowing up your leg into your heart Okay Tyler suck the venom out of his like Moonies suck them poison into my mouth. Let’s just spit it out idiot, huh? It’s not working. Suck harder Nothing’s coming out guys I’m scared says here staying calm is the most important thing you can do close your eyes and concentrate on breathing normally. Okay, come on What should we do? Go back to camp, tell the adults. There is no time the venoum will spread to his heart by then cardiac arrest Paralysis, no you shut up What should we do hold on? quizzes in Univ walk Nothing really just says seek medical attention Guys What? Oh my god, no No what nothing Dylan we’re just talking yeah Nothing except Xavier here wants to chop off your fucking leg! What the hell are you thinking man? You got a better idea? How much time is left Cole 3 minutes and 24 seconds we need a plan this is a plan no stay away from me You’re not chopping off my leg what about the bottom part where the poisons travel no He’s right We have to do something else like what wait for him to die he might not die you might have an immunity here Maybe we miss identified that snake or maybe that snake might have already used to ponder that shut up You know that’s bullshit if we cut off his leg, and he dies it’s on us It’s our fault if we do nothing and he dies it’s still our fault. No it’s not It’s nature’s fault So what’s your plan? Think someone should try to get back to camp well. We wait here and then two hours later when he’s dead Honestly, I think it’s a much better way to die Definitely a lot more peaceful. Why are we even listening to this you’re like five? I’m 10 you leave. Okay? That’s enough Dylan it’s up to you We can either try to take you back to camp, there’s a good chance you die before you get there or we can chop off your leg That’s chance you die from No way that tourniquet super tight Just do it Chop it off Good choice Dylan Here? Maybe a little higher, just to be safe Lots of bone there should we try breaking it first? Fuck that And you’re sure was a redtail? Yes Hold on you’re closing your eyes. What? How do you know what you’re gonna hit if you close your eyes? I can’t do it Are you shitting me? This is fucked up man. This is camp. What the hell am I doing? This is because of you Xavier, it’s about Dylan, my best friend and he’s been my best friend since I was 3 And right now, he needs us cause he’s gonna die unless you man up and chop off his fucking leg Then why don’t you do it? I will Hold him down Thank you. The tail is black you’re okay Jack

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