Baby Monkey | Doo And Cat Miu Go On A Picnic And Play Outdoor With Family

Hello, our dear friends Today, we let Tom, Doo and Miu go on a picnic Mom…Whose garbage is this? Let’s clean up a bit Please help Daddy clean up the garbage, dear We are cleaning up some of the garbage someone has thrown away so we can have a cleaner playing space While Daddy picked up the trash, Doo climbed up the tree quickly Doo…. Be careful, this tree has spikes, dear Doo and Miu are good friends. Doo goes anywhere, Miu will follow Tom is helping pick up the garbage Yeah…Daddy and I clean up… Wow… you’re so good, dear.. Let’s go down and play in the stream Yeah.. I love water and stream so much Doo…. Miu … come to Daddy After hearing Daddy to call, Doo and Miu come to Daddy immediately Miu is trying to climb up the tree so that she can play with Doo Miu is so cute and good. She’s a beautiful cat Doo and Miu… Do you want to come to Daddy with me? Ok…. Let’s go.. Daddy and Tom are playing happily Doo really likes playing with Daddy and Tom Miu is here with me The air is very fresh…Feeling very peaceful Very clear and cool water Dad is teaching Tom to catch the snails Mom… There are a lot of snails… Mom brings some fruits to eat after playing These fruits include an apple, some tangerines, a guava and a pear shaped melon This is for you, honey Thank you, honey And this is Miu’s food It is dried fish Because going for picnic, we can’t bring fresh food for Miu Doo and Miu eat their food so delicious and yummy Tom… would you like some guava? Tom does not like guava, he only likes some apples Doo… please eat well then Daddy’ll give you another piece Miu is still eating her food and not paying attention to anything around A simple but interesting and fun afternoon of my family, friends…. After we came home from work, we want to take Tom, Doo and Miu out So that they can play outdoor and enjoy fresh air Hence, they will love nature more This ash spot, maybe some people come here to play and they organize fire and food here Doo has eaten all the apples, I give you another piece Tom loves Doo so he always share his food to Doo Tom… Would you like some tangerine? Tom does not eat tangerine too Doo is different.. He loves eating tangerine… He loves all fruit.. He eats a lot I don’t eat anymore I’m full Thank you so much for your watching We hope you like this video Have a nice and happy day All of us love you so much See you next video

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