All Of Their Hair Fell Out | Camping Prank Gone Wrong | Animated Story Time | Toonstar
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All Of Their Hair Fell Out | Camping Prank Gone Wrong | Animated Story Time | Toonstar

Summer camp is supposed to be a really
fun experience for kids, but for me it was just terrible. So my parents signed
me up for a summer camp. I was really nervous but they thought it might be a
good opportunity to make friends. It went horribly wrong. Like every time I try to
make friends. Anyway, we did all the summer-campy be things like climbing the wall… I can’t do it, it’s too high! [cry]. We made smores over a campfire… [cry] And of course, pranks. One night the next
cabin over decided to prank us and cover our cabin and silly string. I didn’t
think it was that big of a deal, but the guys in my cabin were outraged, and they
vowed to get even. I didn’t want to prank anybody, but this was an opportunity to
bond with these guys, so I agreed to help. We were going to take our counselor’s
shaving cream and put it on the other kids heads while they were asleep. I didn’t want to actually put shaving cream with anybody, so I agreed to get the can while the
other guys lathered up the sleeping campers. So I grabbed a can and we were
ready to strike. We snuck in, lathered them up, and got out as quickly as
possible. We did it! We pulled off a prank! Or at
least I thought that until the next morning. Apparently our counselor had a can of Nair that looked really similar to his shaving cream. For those of you that
don’t know, Nair is hair remover, and I grabbed the wrong can. Billy you’re so
edgy, nice touch! I didn’t do it on purpose! Way to go, Billy, you try to fit in, and look at what happens. And that’s why I’ve never gone camping again.


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