African Safari – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES
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African Safari – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

From morning till noon we have not seen a single animal. It was better to go to a zoo rather than coming here. You will see. Over there the bush is shaking, it might be the Tiger. Oh my lord! Tiger, what if the Tiger catches us? Help!! Oh my god! Jhatka you shoot with the camera. And if the Tiger attacks then I will shoot him with my gun. Look over there, that thing is called the jeep. In that the people come to watch the wild animals. This is your Tiger, why are you making fool of us? Give our money back, we haven’t seen any animal so far. Look there is something on the tree, I think it is Anaconda. Look all the birds are flying. Oh my lord! If Anaconda catches us, then we are gone. Mummy! Help! Why are you screaming? Sure we will see, if you are lucky then you will be able to see the skeleton Dinosaur. Oh my god! Now, what is this skeleton Dinosaur? It’s dinosaur’s skeleton, this sleeps in the night. And wakes up with the sun’s first rays in the morning. If you are not able to show us any animal, then why are you cooking up stories? I am telling the truth, skeleton dinosaur exists. Only few people could see him. it is heard that water should not be given to this dinosaur or else he grows very big. Hold the tents. Or else it will fly off. In the name of my patients, Motu do something. Empty stomach my brain doesn’t work. I think we will have to spend the night over here only. I will not get a single samosa to eat over here. Oh my lord! Here it is the matter of life and he wants to have samosa. Yes we got to see skeleton dinosaur, the guide was right. Swear in the name of my patients, if this thing comes to life then, none of us will be alive. The guide was making fool of us, I feel like to stay here forever. Such a beautiful place. Hear the sound of the wind, as if it is giving birth to a new life. The air is giving birth to a new life, run!! Why you have to run for this? Every life has the right to be born. Why are they running? Mummy! Help! This is dinosaur’s ghost. Help!! Oh my god! God solve this problem. Patlu do something, empty stomach my brain doesn’t work. Motu, the guide had told that there is a samosa shop at the top of the mountain. Long live! Where is the samosa shop? Leave the samosa, there are caves in the mountain, the dinosaur is coming, let’s hide in that. Run! Motu. Patlu, the guide had told that there is a samosa shop, then sure it should be there. Let’s look out for it. Oh my lord! The dinosaur is coming near. If you don’t come inside then he will make samosa of yours and eat it. Motu come inside! Patlu, show me where is the samosa shop? Patlu let’s go out, the shop is somewhere there. Motu keep on running, if you are alive then only you can eat samosa. Come inside brother dinosaur brother, it is not easy to eat us. Mummy! Help! May all the medicines goes in your mouth. Dinosaur has eaten us all, is this the age to die so early? Patlu do something, empty stomach my brain doesn’t work. Stop crying and come out. How can I come out? Dinosaur has eaten us. Long live! If he cannot eat us, then why did we run from him? He can chew us, look at his teeth. Motu stop, ahead valley is there. If I stop then I will never be able to run again. Hey, we got saved. Hey first you caught my leg and now because of you people, dinosaur is behind me, leave me. No! Help! Is it real or dream? Have it. Long live!! Brother dinosaur common, let me see how much strength you got? Hey the name is Chingum and it’s impossible to escape from Chingum’s web. Swear to you in the name of Mother India, stop it in the name of India, or else? Let’s run from here, before he gets back to life. Yes, it is better for all. I am very thirsty, poor dinosaur, must be thirsty, let me give him some water. No! Don’t give him water, guide had told if you give water to him he will grow bigger. Motu what have you done?


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