Anthony’s Key Resort – It’s not just a vacation…it’s an experience!
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Anthony’s Key Resort – It’s not just a vacation…it’s an experience!

Tucked away on the Western Caribbean island of Roatan is a legendary tropical wonderland, with
pristine beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. Our name is Anthony’s Key Resort. It’s very tranquil. It’s just like we found it 45 years ago. Here, wooden bungalows perched above a tranquil lagoon
offer a sense of peaceful disconnection from everyday life.
“Ahh, it’s very peaceful.” “And if feels very intimate. I actually wish we could sleep out here.” “Don’t you think?” “I wish we could live here.” (Laughs) “Every time I’ve come back over the past seven years I’ve seen familiar faces. I mean, I got hugs at the airport. They just really make you feel like family.” For over 45 years, this family-run paradise has been home to travelers in search of unspoiled waters and natural adventures in all it’s forms. We have no TVs in the rooms and we have no phones. We do have the WiFi because obviously you can’t live without it. “It’s nice to be connected, but man I did not miss the television.” We literally have, probably 75-80 percent of repeat guests who’s been coming here from two years to thirty-five years and one of the
things they do like is the tranquility of no TV. “When we come
here, my wife talks to me more.” you know, “I have more attention from
my husband.”, so it is peaceful. One of the big things that Roatan have, it’s probably one of the only islands where
we can guarantee diving 365 days a year, why? Because if it gets rough on this side,
we can take people on the other side. “This is our first trip here, but it
certainly won’t be our last.” “We saw a crab, we saw a moray,
we saw turtles.” “The coral is beautiful down there.”
“The coral is stunning!” I can’t think over dive destination
anywhere in the world that has the amount of equipment that we
have. “I like the boats. I mean, they are well-equipped, clean, nice. Look’s like they’ve got good platforms.” We’re a five-star operation and we go
anywhere from a basic diver to an instructor. We’re probably the only operation that I
can think of that have an assigned snorkel boat. Safety is very, very important. Our doctor
has been to hyperbaric medicine classes in Spain. So, we take care of people here and we do it, you know, in a very professional way. “The diving is literally within sight of your front door out over the water there on the key.” “I’ll be diving here, as long as I can dive.” Anthony’s Key has been at the forefront of the human-dolphin experience for decades. Our Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences is dedicated to bringing you as close as
possible to these amazing mammals in their natural open water habitat. “Well, our family scuba dives, and we typically try to find an island where our youngest daughter, who can dive yet, can go to camp.” “That was amazing.” “It’s a wonderful experience for the kids.” “I like the training and actually getting in the water with the dolphins.” All of our programs are based in education but obviously, in order to educate people,
you need to entertain them as well. “My favorite part was… feeding the dolphins.” We have Trainer for a Day, and then we can even do a week-long program for people that really want to get in there and try their hand at
training. “Oh, it’s been fantastic in every dimension, and this is one of the few places in the
world that we can do this.” And then there’s the dive that we do,
which is about 45 minutes out in the open ocean. “Oh my gosh, that was amazing!” Our open water program is one of the
things we are most proud of. “When the dolphin comes by, he really looks at you.” ‘”You really get a feeling…he’s checking you out.” “Uh, it’s pretty spectacular! They nudge you for attention when they want it.” All these programs are very
unique in the fact that the dolphins are
allowed be themselves and we become just part the scenery and are lucky enough to witness it. “That’s their domain and you get to be
in it for a little while and that’s, that’s pretty cool!” Everybody loves dolphins. Yes they do. Everybody. Whether diving through a coral garden or getting a massage in our jungle spa. Anthony’s Key Resort is an all-inclusive island retreat. Where you can do a little as you like… or as much as you want. How the Caribbean used to be to what it is today is a big difference, and Anthony’s Key hasn’t changed a minute, you know, from the day it was started. Anthony’s Key Resort. A Caribbean tradition since 1968. It’s not just a vacation…it’s an experience. I put my entire heart and soul in the resort I love this place. Hopefully, you know
it’ll never change. I hope. You know, you can go anywhere and stay in a high-rise, it’s pretty hard to find too many of these places anymore. Anthony’s Key Resort.
In the Bay Islands of the Western Caribbean.


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