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hey guys time to go to Croatia Pilou is ready ready for her first flight yeah everything is packed and it’s really compact we will show it to you first of all we have a backpack with cosmetics then we have a suitcase a small one for Philou day pack with food for in the plane then we have our stroller I can recommend this one because this one you
can bring with you in the plane then we have another day pack with our camera gear this is also a day pack which we will bring with us in the plane for Philou then we have a camping bed big suitcase with our clothes yeah this is the bouncer for Philou so yes all packed and now is the next challenge to walk to the train station it’s 20 minutes walk with all this stuff challenge is ‘tjue’ two we made challenge two as well let’s go we are on the train station and look who is here sleeping in the carrier she’s a real nomad already so yes so proud of
this girl almost getting rid of our stuff It’s nice…
Nicaragua Nicaragua! would love to go yeah where are you now first time at the airport and what
about our challenges how did we do do you think we made it it went very smooth I heard my name so now I’m famous at Schiphol they asked me to go to lost and found but I’m not lost well my wallet was I forgot to take my
wallet with me when I was changing diapers for Philou somebody who came next to me
so nice to bring it to the lost and found desk thank you Sorry, can you please make way… and that’s the privilege you have when
you travel by the baby and we can take our stroller with us make it really small take it with you in the plane, so let’s go an suddenly you have to change daipers but that goes perfect seems like we have everything ready to
go well time to arrange our stuff in this
beautiful cabin mobile home I will give you a room tour this is the terrace as we like it and then here you have the living room a
kitchen everything you need is in the kitchen full equipment here Philou her bedroom and then here it’s a first bathroom sorry for the mess but yes with a mirror
and it’s a shower and then at the other side we have our bedroom and it’s
closets and there’s a second bathroom with a shower it’s the same as the other
one and everything is very clean and it’s a new mobile home perfect well it’s
time for the breakfast and it’s really nice because every morning has a nice
breakfast at a beautiful restaurant the food is very delicious
we don’t complain first we go to the pool we saw a
beautiful infinity pool first time she’s going to nice swimming pans we bought
her first swimsuit at one of our favorites kids stores in the Netherlands
in our hometown Dordrecht it’s ‘Kind Zo Blij’ the real translation is kids so happy yes they have a web shop I will put the
link below this video and you can can see the web shop first time to
take a dive yeah it gives another view on how you
can enjoy the camping life the slogan here is more or less a hotel
room but then right into nature so with the charm of camping life I think they
did a great job to achieve that well my arms are getting very much round
because of pushing the stroller now we’re heading to a very nice restaurant
– now babe and the place is really awesome because you have a nice view
over there see when your heart is 4 and you feel the only things that drag
along when you know please I think we will be spoiled again tonight
we have a perfect spot here the Sun is setting but Wang is still very gentle
very nice like a soft blanket around you music is good people are very friendly so you got you’ve gotta hold up rocket amana methodology looks beautiful
baby gorgeous all the colors on this blade incredible and your feet in the sea what are you preparing out
in the dark radical smelly those the pumpkin seeds and this is a motion from
citrus like orange lime lemon just gorgeous and of course in combination
with very good wines Chilean wine with a little black pepper taste of it and when
I look behind the screen of this camera over there I see a sunset which is just
stunning okay here it is unbelievable fish see boss severs z-bar
she say in Dutch Wow well again of course it’s fresh sketch
of today but it’s natural this music it’s like a poetry dear fish it still is thick as it should be it has
some bite in it and it you can distinguish the differences in fish and
that then I think you have a good restaurant yes there’s an art that some art Angela
Angela do is love Giblin very nice yesterday but then you have to
pay the price the next day because of the wines the wines and it was late yeah
it was long it was over the time for coffee
relax and today you are going to move to another place get a shower and then we
go to polish our next destination we hope you enjoyed this video if so
give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and leave your comment below and
next week we have another video on Sunday and we are going to forage
it’s a city nearby yes there we have a nice apartment where we will stay for
one week hope to see you next week see you then ciao

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