ADLEY LEARNS to DOLPHiN!! Family Vacation Day 2! exploring new indoor fun at the hotel magic arcade!
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ADLEY LEARNS to DOLPHiN!! Family Vacation Day 2! exploring new indoor fun at the hotel magic arcade!

– (screams) (techno music) – [Mom] Whoa! (running water) (button clicks) – [Mom] That is so cool! – Whoo hoo! Whoa! (water splashes) (groans) – It’s not a great time to film right now. (dramatic musical sting) – [Niko] (shrieks)
– [Dad] I am filming. – (screams) – Perfect way to start the day. (slide whistle)
– (howls) – [Dad] Hi! – She likes to be quiet, and I do too. – [Dad] Good job! Niko likes to be loud. – I do. (screams) – Welcome to another best day ever, it is 7:00 a.m., and we’re going to yoga. I don’t even know what that means. – Yoga’s fun! – And yoga’s fun. – Welcome to another best day ever! – [Dad] Oh yeah, hit the button.
– Where are we going? – [Dad] Down. – Down or up, mommy?
– [Mom] Down. – [Dad] (laughs) I like
how she never trusts me, she always has to confirm with mom. Dad doesn’t really know what’s
going on, he’s just filming. (both laugh) – (excited baby noise) – [Dad] You wanna get some money? Sorry bud, no money.
– (grunts) – Dang, this place is poppin’, it’s like 7:30 in the morning now! Who are these people
that are up this early? – It’s a children’s resort! – I wanna go to a
retirement person’s resort! Where it’s 11:00 a.m. and
everyone’s in bed still. – I found him sleeping
in a booth with like, four other old people. – [Dad] Hiya! Here you go Niko, I got you a mat! Start doing yoga! (air whips) – [Mom] Whoa! (claps) – [Dad] Good yoga!
– [Mom] Yay! (claps) – We’re so good at yoga. – [Mom] (laughs) – Watch this, vlog! Two, three, (air whips) – This is my yoga. (punches) (cartoony sounds) – [Mom] (laughs) (cartoony sounds) – [Mom] (laughs) – [Instructor] All right. – Yeah! (techno music) – [Instructor] Both hands up like this. And they give you the
balance from side to side like you’re dancing. (laughs) – Whoa. – Likes this. Good job. – [Dad] Hi. – Hi! (laughs) (techno music) – [Instructor] …little
harder, so, make it easy! – [Dad] Holy cow, you’re doing so good! – [Instructor] Next we
have the challenge pose. – [Mom] Yes! – [Dad] Is this your favorite pose? – I love doing this! – [Child] Whoo! – (laughs) – [Dad] Get her, Niko!
– [Mom] Just be climbing on everyone. – [Dad] (laughs) He’s riding Adley! – [Mom] Whoa. – [Adley] Oh! (laughs) – [Dad] Good job! – (screams) – [Instructor] It’s not too
much, we don’t want you falling. – [Niko] Ah! – [Dad] Good yoga, buddy. – (laughs) – [Dad] Hi! – Hi, dad! – [Dad] What are you doing? (laughs) Ooh. Good job. (techno music) – [Dad] Hi! – Hi! – (mumbles) – [Instructor] All right, so
those are the poses we’re gonna be doing this morning. – [Dad] Good yoga, Niko. – Ah! – [Dad] Yeah! – Oh! (techno music) – [Instructor] …was
busy, testing his balance. – [Woman] Woo! – [Dad] Oh, did he do? – (mumbles) – [Adley] Hey vlog!
– [Dad] What? – Riley’s over there, but the girl wolf is supposed to be here, but
mommy said it’s going potty but it’s not. It’s just gone and now
the boy wolf’s here. – [Dad] Yeah. All right, what’d everyone
get for breakfast today? – Peaches and waffles. – [Dad] Again? I did the same thing again too. It’s delicious!
– What’s he eating? I think he’s eating, – [Dad] What?
– Ow, don’t bite me! He’s eating the end of
the orange. (laughs) He bit me, I can’t get it out! – [Dad] Don’t eat the end
of the orange, it’s gross! – Spit it out! – Ah. (silverware clinks) – Ouch! – [Dad] (laughs)
– Spit it out! – [Dad] He’s trapping ya! – (giggles) – [Dad] (laughs) He’s tricking mom! – (giggles) – [Dad] How’d ya like yoga? – Hiya! – [Dad] Do you feel
energized for the day then? – Yeah. – [Mom] What was your favorite position? – I like the one where you curl
up and lay down like a baby. That was my favorite one. – Niko’s just staring at him. – [Dad] Niko’s like
“don’t come over here”, Adley’s like “please come over here”. – Keeping his eye on him. – [Adley] Papa look, here he’s coming – Oh, here he comes!
– [Dad] Here he comes. – [Woman] Hi, would you
guys like to see Lobo? – [Dad] Hi! – Hello. – [Mom] Oh! – [Dad] Whoa, good high five! Do you wanna go get a picture with him? All right guys, get a screenshot! Boop! That was a good picture! Bye! Good job, Niko!
– He’s so good! – [Woman] You didn’t cry! – He’s slowly getting used to
giant, scary animals. (laughs) – (shrieks)
– Dad! It’s not a great time to film right now! – [Niko] (shrieks)
– [Dad] I am filming! What do you wanna play first? – Um, well let me, this one! – [Dad] What’s this one called? I can’t remember. – Bowl-into-the-hole! – [Dad] You wanna do this one, mom? – ‘Kay. – [Dad] ‘Kay, let’s all do it. (smacks) – Whoa! – [Mom] (laughs) (smacks) – (laughs) (smacks) (laughs) – [Mom] Adley, you gotta
throw it down right there! – Woo!
– [Mom] Yay! – You gotta like, keep
Niko protected while she’s, nana, protect Niko. – I gotta get money. (techno music) – [Adley] Wahoo! – Aha! – Whoa!
– [Mom] Yes! – Whoa! (record scratch) (crickets)
– [Mom] (laughs) (techno music) – Wee! Whoa. (shrieks) – [Dad] Not a bad start to the day. – Yeah, pretty good. – Tickets on tickets. – Yep.
– You could fill a briefcase with all these tickets. – (laughs) (cow moos) – [Dad] Whoa! Whoa. – Whoa. – [Mom] Woohoo! – [Dad] Woo!
– Woo! – [Dad] You won tickets? – Tickets!
– [Dad] Good job buddy! (motors) – [Dad] Get ’em Niko, get ’em! (techno music) – [Mom] Woo! Dancin’. (techno music) – [Mom] Keep it right there,
– [Dad] More! keep it right there! (electronic noises) – [Dad] What? You got two of ’em! – (shrieks) – [Dad] He’s escaping! (techno music) – [Dad] What? – Wow! – [Dad] You got all the way to the top! – Set. Woo!
– [Dad] Whoa! (button clicks) – [Dad] Good job! All right, I wanna try this,
I’m gonna rock you, babe! – Ooh, do you wanna have a competition? – Yeah, let’s see who can get the most. What’s the winner get? – A 10 minute back rub. – A 10 minute back rub during nap time. – Ready, on your mark, get set, go! (button clicks, techno music) – Booyah baby! 10 minute back rub! – [Dad] This key did not work! – When you mess up, it stops working! – (laughs) Wait wait wait wait wait! I’ve got an idea! I’m gonna do it on the green one, and that’s the comparison. (button clicks, techno music) – Woo baby! It’s ’cause you mess up! And I don’t mess up. (laughs) – [Dad] What are we getting? We got 300. – I want that ball. – [Dad] A big ball? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, what else will you want? – Skittles, and then that’s it. This one! – [Mom] Ooh, I like that one. – [Dad] ‘Kay, what one should Niko get? – This one. – [Dad] That one’s cool! – I want Niko to have this one! – [Mom] Okay! – [Dad] ‘Kay! Niko! Look, Niko! Hey, Niko! (growls)
– [Mom] (laughs) – [Dad] Look, I got you something! Whoa! Whoa! – (excited shriek) – Whoa!
– [Mom] Oh boy. – (shrieks)
– [Dad] Bouncy balls are a bad idea. ‘Kay, where are we going now? – We’re going swimming! – [Dad] Swimming? – What, Where’s mom and – [Dad] Hey. – Niko? – [Dad] Where the heck? – They might be over (shocking musical sting) (screams, all laugh) – [Dad] Hey, let Niko
run through the hallways, this is his favorite part!
– Yuck! – Okay, go, go go go!
– (screams) – It’s okay. – [Dad] (laughs) Another day of swimming, we didn’t get to do the
wave pool last time, and some new slides.
– And we didn’t get to do those tubes! – We’re doing the other side of the water park today.
– Yes. – [Dad] I bet it’s this one!
– [Mom] I bet it’s this one! – I say it’s this one.
– I bet it’s, this one with mom! – Who’s right? – Who’s right? – One just opened down here! (all scream) (shrieks) – [Dad] Go go go go! Niko, hurry! (techno music) – (shrieks) (mom and dad laugh) (techno music) (rushing water) (techno music) – Woo! (techno music) – Whoa! – [Dad] No, the waves are on!
– We’re in the waves! – [Dad] Watch out, Adley! – [Mom] Woo! (techno music) – [Dad] Whoa! We’re at the very front! – (giggles) (dolphin noises) – [Dad] Is it close? – Yeah!
– [Dad] I think it’s close! (running water) – [Dad] Whoa! Crazy! We’re going on the coyote one. It’s this big orange thing. That’s what we’re doing! Jenny picked it. Brought her back. – Go for a ride. Ah!
– Here we go! (screams) – Woo! – Oh my gosh!
– This is inside the turbo sim! – [Mom] Oh no! Oh no! (both scream) Oh my gosh! (water splashes) (dolphin noises) – (laughs)Are you okay? – [Mom] (laughs)
– Yeah! There’s a dolphin!
– (laughs) – So fun! – That was way fun! – Yeah. – She was freaked out that
I came up like a dolphin. – No, no no no no!
– Oh! – Oh baby!
– Oh! – Oh! (groans) – We’re doing so good.
– We’re watching Rocket League We’re doing way good today,
we haven’t lost a game yet. It’s tied and there’s nine seconds left! – Ah! – He’s got it. – No! – Oh, he’s got it. – Oh, get down! – Okay.
– Get down! – Oh my gosh,
– Oh no, let it – How’s it not hit the ground?
– Hit the ground! – Hit the ground! – Okay.
– (sighs in relief) – (laughs) This series. Don’t end like this. Holy!
– Oh! – We got our new Rocket League skins, don’t they look really cool? Guys, in Rocket League,
– No! – You can get a space station gaming car. ‘Kay.
– Yes, here we go! – They’re going down.
– Yes yes yes yes! (all celebrate) – Close, we almost scored!
– Ooh! – I’m freaking out, holy cow. Get it out of here! – Get it out of here! – (laughs) – Here we go!
– Here we go! Line it up! – Oh, there it is, there it is! – We did it!
– (shrieks) (all shriek and laugh) – It was so close! – Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh!
– Oh! – (shrieks)
– Go go go! – Oh my gosh!
– Oh, this is so silly! This is just turning into
a straight reaction video. Oh my gosh!
– (grunts) The over time’s longer than
– Come on! – The actual game, here we go! (all celebrate) – Yes! – Woo! – Woohoo! – [Dad] Oh. – Yes! – [Dad] I think she’s excited. – Mommy! – All right, you gotta
pick out what you want. – I want that. – [Mom] The squirrel?
– [Dad] The squirrel, Sammy? – Yeah. – [Dad] Do you want it
on your armor your hand? Ooh, right there? Where do you think?
– [Mom] There. – Um.
– [Dad] You choose. – I think right here. – [Dad] Right there? All right. (laughs) Adley’s a trend-setter, shin tattoos are so 2020. – Look at it! – [Dad] Whoa, that’s crazy. – [Mom] Ooh! – Huh? – [Dad] What’s she doing? – She’s adding glue. – [Dad] Glue? It’s a glitter glue tattoo? – Um, that one and that one. – [Woman] You want these two? (background talking) – [Dad] What do you think? – Cool. – [Mom] That is so cool! What? That’s so cool, Adley! – [Dad] That’s way cool! Good idea with pink and purple. Dude, that’s awesome!
– [Mom] Ooh! (air whips) – [Dad] (laughs) I missed. – I’m so silly. (laughs) – [Dad] (laughs) – [Dad] Your wildest dreams
– Oh man. – [Dad] Are coming true, babe. My dreams came true and Rocket League won, now Jenny’s dreams are coming true and she’s getting the squirrel on her leg. – What colors, Adley? – Black, and purple. – [Mom] Black and purple? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] Black and purple? That sounds cool.
– I like that, yeah. Those are my softball colors. – [Dad] And your Tesla colors. (laughs) – That’s true! (laughs) (synth rock music) – [Woman] They’re so cute.
– [Mom] Yeah! – [Dad] What’s up, squirrel buddies? – Woohoo, squirrel buddies! Squirrel buddies. (synth rock music) – [Adley] I want this!
– [Dad] Ooh. – Perfect! – [Woman] Do you want like,
this one in the bunny, or do you want it like this? – [Mom] Oh, that looks so good. Look how cute! – [Dad] Baby bear!
– [Mom] I know! (pins falling over) – [Dad] Woo!
– I can do this! – [Mom] Oh no. Oh! – [Dad] Good job Niko!
– [Mom] Yay Niko! – [Dad] I think he’s enjoying
this, I’m not sure though. (laughs) – [Mom] Yeah. There you go! Oh yeah!
– [Adley] Yes yes yes! (pins fall over) (all celebrate) – [Mom] Yes! – [Adley] Yes yes yes! (all celebrate) (synth rock music) – [Dad] Whoa! (pins fall over) (all celebrate) (synth rock music) (pins fall over) – I got a strike, and you didn’t film it? – [Dad] I didn’t see it! (pins fall over) Oh, almost a strike! (pins fall over) – [Dad] Woo! Hey! Did you do that? – Look! (shrieks) – [Dad] We’re heading back to the hallways and running (laughs)
– (shrieks) – It’s been nothing
– [Niko] (shrieks) – But fun today.
– [Niko] (shrieks) – I think we’re gonna try
and get these kids to bed way early, like I’m
talking 7 o’clock early, ’cause that’s like 8 o’clock Utah time. Even if it wasn’t, let’s
just get ’em to bed early. Huh? – Yeah. (shrieks) – And then I think me and Jenny
are gonna try and sneak out, and go on a secret water
slide date tonight, once they’re asleep. You’re gonna hold down the fort while we go on a secret water slide date? Yes! – Niko, Niko, Niko, Niko!
– Niko, Niko, Niko, Niko! – [Dad] Come on bud, you can do it! – You can make it, come on! – Niko, Niko! – [Dad] Come on, bud! Come on!
– [Mom] You can make it! – (shrieks)
– [Mom] Come on! Come on!
– [Adley] Come on! – [Mom] Niko! – [Adley] Can he come? – [Dad] No!
– [Mom] Niko! – [Dad] (laughs) That’s the wrong way! We were almost to the
room, and he just fell! And he didn’t have any more energy. – [Adley] I got my little baby! – What?
– [Dad] Oh no. You got him? – Yeah, I got my little baby. – [Dad] You trapped him? – Ha ha, get him! – (screams) – Run!
– [Adley] Open the door! – He’s coming! – [Dad] We almost got
him in, corral him in! – [Mom] Run away, run away! Oh no, hide, hide!
– [Dad] He made it back! – (gasps) (roars) Tricked him. (finger snaps) – [Dad] Oh, we did it! Babe.
– [Adley] Take my shoes! – [Dad] That was the best day ever. – Guess what? I got you something. – [Dad] What? – This is for you.
– [Dad] Oh. Thank you. Guys, look how crazy this is. There is a zit on my eye. I don’t know if you can
see that right there. It hurts so bad, I’m gonna survive. And we’re gonna go on a hot date tonight. – (laughs) – [Dad] What? Hey, no, wait no, no, hey!
– [Adley] (giggles) – [Dad] No, hey!
– [Adley] (giggles) – [Dad] Hey, hey no!
– [Adley] (giggles) – [Dad] What are you doing?
– [Adley] (giggles) – [Dad] Um, well, do you
want to end the vlog? How are you gonna end it?
– Take that! – [Dad] Oh, hey hey hey! – Like this! (laughs) – [Dad] Wait, what are you doing? – Like this. Right here.
– [Dad] Okay, I’ll go through here. Ready. – Set, go. Thanks for watching, bye! (smacks)
– [Dad] (laughs) – Let’s go. – Kids are asleep, we have
an hour and 20 minutes before the pool closes. Water slide date.
– Now let’s go. – Yes. – We’re gonna get in the water slides as many times as possible. (techno music) – Oh! (shrieks) (laughs) (screams) It’s dark! I can’t see!
– [Dad] (screams) – [Mom] (screams) (both scream) – [Dad] (laughs) – Oh my! – [Dad] Woo! Whoa!
– Whoa! – [Dad] Oh my gosh!
– Oh my gosh! – [Dad] That was insane!
– That was so scary! Woo! (techno music) – Woohoo! Woo! Woo! – [Dad] (laughs) – Whoa! (water splashes) – (grunts)
– Woo! (techno music) (smacks) – Woo! (smacks) – Nailed it.


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