An Epic Trip to Acadia National Park | Camper Van Life S1:E54
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An Epic Trip to Acadia National Park | Camper Van Life S1:E54

the northeastern most state in the u.s.
Maine brings to mind fresh Atlantic lobsters incredible baked goods a rocky
coastline with lots of lighthouses and beautiful areas like the Acadia
National Park which happens to be the biggest attraction that brings us to
make our journey to Acadia National Park started at the Welcome Center in Kittery
Maine where we decided to get off the interstate and hop on coastal route 1 to
Portland as with any good road trip we made several stops along the way
including a detour the baldhead cliff as Kate put it the area is called bald head
you have a bald head we have to go check it out although the coffee shop was
closed we did enjoy the spectacular views of Maine’s rocky coastline from
bald head cliff the holy doughnut I’m very curious about these potato-based
doughnuts me too I’m gonna try one our trip to Maine was supposed to be about
Acadia National Park and all of its beauty however we got a little
sidetracked by all the delicious food Maine has to offer first food stop on
the list was the holy doughnut in Scarborough with a wide selection of
doughnuts on display it was difficult to choose one so I let the expert behind
the counter pick by the way if you want one of the gluten-free doughnuts arrived
extra early before they sell out I asked for recommendation the guy said the dark
chocolate with sea salt is their most popular so I figured I’d give it a shot
let’s see potato based doughnut it’s kind of like a cross between your
standard istana the really light ones and the old school cake donuts and the
flavor texture is completely different than any doughnut I’ve had before but
this is delicious oh that was a good doughnut let’s get back on the road
second food stop was scratch Baking in South Portland you know this place takes
their baked goods seriously when they have a name for their sourdough starter
although the sweet treats are tempting we came for the freshly baked breads
I picked the sea salt snacker and Kate grabbed a baguette if you can’t tell by
the look on Kate’s face she really liked the bread really good so would you say
this ranks up with the best bread you’ve ever had we decided to take the baguette
with us as we made our way down to the sand to check out the beach scene in
Maine before we got back on the road with all the clever road signs about
spending money on lobster not speeding tickets we pulled into the local grocery
store and had them steamed up a fresh Maine lobster to enjoy in a van at six
dollars a pound this Lobster was what Kate calls an awesome deal
why yes officer I would much rather have 12 lobsters than pay a speeding ticket
at this point you might be wondering yourself are they ever going to get to
Acadia National Park yes yes we will but first a stop in Portland Maine it’s a beautiful day this charming city
on the coast has quite the history established in the 1600s as a trading
and fishing settlement Portland has been renamed quite a few times throughout its
history we spent an afternoon exploring the city where we stumbled across a
funny joke street art inspired by Henry longfellow a section of the Berlin Wall
and quite the party on the waterfront we made our way back to the van which
happened to be parked outside a Monument Square and decided to have dinner before
we got on the road for Acadia National Park very glad to be going to Canadian
National Park after a holiday there’s a lot of traffic out there right now going
the opposite direction when there’s availability we prefer to camp in the
national parks but not knowing what the bug situation was like we decided to
stay at narrows two camping resort our registration tax or insight 737 okay we set up our new camping chairs to
enjoy the views of mountain desert arrows and unwind from the travel it was hard at work outside getting all
of our hiking gear sprayed down with bug repellent hopefully this will keep the
mosquitoes the chicks and those biting flies away we’ve heard biting flies are
quite the nuisance in Maine it is really beautiful
there’s quite a lot to see at Akkadian national park so we decided to go on a
driving tour first off the visitors center to purchase our Park Pass and
chat with the Park Rangers got our new annual Park Pass and we are good to go
let’s see so we are all the way up here what I’m thinking today let’s take the
park loop drive we can go all the way around end at Cadillac Mountain and then
tomorrow we can go hiking sound good sounds good
I’m excited this seems like a lot of fun it just kind of freaked me out a little
bit when the Ranger was talking about the ticks and the mosquitoes and the
black flies he’s like when you check yourself at night make sure to check
your belly button cuz these are very small ticks and they’re getting people’s
belly buttons I was like yeah hopefully the permethrin will do its job and keep
the ticks off of us so let’s see before we started the 27 mile scenic drive we
put on our anti bug gear since Kate has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites
she borrowed her mom’s bug shirt for this trip with many overlooks and trails
along the way it took us the entire day to complete the scenic drive our first
stop was sand beach where we went on the ocean path trail and spent some time at
otter point and thunder this fairly level trail is over three
miles roundtrip and an easy walk beautiful views of the rocky coast our
second stop was Jordan pond we went on another three-mile trail around the
shore with scenic views all around including the bubble mountains this is one of the most popular trails
and most photographed areas in Acadia National Park the bugs around the full
force and we were glad to have our gear on good seems to be working out fairly
well soulkey dark are you impressed at how
well and walking backward I am very impressed
we stopped at Bass Harbor to see the lighthouse built in 1858 this is where
we learned that light patterns and colors are unique to each lighthouse the
one at Bass Harbor has a red light that darkens every four seconds with Sewall campground on the way we
took a quick driving tour to scope it out for our next visit the wooded
campground has several loops for tent and RV camping while there are no
hookups or showers at the campground each site has a picnic table and fire
ring the bug situation is a whole other story let’s just say we’re glad to be at
the RV resort our final stop on the scenic drive was Cadillac Mountain while
we could have hiked to the top of this Granite Mountain to see the panoramic
views we opted to drive so we could make dinner and enjoy the spectacular sunset
from the comforts of home we found a nice little pullout so we can
watch the sunset and I have to say that is one epic view across Acadia National
Park you time to explore Baba looks like a
beautiful town one of the most well known vacation spots in Maine Bar Harbor
is a beach town on mountain desert island or MDI as we’ve heard the locals
refer to it when you’re ready to rest from all that hiking take a seat and
enjoy the views of Frenchman Bay and mountain desert narrows if you’re hungry
check out the full Downeast experience complete with blueberry pie we decided
to go to Atlantic brewery for their complimentary tour and tasting followed
by a game of cornhole there’s a lot to see and do in Maine and we’ve barely
scratched the surface now it’s your turn to go explore


  • Mickey Mouse

    As far as bug sprays are concerned you might also want to try Honest Bug Spray made by The Honest Co. We used it last year and it was great! The bugs did not like it at all. It's organic and made without DEET and no synthetic pesticides. Smells really good too! Great video. Thank You!

  • Richard Quinones

    OMG that looks so good guys I love bread too and my God that looks so delicious makes my mouth water Maine is beautiful

  • Ron Howes

    "Spudnuts" was a franchise popular when I was a kid in the 1950's, donuts made with potato flour. They had one in Pipestone, Minnesota, my dad's hometown and when we traveled to visit gramma we always bought a dozen for the trip back home. They were the best!

  • Ron Howes

    I'm sticking pins in my voodoo doll to put a curse on those 9 people who voted "thumbs down" on this great travel video. When something falls off tomorrow, you'll know why.

  • Paul Courtemanche

    Being New Hampshire natives, my wife and i go to Bar Harbor and Acadia once a year. Route 1 is a great ride! The rest of Maine is beautiful as well. I am not a drinker at all, but Atlantic brewing has an incredible bottled root beer….lol

  • joyce lane

    you have to experience Cabbage Island lobster and clam bake. The ride on the ferry is as great as the real lobster bake done in traditional Maine style🐬

  • Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures

    Two months from now is the state of Maine’s Lobster festival in Rockford. Put the event on your calendar for your next visit.

  • cocokai

    Always wanted to visit Maine! Thank you for letting me share your experience. Maybe someday I'll get there myself.

  • Ed Bickford

    Great video! One of my favorite states! We will be there all of August and the first 2 weeks of September staying a week in the Southern part, 3 weeks near Acadia and 2 weeks in the northern. My grandfather had a summer place in the Northeastern part which was so much fun when I was a kid and and I can’t wait to get back there.

  • William Farr

    Looks like you guys really enjoy yourselves… Here in Vermont the " Flying Teeth " can be problematic at different times of the day as well… They love to latch on, apply their magic formula around the wound so as to go undetected & before you know it, a nasty red welt! I live 3 hrs. due west of Portland & look forward to this road trip up the coast & eventually the $35.00 entry fee to Desert Island… The crowds may be the determining factor on how much I will be able enjoy it… Very well presented video, thank you…
    Bill Farr @ WGF Studio53… 🙂

  • Jody's Journey

    Question: The Acadia National Park website says no RVs on Cadillac Mountain. Did they have specifics on that there; is it more of a width and length thing? I’m looking at a Travato and want to drive up Cadillac Mountain for the sunrise.

  • Douglas Garrett

    Too bad someone took the name of what would be a great company for you to start Joe: Bald Head Coffee Company 😀

  • Thom Turpin

    Thanks for a wonderful video! We lived in N. Windham and just loved it in Maine. Thanks for making me miss it that much more.

  • M M

    With the Aktiv 2.0 with the tire carrier on the back do you ever have issues with parking. Especially when parking in normal lots without oversized spaces? Just wondering if there's a big difference between parking the 2.0 and the slightly shorter 1.0

  • Andrea Tuckman

    Visited Arcadia and Bar Harbor two years ago the week before Memorial Day. Avoided the crowds and the insects apparently. No need for bug spray. Beautiful!

  • John Caron

    What no "Needham's"a potato and coconut Mounds bar, with Paraffin. Or Maines other delicacy a Whoopie Pie. And will you try Rangeley, ME in the mountains or S. Arm Campground in Andover, ME Mountains.

  • Michael Bernier

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Maine. You picked a great way to get to Acadia, and you could have seen so much more on the way. Maybe a great reason for a return trip later on, right? Enjoy your videos and great photography.

  • TexasRoadrunners

    We just spent 5 months in Maine and 1 month was just around Acadia. Pick a place that has the free trolly service. It's so worth it.

  • Elaine Farr

    Wow, wow and wow! Ive only been the the southern tip of Maine, next time we're out visiting family in New Hampshire we have to go there!!

  • Theresa Boothby

    I really want a love button for this video. I live in Northeast Connecticut. Acadia NP is on my to do list. I can't wait to get there. Thanks so much for sharing. Safe travels. Definitely going to try a Holey Donut too!

  • Cathy Smallwood

    We’re staying at Blackwoods in a couple weeks. Our third visit to Acadia. We love the place.Tea at Jordan Pond House is not to be missed! Lobster stew and popovers…..mmmmmmm can’t wait!

  • David Colosi

    Love going to Maine. Especially buzzing down to Kennebunkport, the light house on Cape Elizabeth and a trip to Main just isn't complete without a stop to Freeport to check out L.L. Bean. Haven't been to Acadia yet but that is on my list of trips to take with my wife. Glad to see you are making it up to the Northeast. Love the videos.

  • Jim LeTempt

    We were there early last September for 8 days before heading to Nova Scotia and then back again for 4 days at the end of Sept early Oct. NO BUGS! We stayed at the same place. Next time go to Jordon Pond Ice Cream (actually in Bar Harbor) for the best ice cream ever! Got soaking wet at Thunder Hole with 56 degree water! We love Maine and think it's the most beautiful state on the East coast.

  • ka1133

    Maine … one of my favourite places to visit in the spring, summer and fall … although fall is probably my favourite time. The colours are magnificent!!! But there is also a lot of traffic along Route 1 as well … sometimes brutal. But so worth it because you're never in a hurray anyway. Just too much to see and do. I've been to Acadia National Park on several occasions as well. Bar Harbour also. One of my favourite places is Machias where I get the absolute BEST blueberry pie in the world. That's right … Helen's Restaurant!! Yummy!!! The donuts looked interesting and definitely very yummy. Don't know how you could stop at just one. LOL

    I love Kait's bug shirt. Something I will have to look into I think for my trip to Alaska and perhaps even Newfoundland. I generally have been very lucky with bugs and miss them most of the time.

  • Claudia Longmore

    you should have found a place to either hang the clothes or put them on the ground well away from everything  .  then,  apply the permethrin.  not on a picnic table !!!   would you want to eat here knowing that someone had sprayed dangerous chemicals ?

  • RLT Gamer

    Thanks for showing us Maine! Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you already, but great job on the video. Usually takes a whole camera crew to do what you just did. Professionally done! =)

  • Ellie B

    i went to the holy donut in Portland… was so good! i have a big road trip next year and i was going to go straight home after visiting Niagara, but this video inspired me to add some more time to my trip

  • cii1072

    Great video with a lot of useful information. I like your RV. I hadn't heard of that manufacturer so I did a web search. I sent away for a brochure.

  • Lora Harris

    We have spuds doughnuts where we live in Richland, Washington, yummy. We love Maine too. Keep on having fun..

  • Michele Miller

    We lived and raised our family (for 25 years) in Northern New Hampshire, and spent every summer at Blackwoods Campground and Acadia National Park. Precious memories of God's beautiful country!

  • Premchik

    Hey guys. I'm sorry to say this but your videos have been boring lately. I love your channel so much! Please bring back your personality!

  • Martin: Whole food plant based Dietitian

    Wish we had known you were coming to Maine. We would have liked to hook up and show you the best places to go in Acadia and elsewhere in Maine. Your vids are inspiring and instructional. Thanks for all you guys do!

  • Eric Ventures

    Awesome trip & Great info! I miss Acadia so much, just went last year! Check out my videos of acadia and my content!

  • Don H

    Living here, in Biddeford Maine, I get access to do much of what this State has to offer year round…! Come an enjoy…!…!

  • Maryann Lawson

    love your videos,,,and thankyou for sharing everything you can,,I realy enjoy
    what you film,,you guys rock! keep doing what your doing. Im a future class B traveler when I retire in a couple years and your videos has shown me alot,,,thankyou!

  • DaisyIdes

    Acadia and Portland are fabulous! You missed touring the islands of Casco Bay! Take a ferry tour, or just get a ticket to one of the islands and get off and explore. Black flies are generally bothersome in early summer, and mosquitos are not bad on the coast. They don’t like ocean breezes. Beware of browntail moth, however. Most folks will have an allergic reaction (similar to poison ivy) to the caterpillars, whose skins take 4 years to break down. It is a big enough problem that folks put up signs in areas where they have infested.

  • Jay Poole

    Great to see you guys exploring a place I know and love. Definitely come back very early fall some year. No/less bugs, a little cool at night and early Sept should be less people.

  • Jeremy Cole Neely

    Are the bugs really this bad? I'm a NC native where mosquitoes are practically our state bird. I hardly ever wear any bug repellent and I'm O Positive. Lol

  • Nooch the Gooch

    CHECK YOUR BELLY BUTTON AT NIGHT?!?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣OMG!!!!!! LOL!!!! I’ve never heard of that! 🤣🤣🤣 Beautiful video! So very nice!

  • Leonard Sackett

    What time of year were you at Acadia (spring?). We were there in early September and had minimal bugs. See you use Sawyer permethrin spray. Great stuff. We each have two sets of clothing that we treat every 6-8 weeks and hand in bags in the closet ready to go. The park bus system is fantastic. We could leave our van at campground and take a shuttle into town and get on the park system shuttles to almost everywhere. Happy trails.

  • Billy's Bikes & Brews

    Great video on Maine.. I did a bike ride up the coast to Portland..Plum Island to Peaks Island… took a ferry to Peaks Island.. The views are phenomenal… looks I just missed you guys.. I was there late June…Thanks for sharing..

  • jim68

    Been there 3 times. Trying to go for a 4th time. Absolutely love it there.👍😉🙂🤗🙃🙏👌😊😀😄😀😁

  • ptinio2

    That’s awesome, if I ever retire I think I’ll buy one like the van you have. Not as clunky or hard to maneuver like an RV or a 5th wheel. How is the gas mileage?

  • tillallareoneluv

    I was just about to drive up to Acadia on a whim. Biting flies irk me. I love camping and outdoors, but they are just annoying. Too bad because it looks like fun.

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    Nomadic Fanatic, Long Long Honeymoon, and We're the Russos have all done "Maine" episodes that passed right by my house. 😀

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