Airbnb Host Tips (How to Improve your Vacation Rental Photography)
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Airbnb Host Tips (How to Improve your Vacation Rental Photography)

Are you leaving money on the table with bad
photos of your vacation rental? This video will let you know if you are. Hi, I’m Heidi Miget, and I’m a marketing strategist
for vacation rental homeowners. For easy tips and advice on how to market
your rental, be sure to subscribe to this channel for great advice. Are your photo attracting or repelling your
potential guests? Vacation rental photos are the number one
most important thing you can do for your listing. We only have a couple seconds to grab a potential
guest’s attention and really photos are what’s gonna draw them in. So today, I am going to provide three signs
that it’s time to update your existing photos, and I’ll give you four tips you can implement
for your next photo shoot. So here are three signs you’ll want to look
for to know if it’s time for a new photo shoot. Sign number one: bad quality. This is pretty self-explanatory, but basically
if your photos are dark or blurry, you definitely want a new photo shoot to make sure your photos
are bright, light and airy. Sign number two: your photos are not staged. So either your home looks a little cluttered,
maybe it’s a little messy or bare. Basically taking the extra time to stage your
photo will really, really help. And sign number three: the quantity is wrong. So yes, Airbnb will display up to 100 photos
and Home Away will display up to 50, but just because they allow that many doesn’t mean
that you actually need to use that many. So the ideal number here is about 30 photos
will nicely capture your home without boring the potential guest. Tip number one: clean and stage. We talked about this a little earlier, but
this is where you really want to thoroughly clean the home before you have your shoot. And this does include windows, counter tops,
everything. You want your home to be sparkling clean. And make sure when it comes to staging, that
you go through and you open up all of the blinds, get as much natural light as you can,
and then just try to do a few staging items. It doesn’t have to be that every room of the
house is staged, but you can do things like throw blanket on the couch, and some magazines
on the coffee table. You could put a wine glass and a cheese board
out on your patio table. Basically, you just want to make the home
look cozy and lived in and let that potential guest envision themselves in your home. Tip number two: I talked about how you only
want to select about 30 photos in your listing. And what you’ll want to do here when you get
your 30 photos pared down, you want to arrange them so that it’s in the order that you would
walk through your house. You kind of want your photos to have a natural
flow. So you wouldn’t want to go from the kitchen
to bedroom one, to the living room to bedroom two. You want to have kind of your main living areas
first, and then move into showing all of the bedrooms and then move to outside. So something that has a nice flow to it. Tip number three: You want to choose your
cover photo carefully. This is so important because this goes back
to you only have a couple seconds to really grab that potential guest’s attention from
the feed, where they’re looking at hundreds of other listings along with yours. So you might need to experiment with this
a little bit, but you want to find the picture that really captures your home the best. This could be an exterior shot with a lake
view or something that makes your home special. You want to kind of zone in on what’s that
one photo that really captures what’s special about your home. And tip number four is really hire a professional
photographer. I can personally say we waited way too long
to do this. Yes, I took photos with my iPhone 7. They worked, they were fine, but hiring a
professional photographer was really a game changer, and just something I highly recommend
to every single client. It will definitely pay for itself. So now you know what to do to make sure your
vacation rental photos are top notch. But how’s your overall marketing strategy
looking like? If you haven’t quite focused on your marketing
yet, no worries, I’ve got you covered. I created the Vacation Rental Marketing Roadmap,
and it’s my seven-step process to really optimizing your listing. I’ll cover the most common mistakes I see,
and give you a step-by-step roadmap to follow for your listing. If you wanna grab this free copy, just grab
the link below and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox. So if you like this video, let me know by
liking, commenting and subscribing to the channel. Also, if you have any other photo tips, please
let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching.


  • Fully Booked Consulting

    Thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments if you have you done a photo shoot yet or will you be scheduling one soon?

  • Dave Erickson

    The really cool thing about getting professional photos taken is it doesn’t really cost that much. We did it and we paid $125. A good photographer will make the rooms look bigger! Our guy even had a drone take video of the house and grounds… A Birds’ eye view.

  • Professor Heather Austin

    My husband and I have been wanting to Airbnb our house for the Summer of 2019. Thanks for these host tips. Just what we needed.

  • Lindsey Hazel

    Hey there Heidi! I feel like every vacation rental homeowner should watch this video! You explained this so well- while we don't' rent our home out we do love staying at airbnb's or vrbo's and etc. I usually shy away from those listings that have low quality photos or not enough info. p.s. The worst is when people use drone photos as if it's the view out of a window of their home or local beach photos as if they're right on the beach when then property isn't! 😏Looking forward to more videos!

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