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Adelaide Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The city of Adelaide lies on the Torrens River
and is the capital of South Australia. To the south lies the vast Great Southern
Ocean. To the north, a series of fertile hills that stretch away
into the country’s dramatic red centre. Adelaide is a compact beachside city, filled
with churches, hand crafted stone buildings and picturesque
parklands, a romantic legacy of its early history Unlike many of Australia’s capital cities, it was founded, not by convicts but by successive
waves of free settlers and immigrants. These early travellers brought with them a
sense of elegance and refinement, as they set about creating a better life for
themselves, thousands of miles from home. Today’s Adelaide is a beautiful combination
of the old world and the new. It is a place to relax and rediscover the
good things in life. Slow down and take the time to enjoy locally
sourced food, award winning wine and a history laced with passion, romance and beauty. Leave the car behind and stroll to Victoria
Square, right in the heart of the city’s mile-wide
grid. Wander along the North Terrace District and explore the four terraces that frame the city like a painting. Even the graceful buildings that house the
museums and galleries, echo with stories from the past. Ayers House is a fine example of Regency architecture and one of the original mansions built in this district. At the South Australian Museum, learn about the rich cultures that were already
in place before the Europeans arrived. Stop by the Art Gallery of South Australia, and enjoy the extensive collections of Australian
and international art. In Adelaide, horticulture has also evolved
into an art form. You’ll feel as though you have stepped into
a painting by Monet at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Set on the edge of the central business district, this quiet space features walking trails,
conservatories and 3 spectacular glasshouses. Across town is the the Himeji Garden, where waterscapes create images of vastness
and grandeur. The legendary Adelaide Oval is another beautiful
blend of the old and new. It’s modern design sits well beside the
century-old manual scoreboard, and many visitors claim this to be one of
the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. Just a short tram ride away are Adelaide’s
glittering beaches. Spend some time at Glenelg beach which was
one of the first European settlements in the state. As the day winds down, discover the city’s
culinary credentials. Of course, this city is also the gateway to
the famous Barossa and Claire Valleys, a food and wine lovers paradise. Hire a car for the short 1 hour journey to
the Barossa, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Many of the earliest settlers here came from
Germany, bringing with them grapes from their homeland. The climate proved to be a perfect fit and
the area is now internationally famous for its outstanding shiraz and reisling. Enjoy a meal at one of the local wineries, or pick up supplies at the Barossa Markets. Pack a picnic and head out into the countryside
to admire the stunning view. It is a view which has changed little since
this fertile land first offered free men and women the vision
of a new life. Today, Adelaide’s, old world elegance continues
to attract visitors who return time and again to rediscover life’s genuine pleasures.


  • Andrew Nathan

    Love the city so much. Close, compact, everything within reach, much like how it was when I went to college in Philly. It reminds me of Philadelphia so much that you could call it the Philly of Australia!!!!!

  • Van Ngo

    I've never been to this beautiful country but thanks to those incredible videos, I MUST MUST make it there. Adelaide or many other Australian cities are all stunning! Thank you Expedia!


    Hey just wondering can you name some of those paintings you said they were before the Europeans came i am interested in those!

  • Rania Moe

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to study medicine in AUS but not sure which city to pick Adelaide or Melbourne? I heard life in Adelaide is boring? Thanks


    WHAT AN AWESOME CITY !!!!!!!!!
    i accept ANY invitation to work & live there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronriko1

    I was a UniSA international student in 2010-2011 and absolutely loved how the city is planned, a truly 'garden city' with parklands and a lot of greenery. The old architectural buildings that line the core CBD streets are just magnificent. I left when the new Royal Hospital is just been planned at North Terrace, it must be completed  by now. Nice place to raise a family i'd say.

  • John Ibrahim

    Thanks white people. Australia's just around 200 years old and look where we are now, one of the best country in the world.

  • Jaycee Bernardino

    I visited Adelaide last year and I came from the Philippines. I have mostly seen everything in the video in person. It was really beautiful, cant wait to go back! 🙂

  • Herzio

    Is the sea in Adelaide's beach cold? I see weather there and it says around 16ºC so it is cold D: is the water of the sea cold as well?

  • kab00mination

    Need to mention all our festivals too. We're called the festival state for a reason. Our Mad March (and February) festival period is undoubtably the best time to visit

  • Tree

    Hey Adelaide, you do know you can build taller skyscrapers. Helps make the city a little more impressive. You're falling behind!

  • MindBender 54

    I really don't understand why people bash Adelaide so much, if you find it boring then don't go, if you live there then move. what people need to understand is adelaide is not Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or whatever city you think is well built and beautiful, adelaide has its own kind of beauty, and if you failed to see it, then keep moving because it's not for you

  • Sakina Kassim

    I'm in love with a guy who lives in Adelaide, I had insecurities of going there but now…. I will send him a yes without thinking twice , the place is beautiful and so is my love!

  • Fadhil Ali

    For me, what makes this Adelaide video even better is its back song. It is definitely the best back song among other Australian cities videos. Could you please tell me what is the title of the song/instrumental music? This video reminds me of my visit last year where I made it all of the places mentioned here. But I think you also need to talk about beautiful Hahndorf, Mt Lofty lookout, and probably, kangaroo island.

  • Madison Ward

    "Unlike many other Australian capital cities, it was not made up of convicts"

    yet the government at the time spent 2/3 of its budget on a jail

  • Surajit Bhattacharya

    Great place to stay! Very green, very sunny and with a mild weather this is an extremely livable. The food and the wine are world class! The sporting scene and the theatre life is also excellent.

  • glanee fernandez atendido

    My home for 7yrs❤️.. Relax, laidback, classy small city.. Had good memories, good friends cos of you..I luv u my dear Adelaide.

  • Tyler Williams

    Greatest city of all time. Lived here for my whole life and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It is a BRILLIANT city and you HAVE to come and visit.

  • Simon Vance

    Would NOT recommend adelaide as a place to live. The most UNpeaceful place I have ever lived..all you hear on the road is one obnoxious idiot after another day and night

  • YAJ

    No celebrities ever come to Adelaide 🙁 They are like "AUSTRALIAN TOUR!!!" and they go everywhere except Adelaide and I think it is the same for Darwin.

  • Kris B

    We drove from nsw to adelaide the other day. Im from adelaide. As we drove in on the a32 my friend says we must be near the beach with all those seagulls? Umm no. Thats all from the Wingfield rubbish tip. Its actually a pretty awful look driving in past all that factory and rubbish. I lived in adl for 35yrs and can't say i miss the place.

  • Natalie Tsz Ching Chan

    I just came back from Adelaide yesterday, it was AMAZING! Yes, it's true that Adelaide might be boring for those party and night animals, but it's definitely a lovely city surrounded by the nature, you can easily find parks around it. Anyway I'll definitely visit Adelaide again very soon xx love from Melbourne

  • nowshad rahman

    Im going to this beautiful place on 8th July 2018.. Um so excited as it feels to me
    like um going to see heaven.. 😀

  • fleszmuzik

    I have returned from Australia after 6 months spent in Adelaide. I lived in UK for 11 years and thought it would be nice to settle in Oz, have a nice house , good weather close to the ocean etc. So after 3 years I got state sponsored visa and had to go to Adelaide (I wanted to go to Brisbane initially). Well, I lasted 6 months lol. I worked there, bought 2 cars (for me and my wife), rented a newly built house, bought furniture and did everything in reverse after couple of months time. In short, the reasons were: lack of culture, weird people – a lot mentally ill, depressed , and no chance to have any conversation, empty streets even though I was 5km from city centre, driving , driving and driving.. no motorways, speed limits 60kmh, long time to get to work, traffic, chinese everywhere, no mot for cars, bad roads, pollution, expensive cars, everything expensive, sun burns your skin even when 20C, loud birds as crazy as people lol , low quality restaurants – couldn't find any decent curry or thai as in UK, lack of fashion, radio played only songs from 70s, town was stuck in 70-80s, old buildings, old people everywhere, all young ones left to look for jobs interstate. Need to go to offices in person to do most of the jobs instead of doing it online, for example car registration. Good points – fresh tasty fruit . I wouldn't consider this place even for retirement, too boring. This is purely about Adelaide, I haven't visited anywhere else.

  • hannah roach


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  • Anoop K A

    Australia is the most exquisite country, I really fascinated to live and work in Aussizz. Moreover, they are protecting nature in incredible ways also have many alluring tall buildings.

  • hungryman029

    I suggest coming here in our summer season and take your kids on a strawberry picking at the beerenburg strawberry farm near harndorf in the Adelaide hills or Melba's Chocolate Factory. During winter we'll Adelaide has library's museums and art galleries to explore but it's still kinda boring in winter the city is so focus on its summer places not much to do in winter.

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