Baalveer Returns – Ep 107 – Full Episode – 5th February 2020
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Baalveer Returns – Ep 107 – Full Episode – 5th February 2020

Don’t be so arrogant, Timnasa. Otherwise, you’ll regret one day
because of arrogance. It’s not good to speak so loudly
in front of me. You can’t harm me. Just imagine. The most strong and powerful,
Sarvakaal is in my custody. You are in my control. Who will kill me
when even you couldn’t do it? Baalveer. What’s that? The moment when I’ll be
free from here you’ll get killed by me,
Timnasa. There’s nothing wrong
in having dreams if that entertains you. But as of now, hold your dreams because I want something
from you now. Wow, Dooba Dooba. You’re looking very nice today. Really, Kiki?
Do you like my dress? Really? Let me go and show it
to everyone. What are you wearing,
Dooba Dooba? I got this new dress
for Vivaan’s birthday. Don’t you like it? No.. I mean
the dress is very nice. Then why did you ask me
what I am wearing. Actually, I said that because your dresses
are so beautiful that everyone will keep looking at you instead of Vivaan
on his birthday. Yes. Just imagine,
how Vivaan will feel. Yes.
You’re right. I’ll do one thing.
I’ll wear something else. Understood or not?
– Yes, that’s right. Okay. Any information, Baalveer? Yes, Shaurya. Timnasa’s source of power
in that temple is Sarvakaal whom Timnasa herself has held captive
in Sarvakaal temple. This is so strange. The people of Dark Realm
consider Sarvakaal as God. Yes, Sound Fairy. But what’s more strange
is that Sarvakaal asked me
a very strange question. What’s that? He asked if I am also Baalveer. That means Sarvakaal already knows some other Baalveer. But who? – We will find
its answer later, Baalveer. Because before that,
we have to think how to destroy Timnasa’s powers. The way we need to cut the root
to destroy a plant the same way we will need
to destroy the source of Timnasa’s powers
to destroy her. And the source is Sarvakaal. But destroying Sarvakaal
won’t be that easy, Baalveer. I know, Shaurya. But I have a plan. What plan, Baalveer? In order to kill
‘Sarva Kaal’ we all will have to use
all our powers. Hence I advise that we should give Vivaan
all his powers at once. Yes. The we all will unite and will destroy Timnasa’s
source of power, Sarvakaal. Okay. Let me bring down
the Fairy Star right away. You should convey this divine
blessing of Fairy Star to Vivaan today, Baalveer. But it is
Vivaan’s birthday. I think we shouldn’t
bother him today. Don’t worry. It’s Vivaan’s birthday today and that’s why he has invited
all of us too. We’ll celebrate
Vivaan’s birthday and give him all his powers
as a gift. Sire, what have you seen
that made you so angry? Shaurya has brought the Fairy
Star again in Brave Realm. What! Great. You just keep doing all this
here in Dark Realm. Shaurya has brought Fairy Star
down again in Brave Realm. Fairy Star? Shaurya brings Fairy Star down
only when he wants any information
about Baalveer. Maybe Fairy Star came down
to wish Vivaan for his birthday. No.. They are doing all this to
give him a gift on his birthday not just to wish. I know that today Shaurya is about to give all the
powers to Vivaan. Really? How can you be so sure? Because that’s the rule. First, they give
the Warrior Bath. After that, they conduct
a Warrior Test. followed by
the Warrior’s anointment. And the final step is to give
Baalveer all his powers. Yes.. Splendid! Even I am not aware
of all these processes followed in this realm. Sire, that’s why
she is the queen and you are just commander. I don’t say that.. Queen.. If Vivaan gets all his powers then there will
be two Baalveers. Then both of them will teach us
a lesson. Nothing like that will happen. This? What’s this? – Just wear it
and you’ll get to know. You don’t need it, Bhaymar. You’re the commander
of Dark Realm and we will need you here. That means we’ll attend Vivaan’s birthday celebration
as children. I swear. Your Majesty,
won’t you come with us to cut Vivaan’s cake. – It’s impossible
for me not to go there. This will be the last cake
of Vivaan’s life. So, friends and family.
Your birthday boy is here. Why isn’t anyone
giving me attention? Hey, Vivaan. Everyone is waiting for you
from half an hour. And then everyone lost interest. But you don’t worry, Vivaan. We are here. Oh.. We’ll give you attention and..
– Gift as well. Thank you. – By the way, Vivaan,
you’re looking so handsome. Thank you, Sutli.
I was born handsome. Now, quickly, tell me what’s in this gift box? And why is it so light? Have you guys just given me
an empty box? No.. Check it yourself
after cutting the cake, Vivaan. Also.. I won’t tell you at all that it contains gold tickets
of Salman Khan’s movie. Otherwise, the surprise
will be spoiled. – Hey Sutli.. What happened?
– Surprise. Yes, Gopu.
We’ll give him a surprise. That you already revealed. Oh yes! Don’t worry, Sutli. When I open your gift
in front of everyone I’ll appear quite surprised. That’s more like it! Pakoras! Ms. Karuna.
– Gopu! Wait for a moment! Thanks for coming
to my birthday party. But who are you people? But I don’t recognise you. Has Sister Khushi invited you?
– ‘You ask too many questions.’ Hey, Vivaan. Yes.
– I invited them. Come in, kids. Who are they? I thought even those children
should attend your party who are orphans. So, I invited them
from nearby orphanages. Welcome. Kids, have you come alone? Haven’t your guardians
come along? They have come but they are busy in calls
outside. Okay, fine.
They will come. Vivaan.
– Yes. Take them inside and serve
cold drink and snacks. Yes. Come on, I’ll introduce you
to my friends as well. Come. Listen. I don’t get this. We’re not Vivaan’s friends. Why are we giving him
this huge gift? A huge cake? Because I saw Ms. Karuna
while preparing cake and this cake is exactly same
as that one. What’s special about this cake? It is special because when Vivaan cuts the cake,
he will get a hard punch. And his face
will get injured. Oh, Chinti. That means the cake
is fake. – Yes. Wow, Chinti! We’ll have so much fun
in Vivaan’s birthday today. Come on..
Let’s go quickly. Hang on, Chinti.. Look at that. Why are these children
sleeping inside the van? Leave it, Brother.
Why should we care? I don’t think they
are from our colony. Let’s go now. Yes, Chinti, you’re right.
Let’s go.. So, that’s Gopu
and that’s Sutli. And here are the best Pakoras
of Bharatnagar. Give them to me. Ms. Karuna’s dishes are popular
in every realm. That realm? Everyone.. Everyone praises the Pakoras
made by Ms. Karuna. Yes.
People.. I sometimes mispronounce
the words. ‘We should take Vivaan
away from the crowd now.’ Vivaan.. Can you please show
me your house? Of course. Let’s go. This is our..
– Hey Vivaan! My friend.. Happy birthday! We have brought
a gift for you. Does it contain
rotten tomatoes? No..
It has a special cake. Just for you. Come on..
Let’s cut the cake? My mom has prepared my favourite
almond cake for me. So what? Cut that cake later.
Cut this one first that we ordered from Spain
by air. Really?
Isn’t this too much? We love you so much, friend.
Come on, let’s cut the cake.. ‘Idiots.’ ‘Take these two children
out of Vivaan’s path.’ I told you. Mom has prepared it. Cut it later. Let’s go now.
– Hey.. Give me..
– Hey.. What are you both doing! It’d have fallen down. I am sorry. When we heard
about the cake, we were a bit.. Excited. Even I don’t get so excited
for free food the way you both are. I’ll teach you a lesson. Chinti, hold this.
I’ll teach them a lesson. Hey..
– Vivaan. Forget them. Show me around your house. Okay. You.. Partner. Just a minute. Partner, you are here. ‘There he is.
The hurdle in my path.’ ‘But he won’t be
able to cause any hindrance.’ Partner, I thought you would
miss my birthday. Deeksha, Payal.. Partner, I shouldn’t ask, but
what have you brought for me? Vivaan, I’ve brought
a very precious gift for you. But wait for some time. ‘You’ll definitely get the gift,
but not from Baalveer.’ ‘You’ll receive death as a gift
from my side.’ Father-in-law.
– Just a minute. We have run out of juice. Please handle it here,
I’ll go and bring. You are the best person
for this job. You handle the guests,
I’ll bring the juice. Here, hot Samosas.
– Thank you, Ms. Karuna. By the way, who is he?
I never saw him before. Friend.
– Brother.. Friend.
– Brother.. Friend or brother? He’s friend, but he’s like
brother. Right? – Yes.. I see.. What’s your name?
– Dooba Dooba. We call him Dooba Dooba. Actually, his name Dhyan Chand. Yes.. Oh.. Hello, Dhyan Chand. Who’s that? He is so absent-minded. Ms. Karuna. Actually, Ms. Karuna.. He’s so lost while eating that he forgets
everything else. Yes.
– That’s why we call him Dooba Dooba.
– Yes. Wow!
Wonderful! Samosa! Wonderful Samosas.
– Yes.. Samosas.
– Wow. By the way, Ms. Karuna,
tell me one thing. Does Mr. Pandey make payments
for tiffin in time these days? Listen.
– What? How do you know
about Mr. Pandey? Come on. I know everything.
You wake up at 6 a.m. You offer prayers
at 6:30 a.m. And you enter
the kitchen at 7 p.m. After that.. Actually, Ms. Karuna,
Dooba Dooba knows all this because we and Vivaan have told him everything
about you. Yes.. Right, Dooba-Dooba? Yes.. That’s right, Ms. Karuna. There’s just one complain. What?
– You pull the ears very hard. Not my ears. Vivaan.. Vivaan’s ears. Yes. – Vivaan’s ears..
– We told this as well.. I won’t pull his ear. I won’t do it hereafter. You guys are not having Samosas.
Please have them. – Yes. Dear, you eat more. Okay?
– Can I take two? Okay.
Thank you. Okay, Vivaan.
Take care of them. I’ll check if
father-in-law brought the juice or not..
– Okay, Mom. Chheda is in the party,
so his shop must be closed. I have to bring juice
from outside. If the children of orphanage
are here then which children went inside? ‘You’ll definitely get the gift,
but not from Baalveer.’ ‘You’ll receive death as a gift
from my side.’


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