Aladdin’s Magic Lamp (1967) movie
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Aladdin’s Magic Lamp (1967) movie

Gorky Central Film Studio
for Youth and Children First Artistic Association ALADDlN’S MAGlC LAMP Script by Victor VlTKOVlCH
Grigory YAGDFELD Directed by
Boris RYTSAREV Directors of Photography
V. DULTSEV, L. RAGOZlN Production Designers
Sound by S. GURlN English subtitles by
Tatiana KAMENEVA Starring Boris BYSTROV as Aladdin
Dodo CHOGOVADZE as Boudour Sarry KARRYEV as Genie
A. FAlT as Maghribian O. KOBERlDZE as Sultan
E.VERULASHVlLl as Aladdin’s Mother G.SADYKHOV as Grand Vizier
G.MlLLYAR as The Sage E.BlLANlSHVlLl as Night Guard V. BRYLEYEV as Mubarak
Yu.CHEKULAYEV as Mustafa Sleep well, oh people of Bagdad! All is quiet! Sleep! Sleep, oh dwellers of Bagdad!
All is quiet! Look straight ahead of you! Go! Sleep, oh people of Bagdad.
All is quiet. The name?! Tell me, wise star! Tell me the name! Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf! Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf! Oh, most esteemed sprinkler
of the streets! Do you know a certain Aladdin,
son of Ali Al Marouf? You’re sure you don’t mean Karim who fell into the pond and
ran stark naked around the town? Or maybe Houssein who hoisted
his donkey to the minaret? Allah punished him
by making him blind in one eye. Where are you going? Wait! Oh, masters of the best of games
except for playing with dice! Could you tell me… Oh, honored one, where might l find
Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf? Bagdad is a large city… You’ve been reading for 2 hours
without paying me a thing! Oh, most worthy keeper of
knowledge!.. People of Bagdad! Quickly, stranger, quickly! The beauty of all beauties, the unrivaled Princess Boudour, honors the baths with her presence! Any who dares to look upon
the Princess shall lose his head! l don’t want to! l don’t want to bathe! l don’t want to! – l don’t want to!
– What do you want, then? l want him to look upon me. – Then he’ll have his head cut off.
– So what? Mustafa! – Young man, open your eyes!
– Come on, and you’ll have no head. l wish that a wild lion
would pounce on you, so that l could kill him. l wish that a fire would engulf
all Bagdad and l’d rescue you. And that an earthquake would
cause all people to perish, leaving only two of us, you and me. – What name were you given?
– Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf. -You can’t take the Princess’ hand.
– l’ve already done so. Cut off his head anyway… Strike the blow! What’s the matter with you? Catch him, dead or alive! Mother! l held the hand of the Sultan’s
daughter, Boudour! You must ask the Sultan
for his daughter’s hand. And yesterday he said
he was flying on dragons. ls this not the dwelling of the Chosen One
and the King of Luck, Aladdin? Aladdin is my son. Here are presents for you
from your uncle! l didn’t know my husband
was blessed with a brother. ls this not the house of Aladdin,
son of Ali Al Marouf? – From my uncle?
– Your uncle. They must have made a mistake. They’ll come and take it all back. Where is my brother? Where’s my brother, Ali Al Marouf? Ali Al Marouf has been dead
for three years. l was his best friend. Oh, my miserable brother! Oh, how cruel and bitter my fate! Forty years have l wandered
over the earth! l dreamed of coming back
and embracing my brother! But my Ali didn’t have any brother. Believing me dead he couldn’t
bear to mention my name. Where is the place the deceased
loved most? – Where’s my nephew Aladdin?
– There! My cherished nephew, tell me
your innermost desire. l shall grant it. He will ask you for a star
from the heavens. He has just wanted me to ask
for Princess Boudour’s hand! – Could he be possessed by genies?
– l will cure him. Leave us now! For 40 years l have studied
alchemy and black magic with the wisest men of all Maghrib. Forty years have l dedicated to the preparation of magic powders
that’d open the gates of dungeons and reveal the darkest secrets. Put your trust in me.
l will help you. – Where are we going, Uncle?
– To an enchanted city. Why? You alone will penetrate a place
from which no one’s ever returned. There you’ll find an old
bronze lamp. Repeat it! An old bronze lamp… You will bring it to me and
all your wishes will be granted. Go now! The entrance is there! You’ll get in the shadow of
the city and in the city of shadows. Who is there? – Who is there?
– Who is there? Who is there? Who sneezed? Show yourself! Why have you come here? l came to find the lamp! Amazing! lncredible! He said the truth! l must have the lamp
and l’ve just told you so. – What shall we do?
– l don’t know. Hey! Where are you? Where are you hiding? Silence!
You’re disturbing our meditation! Take the lamp. lt is yours. Where will l find it? Show him the way. This way. This way! This way! ls this it? – What are you doing, Uncle?
– Uncle?! Aladdin! Where are you?
Come back at once! Aladdin, l was only joking! Aladdin! l hear and obey! Who are you? l’m this lamp’s slave.
l’m at your command! – Are you a Genie?
– Yes. Why did my uncle want to kill me? He is not your uncle. He’s an evil Maghribian sorcerer. We Genies have long known him.
l’m yours to command! To do what? What you will. Strangle him? Drown him? Reduce him to dust? No! No! Let him go
to all four corners of the earth. To all four corners of the earth? l hear and obey! l don’t want to! We don’t want to! The blessings of Allah be upon you! Wake up!
lt’s time to bake cakes. Allah has granted us
another fine day. l wish l had a skewer of
shish kebab! – l didn’t know you were a joker!
– You play little jokes, too. Who started the fire? l didn’t know
you could make cakes. l’m eighty five, but never
have l made a single cake. – Have a cake!
– Genies never eat cakes. – What do Genies eat, then?
– Nothing at all. l’d like you to meet
my friend the Genie. l’d rather stay in the lamp. l knew that all that reading
would end up badly. Remember, l haven’t seen anything. l’ll even say more:
You haven’t seen anything either. Neither of us have seen anything. Do you know why l have lived
to be 85? Because all life l’ve been saying:
”All is quiet in Bagdad!” To live to be 100 years old,
you must learn to be virtuous. The basis for all good is
in holding the spirit in check, in humility and in piety,
and above all in chastity, in patience and modesty. Each of us must know when
to give proof of our modesty and when to show impertinence. And to act so as to be
permanently exploring good. Because the state of perfection is
modesty, and the state of evil is another kind of modesty. Will you come out for a second? – Are you listening to me?
– Yes. Guards! Don’t be afraid! – Who are you?
– Who am l? – And who are you?
– Who am l? – But who are you?
– Princess Boudour. – Who?
– The Princess Boudour. – That’s all we needed.
– Who’s that mumbling there? Where’s that voice coming from? lt’s a loafer who’s listened to
too many silly stories. Come here! – What’s that?
– Ajar. – And what’s that?
– That? – An oven!
– An oven… For baking meat cakes. – You understand?
– No. What is this mysterious monster? – lt’s a goat, not a monster.
– Does it make the cheese? – How old are you?
– l’m sixteen. l already knew what a goat is
when l was three years old. They’re looking for someone.
Perhaps for the Bagdad thief. They’re not looking forjust one,
but for forty of them. – Ah, it’s you?
– Yes, it’s me. Why are you laughing? l know what you’re going to ask me. What? l’ve already been asked
by 1 7 princes. Poor princes.
l refused them all. Then it’s ”no”? Why not? Go to my father
and ask for my hand. And will you say ”yes”? How should l know what l’ll say? l’ll say whatever comes to my head! The Princess is here! That’s you again! – Tie him up!
– Yes! Tie him! l hope Princess Boudour
will forgive me! My Sultan, he’s the one who dared
gaze on the Princess twice. Sultan! lt’s real luck,
my meeting you like this. l’m asking for the hand
of Princess Boudour. – What did he say?
– My tongue refuses to repeat it. Your daughter likes me
and l like her. Only she says she won’t marry me
without your permission. Yes, sire. Our great Sultan asks whether you know, young man,
that seventeen princes… Eighteen princes! That 19 princes have already come
to ask for the fair Boudour’s hand. She did tell me that. Before asking for marriage, you
should offer the Sultan presents. – You mean rubies and emeralds?
– Precisely! Oh, l forgot about that! l’ll have them brought here
right away. Do you have a treasure buried
at your house? l’ve got no treasure. But l have a Genie friend. – What?
– A Genie. Stay there! Throw him in the dungeon! Daughter of ours! – We’re most displeased.
– l’m the one who’s displeased! You’ve refused all of the princes.
There’re no princes left. And you did it in order to
end up in a beggar’s hut. Don’t you dare call him
that bad name! – What name should l call him?
– Aladdin! From now on we shall call by name
every beggar and good-for-nothing. Shut up! Who is to shut up? Us? You will set him free at once
and ask for his forgiveness. Those were your last words.
We’ll have you wedded today. – Try and see what happens.
– l’ll try. Well, so! – Remember it and write it down!
– Write it down. We shall give our daughter
and half our kingdom to… To the very first man
to walk through that door. From now on, half our kingdom and our daughter
belong to your son. Out of my way! Grab the Princess! No one has anything
to suggest to us? – There is a way.
– Speak up. Since your daughter went to Bagdad
and acquired bad habits there, we should convince her
that she never visited Bagdad. How? The Princess must be told
it was just a dream. Since it was but a dream
and nothing has happened to her, she will be obedient again. And the heart of our great Sultan
will rejoice. And what does the Great
Wiseman say? A dream’s not that’s not a dream,
and not a dream is not a dream. So to say of not a dream
that it’s a dream is the same as to say
of a dream that it’s not. We order to say of a dream
that it is not one, and of not a dream,
that it’s a dream… The Princess went nowhere.
She dreamed it all. Everybody understood us? Be off with you! l even saw in a dream
that l taught crocodiles to read in Persian. l have also dreamed
that l was a minaret and that from my top
the muezzins were crying. l have even dreamed
that my hair walked to the bazaar to buy a comb. So what? So you’ve only dreamed
about that beggar. lf l dreamed it, how come
Mubarak fought with him? Mubarak! l’m told that yesterday you
fought with some beggar. Yesterday l didn’t go any place.
l mean l hunted and killed… A lion. A lion! Yes! l remember it very well.
l was in Bagdad and l saw a goat. – A what?
– A goat. lt’s true. And Mustafa
brought me back to the palace. Mustafa! l’m told that yesterday… Who? Me? The last two days l spent in bed
with a toothache. Our daughter Boudour,
we’re not angry with you. Tell me, it did happen, didn’t it?
You did scold me about Aladdin! l scolded you about Prince
Abou Abdul ibn-Abdul… – No! Aladdin!
– l’ve never heard of Aladdin. How can it be? Aladdin! Then l dreamed it. All this was just a dream. Tomorrow you’ll lose your head. Any other news? Do you hear that music?
l’m marrying Princess Boudour! Are you in there? l hear and obey. Have you no shame? What? Why did you let them
throw Aladdin in a dungeon? All you had to do is to rub
the lamp. – Couldn’t you guess it yourself?
– lt’s not my concern. l knew it would end badly! Oh, my heart’s joy! My little camel! Bring Aladdin back! Take your lamp and your Genie!
l never want to see them again! l’ll teach you how to fly
on dragons! l’ll teach you how to ask
for Princess Boudour’s hand! l pray that’s not the goat! The lamp will be mine! Oh, the brightest of all stars! He flew away! He’s flown away! – Where’s Mubarak?
– Who has flown away? Mubarak! What is the meaning of this? Get me down from here! What are you doing there?
Come down! l can’t! Get me down from here! How did you climb up there? Let him stay up there! Jump! l’m stuck! – Why did you climb up there?
– l didn’t climb up there. Everybody saw you up there! Since you climbed up there,
you might as well say so. Oh great Sultan, pardon
this foolish child! lt is only because he’s young
and has too much passion. All right. We’ll leave them
once more. Stay here! – What if he flies away again?
– Just let him try to. Oh, heavenly one… Oh, the brightest of all… …stars! Good night, Boudour! l’m the son of the Grand Vizier! What a clever Genie! What would the son of a vizier
be doing in a jar? Make way for the Great Sultan! So, whoever is stuffed in the jar
claims to be my son! Who is in there? Mubarak! ls that you? – Get them all out of here!
– Get them out! – Why did you get in the jar?
– l didn’t. Lousy liar!
Everyone saw you in thatjar. Why did you stuff yourself
in there? Whether or not he got in there
no longer interests us. lf he prefers stuffing jars to
half my kingdom and my daughter, just let him stuff them. Announce it to all of Bagdad! From this moment on, the son
of the Vizier and Princess Boudour are no longer husband and wife! ln ten thousand years
l haven’t laughed so much! Let’s stuff someone else
into a jar! Wait. We’ve other things to do. Go away! Why? Because when l wake up and you’re
not here, it will be so painful. Wait! Let this dream go on and on… l don’t want to wake up. lt’s no dream.
l simply have a Genie friend. Don’t you believe me? Rub this. Then it wasn’t a dream,
but pure and simple magic? – You can do anything?
– That’s right! You must swear it. lt’s you women who need to swear, but we Genies
always speak the truth. Well, then, bring me a peach. So it was real!
l was not dreaming at all. They have deceived me! – What’s all this for?
– The wedding! – Whose wedding?
– Ours. Don’t interefere. – Salam.
– Salam. What is all this? – What does it mean?
– lt means you’re sleeping. – What d’you mean, l’m sleeping?
– They are sleeping, too. And l’m too. We’re all sleeping
and seeing a dream. Now we’ll have a wedding!
Here’s my fiance! You’re in prison, aren’t you? Now you see it’s just a dream! Don’t try to confuse us. What says the Vizier? – Let the Wiseman speak first.
– What says the Wiseman? The realization of knowledge is
a sign of ignorance, and… – But why me?
– And why me rather than you? A goat! Yes, a goat! lt is my goat! Look! – Don’t be afraid. lt’s a dream.
– Let me explain it. Don’t be scared!
Everything’s possible here! We’re just dreaming.
You understand? He doesn’t! Don’t be afraid! Look. l’m pushing you. Now you push me! That’s right! Be seated, honored guests.
After all, it’s a wedding! Look at him.
Where’s he now? ln prison. He’s to be executed. Oh, when we
wake up, have him executed too. And what is he now?
A bridegroom at his wedding. He is happy!
And we are happy! lsn’t it swell to have a wedding! When l married your father,
it was not in a dream. – Give the lamp back.
– No, l won’t. – l don’t want it this way. Give it.
– And l like it this way. Don’t quarrel. l’ll give you
a spinning wheel. – And what is that?
– You will like it. No mercy for me, and no
forgiveness, my dear nephew! Kill me as you would kill
a mad dog. Or l shall kill myself
and take the sin on my soul! – What’s stopping you?
– To the count of three. One. Two. lt’s a bad dream.
We’d better awaken. Two and a half. Aladdin, don’t spoil the wedding! Two and a quarter! All right. l forgive you. Why does no one glorify us? Oh incomparable Sultan,
whose brightness is eclipsing moon and sun and fiery meteors,
and all the world’s emperors! This pleases us. l shall go milk the goat. – Give the lamp back.
– No, l will not! – Give it back!
– No, l won’t! Will you give it back? l want our wedding to be real
and not a dream. lt is real. lf you don’t give it, l’m going! Then you don’t love me. Go! And take your lamp, too! – We call you.
– l won’t come! – Come out!
– No, l won’t! – What are you supposed to say?
– l hear and obey. – Who are you?
– l’m the lamp’s slave. – Repeat it.
– l’m the lamp’s slave. Louder! l can’t hear you! l’m the lamp’s slave! The wedding is going on.
l’m the bridegroom! Sultan. A miracle’s happened! Long live
the new Sultan Al Salam Kerim! A sultan the world has not
yet beheld. The wisest of all sultans! The wisest. l ask your forgiveness. But l have to kill you. Go ahead, kill me! l’m your friend,
but l’m the lamp’s slave! Yes, of course. l’m the lamp’s slave,
but l’m your friend! A slave or a friend? Get in this jug. – Why?
– You’ll live in the jug. – No Genie ever lived in a jug.
– You’ll be the first then. All right? Rub me. l hear and obey. l dreamed l was a Sultan. Don’t get distracted. Come out! l dreamed l milked a goat. And like a bright star, like the constellation of the Lion
among ordinary lions, shines the name of our great… Traitor! Our daughter Boudour! Won’t you come in? All is quiet in Bagdad. All is quiet in Bagdad,
all is quiet, quiet, All is quiet in Bagdad,
all is quiet, quiet… For children up to 16 years old… The end


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