Annual Heart Transplant Picnic | Cedars-Sinai
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Annual Heart Transplant Picnic | Cedars-Sinai

Our picnic has been going on for about
thirty years, it was pretty exciting. We have the patients versus the staff so to
speak but this represents the spirit of heart transplantation. Patients getting
back to a great quality of life can spending time with the families. You know,
I’ve had a great experience, you know, with the doctor and with the
hospital with the nurses everyone there treated me and took carefully like I was
someone special and I know that that’s not the reason why they took care of me
and why all my treatments have been good. It’s because I’m a human being just like you
guys. It was important for me to be here today be part of this event because
there are a lot of people that went through what I went through. I couldn’t
have asked for a better family to have donated their son’s heart and kidney to me and the first time that I went over to their home his mom put her head on my
chest just to hear the heartbeat and she was in tears which I almost
went to tears too but I decided I better be strong for for her and for me. Hi my
name is Rod Carew and I had my surgery on December 15 of last year and I’m
doing great.

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