Angelina ‘Cheats’ w/ Pauly 😱 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Angelina ‘Cheats’ w/ Pauly 😱 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(energetic music) – [Narrator] It’s Thursday,
which can only mean one thing: Jersey Shore: Family
Vacation is brand new. – Look to the person on your
right side and say turn up! – Turn up! (“What You Want” by Impirio & Cru) – I mean, listen, I think
Pauly’s, like, a great guy. I think he’s cute. I think he’s tan. He’s got muscles, he’s got tattoos. And, you know what, if
I was a single girl, I probably would bang Pauly. Whoa! (squealing) – Mike… – (bleep) is, uh, (bleep) is, uh, this debauchery is just befuddling. – Pauly! I’m sorry, but when you get engaged you really don’t dance with a guy like that.
– Oh my God! – I definitely think
Angelina loves her fiancee, but she doesn’t know when
she crosses the line. (squealing) Girl, you cheated. – [Man] Um, hello?
– [Narrator] Oh, and if you have an appetite like The Situation, check out Basic to Bougie. New episodes drop every
Tuesday on YouTube. Check it out. – What are we going with? Lets save this for last. – Why?
– Ah! – ‘Cause it’s the–
– Why are you touching all three?
– I want to go– Yeah!
– Why are you touching all three?
– Are you going to lick the shell, Darren?
– [Justina] Yeah, no. – Oh, my God!
– [Justina] Yeah, not licking the shell. Did you see this? Don!
– Oh, it’s juicy. – Lets touch, oh, let’s, let’s get these. Lets do these.
– What is it? – [Justina] I don’t care–
– Do you lick the shell? – [Justina] who touches what, I’m still eating it.
– Do you lick the shell? God, Darren’s weird this season. Man, Justina, you’re throwing off, Darren’s mean to me
– [Justina] Am I throwing him off? – Lets start with the ones right here. Lets start with these.
– Okay, okay. Cheers, salud, chindon. (suspenseful music) (chewing, smacking) That’s good.
(screeching) You didn’t like it?
– It’s nas– What is wrong with you, saying
stuff is good and it’s not? – I’m not hard to please. – I’ve been avoiding making
the White girl seasoning joke, but after a few of these, – It is true,
– I’m kinda like– – It is true!
– I gotta tell you something– – The reason why White
people can’t season, is ’cause you can’t taste (bleep). Justina, what is wrong with you? – Thing is, number one, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m hungry. And number two, I’ve never
complained about food. Whatever, like, my mom made
as a kid, you (bleep) ate, and if you didn’t like it, don’t eat, you know what I’m saying? – But you not little no more. – I know, but my tongue never changed. – [Narrator] Don’t miss
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation starting tonight at 8/7 Central on MTV.


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