AnorTrek Camping Hammock | Parachute Hammock with Tree Straps | Double Hammock
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AnorTrek Camping Hammock | Parachute Hammock with Tree Straps | Double Hammock

all right today we’re going to be taking
a look at a hammock so stay tuned through the intro what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
outdoorsman welcome to another video if you enjoy gear reviews gear tips and
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click that subscribe button alright today we’re gonna be taking a look at a
hammock and like the title said and the intro said not just any hammock a double
hammock now this is my first double hammock this is from anortrek this is
anortrek double hammock I chose the color scheme
of red and black so we’re gonna take a look at this hammock today and I’m gonna
give you my review of it and what I think about this and basically should
you purchase it and do I recommend it if you’re new to my channel then you may
not know this but if you were a returned viewer you know that I do all my reviews
from the luxury of a hammock I have multiple hammocks that I used throughout
rotation and if I use I’ll go ahead and tell you if I use a hammock in my videos
sitting in then it’s one that I recommend for you so this is one that
I’ve used in the past in my rotation for reviews but this is the Anur trek double
hammock found on Amazon and a little bit of the specs on this this is a double
hammock let me look at my cheat sheet it is 78 inches wide or six and a half foot
wide it is a hundred and eighteen inches long or 9.8 feet long so it is very much
a double hammock it weighs in at about 1.8 pounds that is just the hammock
that’s not the tree straps and it does have this compression strap that that is
attached to the stuff sack so that’s probably my my biggest and my only con
with this bag with this hammock is that this is attached I don’t see a whole lot
of need for this but there’s no way to take it off it serves well it does
compress the hammock and straps down however I’m just not a huge fan of it
so that’s pretty much my only con with this but let’s get into it so your stuff
sack and your hammock or parachute material and whatever color scheme you
choose the bag correlates with the hammock so for me like I said I chose
the red and black to go with my Georgia Bulldogs so it comes with two tree
straps that are 10 foot long each and they have 18 loops so if you’re new to
hammocks what that means is you have 18 spots on each tree strap to where you
can hook your carabiner for your hammock so it gives you loads of adjustability
it has its 18 plus one so it has one loop on one end and this is 1 2 3 4 5 6
stitches across there and then when you get to the tree straps themselves are 18
plus 1 loop and they’re rated for 600 pounds so show you that tag there that
is on both tree straps and then as you start working your way down you start
getting into your loops so you have you have 18 of these loops so each one is
triple stitched in between which gives you a lot of durability and
adjustability with these straps like I said they’re 10-foot long they are and
and they are about an inch a little over an inch wide which meets the requirement
for most national parks national forests they require a one inch wide tree strap
so it meets that requirement and gives you a lot of adjustability so that is
definitely a plus in my book when it comes to this
now the hammock itself its tree straps out you get two of those tree straps
with it and it is a gathered end hammock so you can see the end is gathered has
nylon strap in here with a carabiner fixed when you purchase this now you can
take this carabiner I’ll replace it but this carabiner will attach
into any of those loops and form you you’re hamming it is well made it is
parachute material like I said on the gathered in it’s triple stitched down
here and it’s just rolled over and and seamed together now in between your
colors it is triple stitched as well so I’ve used this for multiple reviews
lounge around in it hung it multiple different ways absolutely love this
hammock it’s not rip stop rip stops going to be a little bit lighter weight
so if you’re not worried about the weight but you won’t be adjustability
you want the space of a double hammock this is definitely a wonderful option
and this storage bag the stuff sack that your hammock is in once your hammock is
deployed and hanging from the trees it serves it’s still attached to the
hammock so it serves as a little bag that you can put your cellphone your
sunglasses anything that you may need to keep close by you can use it for that so
it’s a wonderful hammock like I said highly recommend this hammock it sells
for less than $30 for a double hammock which you can’t beat that so I’ll put a
link in the description below for this hammock you can get over and check it
out now once you get and once you click that link it’s going to take you to the
listing you have multiple color options I think there’s like at least five or
six different color options and you can choose a single hammock if you would if
you would like if it’s anything like this double hammock it’s well made so
definitely get over and check out this listing on Amazon it is the double
hammock from AnorTrek and it’s an amazing hammock for the price less than
$30 for a double hammock you’re not going to find it anywhere else so
definitely get everything and check that out alright guys until next time stay
bearded get outdoors and god bless you


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