An Introduction to Truck Campers •
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An Introduction to Truck Campers •

Welcome to Guaranty RV in Junction City,
Oregon. My name is Vance Buford today we’re
going to talk about the advantages of owning a truck camper. So what do you say we take a look at all
the options that make a truck camper choice a unique choice in your RV needs. Going to talk about long bed vs shortbed
truck campers few things you want to know is the minimum requirement for a
short-bed truck camper is 6 foot 1 inches. All short-bed truck campers will have a
model of eight foot and sometimes less. On the eight foot truck bed all of your
truck model camper models will be an eight foot or above. And if it’s got a nine on the truck
model you can bet it’s for a long bed. Hi, this is Sean Keith I’m going to out wet bath vs drive after the truck
camper. We’re in a 990 by arctic fox one of our most popular wet baths. Wet bath
refers to the bath being all in one so your toilet is inside your shower. You got the shower head over here and get your sink it’s all one molded piece. Your
medicine cabinet, skylight above, a fan. There is a place for a shower curtain to
protect the wood door. Your toilet is inside the shower so you have plenty of
room to sit lots of leg room inside the shower. Now will demonstrate one of our more
popular dry baths. This is the large 1150 by Arctic Fox which has a toilet
separate from your shower. Also incorporates a little bit of extra dry
storage in there. You get the disappearing shower door here so all in one location,
toilet over here, sink separate an ample storage. It’s Vance Dell and we’re going to talk
about advantages of a slide-out camper and an onside camper. This point we’re
going to take a look at it 2016 Arctic Fox 990 with the slide. The biggest
advantage to having a slide out in your truck camper is space. Now we’re inside
the 990 with the slide and you can generally see how much room you get with the slide out. Plenty of room for someone to be here cooking cleaning or whatever
you’re doing and then room for another person to pass by without getting into
each other’s bubble. Now another concern always here is
whether or not you have access to the inside of your truck camper with the
slide in. As you can see even though I’m a fairly
big guy you got plenty of room with the slide in on your kitchen, room in your
bedroom, room to get your fridge and room to get to your bathroom with the slide
in. One of the biggest concerns with a slide out is whether or not it will seal
when it’s in or out. As you can see this double seal
design where you have the bulb seal on this edge and on this edge. When it’s in
and they compress you get a complete seal whether it’s in or out. Now let’s take a
look at a 2016 Lance 850 non-slide truck camper. Now one of the best advantages to a non
slide truck camper is wait for payload. Non-slide is six to eight hundred pounds
less than the same camper with a slide. Second advantage is you still have
plenty of room for storage above your dinette. You have access to everything
and you have room for two people in here quite comfortably. Hi, my name is Derik. I’m here to show you about campers,
loading and unloading. For a long time people didn’t like campers because you
have to crank them up or you had to pump them up and they were kind of unwieldy
when they were up in the air. That’s pretty much changed for all you
people that would like to have a camper that they were too much trouble. Most of the
modern campers now have electric lift and you just press a button and up they
go you press a button and down they come. You can load and unload in just a few
minutes now and they’re much safer. Hi guys, its advanced Buford again. I want
to thank you for watching our overview of truck campers. At Guaranty RV we
strive to give you expert advice and knowledge so that you can make an
informative decision on your next RV purchase. Hopefully we have answered some of your questions in this video but if not, please don’t hesitate to either stop by
or give us a call. Until then, bye for now we’ll be seeing


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