ADVENTURE HUSKIES | Camping with Dogs Day 3 & 4
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ADVENTURE HUSKIES | Camping with Dogs Day 3 & 4

What? Are you being feisty?
(Oakley barks)
Look how feisty you are! (Oakley barks) *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” If you would like to see even more,
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description below. Yeah?
(Oakley barks)
Are you excitable? Shelby’s just sitting here like,
“Why? Why is she making all
this noise?” “I can’t handle this!”
(Laughter) (Oakley growls)
(Shelby whines) You can’t play with everybody!
Were all go and play
together soon! (Car sounds) -Jessica- Look at yous! Aren’t you all adorable? Alright! So the girls…
are at…
the Keweenaw County… record height snowfall.
I keep wanting to say,
is a thermometer. -Jamie- (Laughter) It looks like…
-Jessica- It does!
(Laughter) -Charles- The thermometer says “Very cold!”
-Jessica- Alright! What you think girls?
You wanna move up here
and get tons of snow? Oscar is like,
“I would be buried!”
(Laughter) Memphis and I,
are going up the steps! To see, what we can see! What can we see up here baby?
Oh is cold up here! What can we see?
Wind! We made it up the steps and
this is the view we get. There’s some friends down there! We found another waterfall! You girls, are going to
another waterfall? (Waterfall sounds) There it is! The Manabezho Falls! What you think about that girls?
Are you soaked?
I’m soaked! I’ll probably show you guys
what he’s doing. (Jamie)
We just got back to camp! And this is what he’s doing!
-Jamie- Hi!
-Jessica- Hi Jamie! -Jamie- We just found as far…
-Jessica- Showing them, that is pouring rain! I think we worn out the dogs!
-Jamie- They are pretty tiered! -Jessica- You think…
-Jamie- Look like there’s a mere right there…
-Jessica- Right? They don’t even realize, they are
touching each other!
-Jamie- ¡No! (Laughter) -Jessica- There’s Oakley down there!
-Jamie- Oakley…
-Jessica- She’s out! -Jamie- Yeah!
-Jessica- Still raining… -Jessica- Good morning once again girls! Are we getting ready for another day of adventuring?
Sounds another day of adventure!
Nora’s over here hanging out on the line. Everybody else, over there
are eating breakfast! Good morning ‘Pawdience!’ Whoa! You guys think
you are special or what? Shelby’s face!
She’s like, “Yep! Yep! Yep!” Yeah? What are you guys doing?
Are you playing? (Background sounds) (Laughter) Oscar’s like,
“You are petting all those dogs!”
(Laughter) (Oakley barks) Yeah? This is how you walk three (3) Huskys!
You lean back…
(Laughter) …and walk!
That’s how you do it, right? These girls are like,
“We can do this!” I can do it!
I got… Maybe not,
they probably are leaving! (Laughter) Girls are running adventure! Were going to see some waterfalls! Memphis is like,
“I want to go faster!”
(Laughter) -Jamie- Stand by the trail..
-Jessica- (To Memphis) Not trail! Hey! Hey!
Where you’re going? That’s not the trail! PULL!
(Laughter) Don’t worry guys!
I got my belt!
I’m good! (To Memphis)
There you go! Good job! There’s the girls!
(Waterfall sounds)
I got Memphis! This is Jamie’s favorite
waterfall, but since
we’ve had so much rain it’s flowing like crazy! -Jamie- Wow!
That’s a lot of water! -Jessica- Right? -Jamie- They can’t hear us,
but we made it!
We made it, to about the river… It’s right there! Look at that…
It’s pretty autumn colors! (Waterfall sounds) -Jamie- (To dogs) Going for
some run? -Jessica- That’s all your friends!
Here we go, half a mile uphil.
This probably won’t be the best thing we did all day! (To Nora)
A posed view covered squirrel…
-Charles- Good job Nora! (Laughter) Gooooo Nora!
Power walking! Memphis, how you feel us? She’s like,
“Guys! This is so cool!
This is great!” We made it to Summit Peak! Is Lake Superior that you see,
way over there! What you think Memphis?
Now, you have no fear? OK! Maybe you do
have fear!
Now, were all sitting down See?
It’s not so bad!
Yeah! (To Memphis)
Go on honey! You can do it!
I’m so proud of you! I’m so proud of you! Hey girls!
Did you girls get a good nap, huh?
Did you get a good nap while we were up there?
You both look pretty tiered! The dogs had made it
to Lake in the Clouds! What you think girls? All your doggie friends
are over there…
There’s the Lake in the Clouds Oakley,
you made some epic hikes today.
What do you think? What is this Shelby?
Oakley’s like,
“Ahh! The winds feels amazing!” “Amazing!” Now, you can be mountain dog Shelby! (Laughter) Oakley’s doing so good! Alright!
We are back at camp! Our girls just took dinner,
so they are relaxing. Oakley did amazing today!
We did absolutely amazing “Fluffy!”
You were champion! (To Shelby)
You stole her bed thought!
That’s not very nice of you Shelby! Look at these sleepy dogs!
Look it!
Oh! It’s a yawn! They had, such an amazing day today! Shelby, I don’t think daddy’s
gonna let you stay there! (Laughter)
But maybe! Maybe he will! Good night ‘Pawdience!”
(Wispers to dogs)
Good night ‘Pawdience!’ Good night ‘Pawdience!’
Good night ‘Pawdience!’ (Soft music) *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*


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