Alvin and the Chipmunks go Camping with Theodore and Simon Toy Parody

– [Girl] Family fun for everyone! – [Alvin] Woohoo, road
trip! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – [Simon] Um, Alvin, do
you know where we’re going? – [Alvin] Of course I do! All these trees just look alike. We’re not lost. Uh, are we Simon? – According to my calculations, we should be almost there,
so let’s hurry up and go! Oh, it’s really bumpy where we’re going. Where are we going exactly? – [Theodore] To tap into
our inner chipmunks! Whoa! – [Simon] Ah-ha, here we are, finally. I knew we’d get us here all in one piece. All right, brothers, welcome
back to Mother Nature. Like Theodore said, it’s time to tap into our inner chipmunk! Don’t you remember how we
used to camp all the time? Well, now we’re gonna do just that. We’re getting ready for a
fine camping trip, guys. – [Alvin] Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay! This is gonna be awesome! Buzzzzz, except for all the
bugs, that’s not gonna be fun. – Okay brothers, it’s time
to divide and conquer. Alvin? – Yes sir? – [Simon] You’re gonna set
up the tent and the hammock. Can you handle that? I hope it’s not too complex for ya. – [Alvin] Oh pish-posh, I
got it all under control. We’ll be sleeping like kings in our hammocks and tent tonight! Yee-hee-hee! – [Simon] And Theodore? – Present! – [Simon] You gather us
some food for the night. – Okay! If I were food,
where would I be hiding? – And I’ll start us on a fire. All right, let’s go. – Okay, here’s our tent. Uh, is there an on button on this thing? Or uh, what’s happening? What do I gotta do here? Hmm, maybe it’s a clap-on? (claps) Clap open! No? Hmm. (grunts) How does this thing work? Get up, stand up! (groans) Inflate! (groans) This is hopeless! (groans) All-righty, we’re not gonna do tent. We’re gonna go old fashioned. We’ll set up a hammock
in between the trees. Perfect, now let me
just go get the hammock. Ah-hah! Two perfectly good trees. I’ll just hang it up right
here, right over here, and I’ll do this side, and done! Ha-ha-ha, I’m the master
of the wilderness! Sweet hammock. Now it’s time to test it out. And a one, and a two, and a yippee! Oh! I don’t think it’s holding me up! I think I got it! Whoa! Nope, that wasn’t a good one. Ah, here we go. One more time, it’s easy enough. Whoa, it’s not stable, ah! Oh! (groans) You know what? I’m done with the hammock
and I’m done with the tent! We will sleep in the car. I wonder how the other boys are doing? – La, la la, la-la-la-la-la! Huh, I wonder where that we’re
supposed to eat out here? Um, hmm. (bird chirps) Oh, look! There’s a bird! Oh, it looks like he likes the flowers. Hmm, maybe we could eat the flowers! I’m sure it’s fine, they’re so pretty. Why not eat them? Hmm, let’s see. Oh, those white ones
look yummy over there. (sniffs) Oh, they smell delicious! I’m sure they’ll be fine to eat. I’ll just grab a couple of these and, ha-ha, success finding food! Oh, but they are kind of itchy. Oh, I hope they’re not poisonous! Nah, I’m sure they’ll be fine. (sneezes) Uh oh, better go grab ’em! (laughs) – Hmm, I wonder how the boys are doing? Oh well, I finally have my fire. Ha-ha, nice and hot, perfect. Now let’s see, maybe we can
make it a little more homey. Let me just reach over here,
and get some flowers, and… (sniffs) Hmm, that’s odd, something
smells like it’s burning. – [Alvin] (gasps) Simon,
your tail’s on fire! – [Simon] Uh, what? (gasps and yells) – Ah, not good, not good, not good! Ahhh! Quick, do stop, drop, and roll! Okay, stop, drop, roll, scream! (sizzling) Phew! (water bubbling) – [Alvin] Uh, Theodore? – [Theodore] Yeah? – [Alvin] You didn’t happen to eat any of that poisonous plant, did ya? – [Theodore] Yeah, how’d ya know? – [Alvin] Oh, poor buddy, just a guess. Uh, Simon? – [Simon] Yeah, Alvin? (gasps) Eww, yikes! – [Theodore] What, what’s wrong? I think y’all are gonna
really like these flowers! – [Simon] Um, no thanks. Oh, wow guys! Look at the mess we made! Okay, well, maybe we should just stick to the concrete jungle, and
uh, hang out in the city until we have a survivalist with us. This is definitely not our greatest idea. – [Alvin] I couldn’t agree more, but just so all clear, I
could’ve survived on my own. I would’ve been easy-peasy. I would’ve made a giant, awesome fort. That’s what I would’ve done, but I mean, you know, I
guess we’re all going. We might as well hurry up and
get to the, I got shotgun! – [Narrator] Oh, boy! These little chipmunks have a
little bit more training to do before jumping out into the wild and camping all by
themselves, that’s for sure. Alvin definitely struggled
getting the tent set up, and poor little Theodore, eating poisonous plants
is not a good start, and at least Simon knew
to stop, drop, and roll, but don’t be playing around near the fire! It always seems to be a crazy adventure with these three chipmunks. You never know what’s gonna happen. Well, for more fun videos with
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