Air Ride Suspension on an RV??  Check out iFlex SMARTryde Walk-Through by AKTV8 and MorRyde
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Air Ride Suspension on an RV?? Check out iFlex SMARTryde Walk-Through by AKTV8 and MorRyde

have you ever wondered why RVs do not
have air ride suspension like the big rigs do you’re not want to miss this
video hey y’all I’m Lisa and I’m Jimmy we are
find us camping for those of you that have been with us before you probably
already saw the video where we went over our top five picks from the Tampa RV
show if you’re new with us thanks for tuning in
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show well wait while you guys subscribe and ring the bell ok we’re back so today we want to tell
you about something that we did see while we were at the Tampa show it
wasn’t available for aftermarket purchase just yet I do believe they’re
putting it out on some of the newer RVs and they are working to make it an
aftermarket product but as of yet they aren’t quite there before we ever left
to go to Tampa all the way from Arizona Lisa found this video online about this
new air ride suspension so we were hoping that we might be able to see it
when we went to Tampa and we did so when we got there I knew that it was a new
newer company it was activate a Katy v8 intelligence and motion but that they
were making this product in conjunction with more ride so I looked for activate
on the map of course I didn’t find them but of course I could find more right so
we went to the more ride booth and I don’t remember the gentleman’s name that
we spoke to at first but he told us that we needed to speak with Gary wheeler and
Gary was talking to someone else but we patiently waited to speak with so Gary
for those of you who don’t know works for more ride has for quite some time he
is the one that drives around the more ride fusion and camps in it and uses it
drives it you know everything Jojen yeah hashtag fusion so gary was nice enough
and it was one of the hotter days that we were there to walk all the way out
across the parking lot to where his fusion was parked so that he could give
us a demo this new air ride system a couple of the
things I know Gary touches on a couple of things it’ll do and he wasn’t able to
show it to us in motion because he’s camping in the fusion right now so his
slides around he’s level and all that kind of stuff but he did open it up show
us the control panel explain to us how it’s gonna work
how the the leveling system works how you can if you were at your campsite and
you wanted to drop the back the tailgate to load up your toys you can actually
drop the back end of the trailer let it kneel down so that you’re not coming in
at such an angle sometimes it looks like this and you drag coming into the back
of this back of the gate so that is one plus another plus is if you have kids
that have bicycles you’ll be able to air up the tires if they have a low tire or
on a golf cart and Jimmy’s favorite I could put my truck tires up because you
cannot find air for 80 pounds or your trailer tires for 110 pounds of pressure
at any local gas station or wherever they have air so we always have a lot of
problems trying to find places to find air to pump up the tires so if we get
this system we will get a pump them up from the rig itself which is nice so
without further ado let’s hear what Gary has to say about the system and how it
works on his fusion take it over Gary you
okay when you’re in the park position you just put it on the level did I push
that you just hit the level and it’ll level up automatically the nice feature
about this is it’s going to level down instead of up like you’re six six point
systems so it’s going to keep you at the lowest possible point that’s nice
when you get ready to leave you get everything packed up you would hit hitch
wait until the compressor builds up the pressure and then you it will also take
you to the point of where you were at when you unhook so those does know tow
once I’ve got it hooked up to the truck and it’ll bring everything up and lock
it in place you’ll notice on the back here your stabilizer on it okay
stabilizer puts about two to three hundred foot pounds of pressure on there
try moving this back in Oh like a rock those of course
automatically retract or extend opinion on which direction you’re going there’s the the heart of it the airbags
is to compressive on the rear pressure up front there’s an airbag for each wheel break oh yes electrical hydraulic disc
only way to go I won’t pull without him now so you never see so when it’s all
said and done you just went up front sandbags nothing in the movie for his
loved one goes as far as the stability we’re using the suspensions and the
stabilizer take a level that’s all yeah yeah they’re not needed at all that
hydraulic pump will come out as well so how when the front is retracted they
don’t stick down don’t think they look really yeah probably about four you just
read four inches okay so it really sucks them up there there’s three ride heights
on this unit when you’re pulling it you got the low medium and high so if you go
off off-road off can you put it up on high you don’t have to worry about that
and that’s one thing I hate about these fusions that sir drain all right on the
road so you get it up high enough that you’re not
so we’re always referred to hitting the backs of our jacks when we’re going up a
hill yeah yeah very close to the ground of course this is a TAS land another nice beat is kneeling Welney
over back there sitting down so we’re trying to put your toys in the back
change that of approach angle oh wow oh it’s huge it’s huge it’s like a horse
if I’m wheels down and get on exactly exactly I didn’t have a slide down I
demonstrated Maria but I yeah and I’ve to miss let’s not do that while the
slides are out those out make she’ll just set her right down there thank you
Gary and welcome back to you guys and don’t forget hit the subscribe button
and ring that bell if you want to see some more videos coming up soon we’ll be
doing a lot more since Gary its camping and had a slides album was unable to
actually show us the system in motion we’re gonna link a video here so you can
see how the suspension works when you’re pulling the trailer behind your truck or
once you’ve unhooked it and you’re using it as a leveling system they also have a
demonstration where you can see how they make the back of it Neil so that you
could load up your toys and I’m pretty sure they also show you airing up a tire
so you can see where they can access that system we hope you all have found
this video useful and we hope you’ll tune back in for the next video until
next time safe travels good night y’all


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