• Rollin Nerdy – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – add me to your friend list!
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    Rollin Nerdy – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – add me to your friend list!

    what’s up guys this is Sean from Rollin nerdy it is December 24th it’s Christmas Eve on 2017 and I’ve uploaded a couple videos about my motorhome already but I can’t really upload that many videos of it yet because I have so much footage and I’m still so busy that it’s really hard for me to go through it all and figure out exactly what I want to do and when so what I’ve been doing at the same time is building it as it was pretty cool timing about a few weeks after I started building this maybe a month you know five six weeks after I started…

  • Tokyo’s Secret Island Paradise | AOGASHIMA ★ ONLY in JAPAN
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    Tokyo’s Secret Island Paradise | AOGASHIMA ★ ONLY in JAPAN

    ONLY in JAPAN I’m in Tokyo. Yes this really is Tokyo. It’s about 360 kilometers away from the city center and I’m on this tropical island in the middle the Pacific for an entire week. There’s lots of things to see and do here, but the thing I love the most about this island is the view. Yeah. Welcome to Aogashima. Central Tokyo is one of the world’s biggest and most well known cities, but it’s a lot bigger than many people think Besides the mountains to its west, Tokyo includes many Pacific islands. The closest ones have airports. There’s Aogashima at the end, but Tokyo doesn’t stop there. You…

  • How to Set Up a Campsite
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    How to Set Up a Campsite

    How to Set Up a Campsite. There’s an art and a science to setting up camp, and we’re going to teach you both. You will need A good spot A water source A cooking area Some wood A tall tree for hanging a food bag and a shovel. Step 1. Pick a spot on level ground that is not so high on a hill that it’s windy, but not so low in a valley that you’ll be at risk of being flooded if it rains. Make sure there are no patches of poison ivy or oak. Step 2. Before you actually pitch your tent, figure out where you’re going to…

  • Backpacking Equipment Tips : Picking Camping Sleeping Bags
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    Backpacking Equipment Tips : Picking Camping Sleeping Bags

    A sleeping bag is a really really important part of your backpacking trip. If you don’t have a good sleeping bag you are going to be uncomfortable and you could even get hypothermia so what you need to do is find out what temperature it is going to be getting down to where ever it is that you are going. My sleeping bag says that it goes down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It says it right on the back so typically you can take it almost always at whatever the lowest temperature it is, you don’t want to be in the sleeping bag at that temperature because even though it…

  • 2018  Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale
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    2018 Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale

    alright we will take a look and a player away Class B diesel this is all a beat built on a ram chassis fully self-contained Class B diesel was holding tanks for fresh and wastewater 12v power supply into a power places and this one even has a generator Class B diesel maybe you do some serious serious boom document this or just some weekend family traveled up the seats back here that convert into a bed together we got a two burner propane fired stove for cooking up dead by an egg break this is ashley Lou stainless steel sink for washing your big and you think Class B…

  • Crossroads Rushmore Lincoln RF39LN – A Great Luxury RV
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    Crossroads Rushmore Lincoln RF39LN – A Great Luxury RV

    With the introduction of the new Crossroads Rushmore luxury 5th wheel travel trailers, Crossroads RV has made a tremendous impact on the luxury RV market. The new Crossroads Rushmore Lincoln RF39LN is a stunningly beautiful 5th wheel, both inside and out. This is a vehicle that every serious luxury RV buyer needs to look at. For the price, there isn’t another RV in the world that can touch it. We did this video so RV buyers could get a visual preview of this remarkable luxury 5th wheel. That said, there is simply no substitute for seeing the Crossroads Rushmore in person. Quite simply, it will take your breath away and…

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    How To Use A Volcano Stove For Outdoor Cooking- Camping Hunting Emergency Power Outages

    how to cook with a volcano stove how to use a volcano stove for outdoor cooking biomass stove hi it’s alaskagranny i got out the old volcano stove and I’m going to show you the tiny amount of fuel you need to build a fire in this thing I just have a few leaves dried grass and sticks I’m going to add a few cotton balls and I’m going to light it and show you how powerful this volcano stove is this volcano stove is at least 20 years old you can tell it’s had lots of use it is easy to use uses very little fuel I’m adding a…

  • Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)
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    Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)

    Today we fall asleep on GMM. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning. – Sleep: you gotta do it. Everybody’s into it. In fact, uh, scientists say more and more how important – it is to get eight hours of sleep… – What’s with scientists and sleep? – Seven to nine hours if you can. – Scientists just want to… – Do stuff while people are sleeping? – No. They just wanna have an excuse to – sleep. Scientists are sleepy people. – No. I think they want people to sleep and then they want to invent things that we don’t know about ’cause we’re…

  • Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 review | Obelink Vrijetijdsmarkt
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    Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 review | Obelink Vrijetijdsmarkt

    Ben je nu net als Rosanne altijd aan het stoeien met het wifi-signaal op de camping? Dan hebben we bij de Obelink nu de oplossing met de Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2. In deze video ga ik je laten zien hoe je dit moet aansluiten. Wil je nog meer video’s van ons zien? Abonneer je dan op ons YouTube kanaal. Hoi, ik ben Bram en welkom bij Obelink. Deze Wifi set verspreid het aangeboden signaal op de camping. Hiermee creëer je dus je eigen wifi-signaal rondom je caravan, camper of boot. De Alfa Wifi Camp Pro is een complete set. De meegeleverde R36A router heeft een bandbreedte tot wel 300…