Baby Hiking and Camping Gear Catalog for Margaret from Philadelphia

Camping with a newborn I’m Judy, the owner Mountain Baby in
beautiful Nelson, British Columbia This video is made special for you
Margaret and Mr. Margaret, we don’t know your name… in honor of your anniversary and the upcoming arrival your baby. Margaret you contacted us because you’re
avid hikers and you really want to get your baby out in the outdoors and that’s
what we are all about. So, I’m sorry we didn’t have a catalog
but maybe this will do the job We just want to show you some of
our list we put together for together for you what we think the best products are to go hiking with your baby It’s your own personal catalog,
So here we go! The first thing we thought about is
the carrier. If you’re going to hike you have to carry your baby. Our best carrier to carry your little tiny
baby or even a newborn is the Ergo Carrier.
Super comfy for you. Super ergonomically designed for the baby as
well. You won’t hardly even feel the baby. You can actually wear this to baby is 3 or 4 years old.
Sunday Afternoons play hats we consider the ultimate sun hat for
babies and young children. If you carrying your baby in the sun outdoors, they’ve got to be protected from the sun.
Their skin is so tender. We love this this hat for many many
reasons. We think it’s the best on the sun hat on the planet.
Carrying on with sun protection, we’ve suggest you keep your baby really
well covered but for those little spots that are still out there in the sun,
we highly recommend Think Baby Sunscreen. It’s rated as one of the top safety sunscreens for baby by the
Environmental Working Group. Really great product. If you’re out there with you
baby, you want to be sure that the little tender skin is protected from
mosquitoes and no-seeums and black flies so we have this great bug spray which is
actually genuinely truly baby safe with essential oils that actually actually work and people are
taking this all over with his terrible mosquitoes and always
tell us how fabulous is in protecting their babies. And I use it also personally
The Go-pod part is becoming real favorite of familes going car camping it’s a little big to take on your back. It’s a place that you can put you baby safety
while you’re setting up camp or cooking or whatever. it folds up to virtually nothing. It opens up really easily and it has
place to put a little snack cup, a little water cup for you baby and you can start using when your baby is
about 4 months old or so. I don’t know when your babies due but it’s
also great around the house and great in the backyard. Really really great little product by KidCo. I don’t know if you folks are canoeists
or kayakers or whatever but if you are I just want to show you
the absolutely most brilliant life jacket made for babies 9
pounds to 20 pounds. This has been a lifesaver for people who
really want to take their babies paddling with them.
It’s designed so that all the weight is behind the baby’s head because
babies are head heavy. It’s impossible to drown your baby in this,
even if you try. You can not drown your baby in this life jacket.
It’s call the Bijoux by a company called Salus. A small little specialty Canadian company. We sell tons and
tons of them to people who want to be on the water with their babies. Here on the ceiling hanging up is another
great product for camping families. Again car camping.
It’s called the PeaPod Travel Bed and and as you can see but has mesh
layer around it which is completely bug proof and completely sun proof You can take this camping. You could
take it to the beach. You can take it to the backyard. You can use it in your house and just
put it anywhere you want you baby go to sleep where you are. It’s a fabulous product that folds up to
virtually nothing. You can take it with you anywhere. A big favourite families. If you’re out with your baby in all weather all
times, you never know what can happen in the mountains, this is the outer shell that we highly
highly recommend made by a company called Molehill This is an all-purpose all season shell with
high high-tech fabric completely waterproof, completely
windproof, indestructible. They say its bomb proof. They describe
it as if you’re out in a canoe in the downpour in the middle of the lake this is the thing you wanna have your
baby in. Great great great product and you can layer it. Use it in the winter, all
year round. These little slippers… probably every
baby in Nelson has the slipper… are called Padraigs. They are made of wool. The top and the bottom is sheepskin and
lambs skin and inside they’re super super soft and
comfy for your baby Probably every baby in Nelson wears
a pair these because they’re kinda year-round even though the warm because they’re all natural fiber.
They’ve breatheable so babies feet don’t sweat and people later than in the winter with
an outer shell they were in virtually all year. Babies
walk in them because they’re so comfortable We sell thousands of these and we
have a whole wall dedicated to them because they are so amazing.
They’re made in Vancouver British Columbia. They’re still
hand made, still all natural fiber. We have so many requests from parents
that we actually now carry the adult sizes. So if you want to be really nice to each
other, you can get each other a pair these
wonderful slippers. I wear mine every single day, even in the summer in the
evening. This is a great product for outdoor active moms It’s a nursing tank top hat has a built-in
bra inside it so that your breasts are really nicely supported and you can still be cool and comfy and
go on those hot summer hikes. Again, very very popular.
It’s stretchy and comfy and conforms to your post partum belly, so if you still have a
little bt of tummy there it’s still really super comfortable and it fits
really really nicely. Made by a company called Glamour Mom. This cute little thing is actually made
of merino wool. Tts merino wool long underwear for babies made by a company
called we Wee Woolies in Victoria British Columbia
Super super soft, super warm and a great thing to put a
baby in if you’re camping in the mountains and it’s cold and of corse all year round in the winter.
They can be worn year-round they’re super comfortable and everybody loves the bright colors and
they just feel great. I know this is jumping the gun
and your baby will be ready for his or her own sleeping bag for a while
but this is just so darn cute. This is a Woobie sleeping bag by
Kelty which is made for the real ittle ones and also Deuter also makes one. This is
open to the fullest. It starts at really tiny and expands as your baby or your child gets bigger.
Just thought you’d like to see that for future The last thing I want to show you is the most fabulous framed the backpack for kids that we have
found. We have done tons research to find the ultimate backpack
that feels really good for babies and really good for parents and we’ve chosen
the Osprey. It’s just loved by people for its
comfort for both parent and child. Really well built. It has a lifetime no questions asked
guarantee on it which to us says this is a great product.
So that’s but we have to show you in our little catalog and we went to wish you a happy happy
anniversary and hope you have a great birth and you enjoy your baby and you get out
there and play in the outdoors. thanks from Judy at Mountain Baby and for
all the staff here, we wish you all the best because they keep your baby’s feet
really warm and they don’t…[sigh] [laughs]
I’m starting to loose it a bit…

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