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The Wakhan Corridor is a remote and mountainous
region of Badakhshan Province, located in north eastern Afghanistan. Traveling in Afghanistan is difficult, but
some areas like the Wakhan have remained relatively safe. We’re on our 3rd blown tire, but that’s because
the roads here are really bad. I entered through Tajikistan, and hired a
4×4 to reach the village of Sarhad-e Broghil. From Sarhad I began a 10-day trek into the
mountains. After 2 days of driving, and about a day of
getting permits, I’m now starting my journey into the Afghan Wakhan. The Wakhan is extremely isolated, surrounded
by rugged snow-capped peaks of the Pamir and Hindu Kush ranges. We’re hiking at about 12,000 feet, and the
altitude is starting to get to me. Last night we spent the night in a Wahki settlement,
I want to give you a little tour of where we stayed. Hitchhiking in the Pamir, via yak taxi! The Wakhi people live in stone huts, farming
and herding animals for a living. Once part of the ancient silk road, Marco
Polo passed through this region on his travels. The Kyrgyz people are nomadic, living in semi-portable
yurts, moving with their animals each season. Some nights I paid $10 to stay with locals,
other nights I camped out under the stars. I’m tired, dirty, and sore. And it’s been snowing like this all day. This is the other side of Afghanistan, that
you don’t see in the news…


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