Awesome Convertable Picnic Table / Bench Review

Welcome to Tomahawk DIY. Today I want to
tell you about some picnic tables that I absolutely
love and think they’re just really cool.
We’ve had these for a little bit and they work great. These are from Lifetime, is the company. And there’s one special feature with them that
makes them extra versatile. If you pull, take a look, this is actually two
separate tables here. The thing that I love is with the flip of a lever it becomes some benches You can turn these tables into benches extremely easily, just like that. When it’s time for picnicking, you flip them up and you’ve got a picnic table. so that’s really awesome let’s take a
closer look A couple of thoughts on these tables: One minor complaint that I have, they’re
a little shorter than I would prefer. If I remember right, they’re about 48 inches long maybe maybe they’re 60 inches long so If you’re expecting a six or an eight-foot
long table, they’re not that. You can fit two to
three people on the benches. I love the ability to move them around and
turn them into benches, reconfigure them. They work great
on a deck because you can have them set up as a table
or here’s one that we have as a bench and when we have
extra visitors coming over, well, we flip it up to the table and
bring it over to these these two. One thing I’ve noticed, the surface of these, is a plastic laminate.
It seemed reasonably sturdy. The company did cover their warranty quite nicely. A couple of
these, when we bought the bench/tables, were broken. Called them up, they sent the new ones out, no problems
at all, so that was excellent. One thing I’ve noticed is we’re getting
a little bit of staining here on the plastic laminate. I think that
comes as kids spill some food and such, so a little disappointed about that. Overall, their construction seems
reasonably sturdy. The frames are all made out of metal.
Assembly was fairly straightforward. The flat parts like this and the seat come preassembled, so it’s a matter of a handful of bolts in order to put the pieces together to assemble these tables. So, there you have it, these Lifetime brand picnic table /garden bench you can pick these up on
Amazon. I’ve got a link in the description below if
you’d like to go there. You can also get them at Home Depot and
probably a number of other places. A great little product that’s served us well. Thanks for watching Tomahawk DIY.
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