Add a 2nd RV Battery

Hello YouTube I’m not Chuck and I
decided to add a second house battery to my travel trailer in order to have
longer times that I can use the batteries the batteries between
charging as you can see my battery is located on the tongue of the travel
trailer I currently only have one battery and it’s in that black case that
you see on the screen first thing we need to do before we access the battery
is make sure that the gas is turned completely off from the bottle on the
front of the trailer that is done by turning the knob clockwise then to
disconnect the cable turn that connector counterclockwise sniff to make sure I
don’t smell any propane and if I do I put the connector back on really quick
and figure out what the problem is the next step is to take the strap off the
battery box so I can remove the lid and expose the battery itself the strip goes
completely around the battery box in the lid and underneath the rails supporting
the battery holding the entire assembly to the rails on the trailer the top just
lifts off after the strap is removed so here’s my battery you can see there are
two places to make electrical connections the one on the right is the
ground connection the one on the left was disconnected that’s the plus DC
voltage connector and I don’t leave it connected unless I’m using the batteries
for some purpose that prevents the battery from being discharged by
something left on inside the trailer what I’m going to do now is take a look
at the current battery voltage and therefore determine what the level of
charge is it should be about twelve point six volts as you can see it’s down
to twelve point two volts which is not bad but since there’s been nothing
draining the battery it should have stayed at twelve point six volts so I’ve
decided to replace that battery with a better one in order to remove the ground
cable from the battery I’ll need a half Finch socket the stud on the battery is
a 5/16 18 thread per inch stud but I need a half-inch socket to fit those two
hex nuts and I’m taking off once I get the cable off I’ll just let it hang
loose there is no danger to that whatsoever there’s the old battery or
the somewhat weak battery being removed and here’s a better battery being put in
at least I think it’s better first thing I do is check the voltage on that
battery and see how it looks as you can see the voltage there is 12 point 6
volts indicating that the battery is fully charged all right I slid that
battery and the battery box that holds it over to the right to make room for my
second battery first thing I need to do is put in a battery box to hold it as
you saw on the end of the battery box it’s a group 24 which refers to the size
of the battery next thing will be to drop the new battery or newer battery
down in the battery box now as you can see on the new battery there are a
couple of wing nuts there and on the battery on the right there are a couple
more hex nuts the first thing I want to do is take those wing nuts and hex nuts
off put them in a safe place because I’ll be using them to attach the cables
again the wing nuts come off with just finger tighten Asst this case looks like
the hex nuts weren’t on there very tight so I just took those off by hand as well
if I had needed a wrench it would have taken a half-inch wrench or half-inch
socket these batteries are Interstate Batteries
they’re deep cycle batteries intended for RV or
in use and the model number on the batteries is an SRM – 24 I really like
Interstate Batteries they’re not the cheapest ones they’re
not the most expensive ones but they seemed a good give good value for the
money these cost about a hundred and twenty dollars each brand-new now the
next step is to begin connecting the two batteries together that’ll take two
heavy cables to connect the two batteries together one going from the
positive terminal on one battery to the positive terminal on the other battery
just as you see in the picture so I’ll put that heavy cable up there that
happens to be a 1 gauge cable and I’ll put the 2 hex nuts and spin them down
somewhat loosely to keep that red cable from moving around I use red for the
positive on both batteries and I’ll have a black cable that I’ll put on the
negative side the negative terminal of both batteries and I’ll Snug it down
just exactly like I did the red cable for the positive leads again I’m using a
couple of hex nuts to secure loosely secure both ends of that black cable on
the negative terminals and I’ll snug all four nuts down again with my half-inch
socket as I talk in the socket you’ll notice
that I don’t really put a lot of force on it we want a good electrical
connection we want to tight enough that it won’t vibrate loose but we don’t want
to take a chance on damaging the battery or the battery terminals by over
tightening those two nuts so just get them snug but don’t over-tighten them
and run the risk of breaking something inside the battery all right those seem
to be in pretty good shape so now I have my two batteries connected in what is
called parallel the next thing I’ll do is reconnect the positive wires that go
to the travel trailer I put the ring terminal over the stud and tighten that
down with one of the wing nuts in this case as you can see I’m only going to
tighten that hand tight there’s no reason to put a wrench on that I could
have put it by the way on either one of the positive terminals but I’m going to
make both connections here on the left-hand battery there’s electrically
no difference considering that I have very heavy cables connecting the two
batteries together once again I’m using a wing nut to put that ground back on
and at this point I’m electrically reconnected with two batteries in
parallel feeding my travel trailer next step will be to to tidy up the cables
and put the battery box cover back on both batteries so I’ll do the left one
as you can see here and I’ll finish up when it’s snug down I’ll finish up by
putting the other battery box cover on the right battery box and putting both
straps back in place I’ll make sure that both straps go under the frame rails to
hold the batteries in place I’ll reconnect the propane line to the tank
if I needed to turn the propane back on I would but in this case I don’t and the
fourth step is to confirm that I actually do have 12-volt DC you
the RV by turning on a light so that does it I’ll see you on the next video
and remember I’m not Chuck

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